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Delancey Street makes getting a business loan on credit card sales fast and easy.  We can help you get a business loan based on your existing, and future, credit card sales.

Our goal is to help businesses, who get sales via debit or credit cards, get a business loan. Many businesses have a strong history of credit card, and debit card, sales. Many small businesses have dips of revenue and minimal cash reserves, which makes it difficult to make monthly fixed payments on business loans. Paying your bills on time can be difficult, especially if you have fluctuations in business revenue. If you are unable to make payments on time, you will get bad business credit – this is simply a fact. As long as you have consistent credit card sales, you can get funding with a business loan against credit card sales.

This is a type of working capital loan provided by Delancey Street which is easy to pay back. Regardless of the challenges you have, a business loan against future credit card sales can help. When you get a business loan on credit card sales, you’re growing your business with a tailor made merchant cash advance financing solution. Delancey Street is proud to help businesses nationwide, including retail stores, restaurants, and more. Many of our customers come back to us, for all of their future financing needs.

What is a credit card processing loan

Business loans against future credit card sales are known as merchant cash advances, or “credit card processing loans.” You get a lump sum amount of money that is based on revenue you are going to generate in debit, and credit card, transactions. You repay the credit card processing loan by making payments which are automatically deducted from your debit and credit card sales automatically at set periods/intervals. The repayment is done as a “%” of your sales, and this percent is agreed upon when you initial accept the terms of the credit card processing loan. The beauty of credit card processing loans is that because repayment is based on a % of the overall loan, if you have a slow month – then you pay less. You aren’t committed to a strict, large, payment. You are only obligated to repay the % of overall sales you agree to.

Instead of interest, fees for credit card processing loans are known as “factor rates,” and “retrieval rates,” which are fixed percentages. The factor rate is known as interest. In contrast, the retrieval rate is how much is deducted from your daily sales for payments. You can make payments at any frequency you wish. Most businesses who ask for a credit card processing loan make their payments on a daily basis.

What do you need a credit card processing loan for?

Credit card processing loans can be used for anything. You can use them to pay for emergencies, pay for business expenses during a slow period of time, consolidate your business debt, or invest in long term business initiatives. Many businesses often use a credit card processing loan to seize an immediate business opportunity. Sometimes, opportunities arise – and you just don’t have the funds on hand to seize them. When this happens, you can use a credit card processing loan to get money for it. Business loans against credit card sales allow you to pay for huge expenses without having to worry about paying your bill at the end of the month. With a business loan against your future credit card sales, you can make quick and decisive business decisions without worrying about how much cash you have on hand.