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If you are a startup and happen to need cash fast, Delancey Street is happy to help. Even with bad credit, you can still be approved for nearly any business expense you may have. Whether you need to remodel, upgrade equipment, or just pay some bills, you’ll have access to quick cash. Our professional experts will take the time to assess your needs and get you set up with the best possible loan. We offer loans of all different types for those needing startup business funding through a variety of mechanisms such as:

  • Private money loans
  • Bitcoin loans
  • Hard money loans
  • Invoice factoring and merchant cash advances
  • Business Lines of Credit and more

What options does a startup have when looking for funding?

When you’re a startup, you’re probably stressed about where you can turn to for funding. One of the most popular ways of getting working capital is getting a line of credit using your personal credit.

Getting Started with Delancey Street

Applying for a startup small business loan can be a confusing and scary process. We make it easy for you. The process begins with a risk free consultation where we discuss your business situation, and how we can help you.

Update or Create a Solid Business Plan

Creating solid business plan or modifying your current plan can provide you with significant rewards in the long-run. We typically look at this documentation and any supporting information to determine what type of startup business capital best suited for you. It also helps to provide as much detail including estimates, bills, or any other documentation that supports your request. Obviously, you’ll need to justify in your business plan that there’s a legitimate need for the money and that your request isn’t frivolous or solely for personal use. After you’ve been able to update your business plan or create a new one, you’ll be ready for the next phase.

Improve Your Credit Score

Delancey Street is used to dealing with virtually all types of credit scores. While credit isn’t the only determining factor, it still plays into the decision making process. Evaluating your business credit report is the first step. If there are any items that would raise concerns, it’s best to either resolve them, bring them current, or prepare a reasonable explanation as to the cause of the problem. Personal credit is also looked at when when applying for for a startup small business loan. It’s best to check all three reporting bureaus to get an accurate and thorough report. You’ll want to make your personal credit look its best as well. If your personal credit also has issues, you may want to seek a credit repair company for help. You should also be prepared to document any assets you may have that could potentially be used to secure the financing.

Application and Approval

After you’ve got everything organized and ready, you’ll want to get in touch with Delancey Street. We’ll let you know any additional items that would be helpful to gain an approval. Typically, accounting documents are very helpful. Business taxes, profit and loss statements, and cash flow reports are helpful. The more prepared you are – the faster you’ll get working capital.

After you’ve successfully submitted the application and underwriting is completed, you’ll be scheduled to go to closing. You may need to provide updated documents at this time depending on the lender’s requirements. After you’ve gone to closing, you’ll receive your funding. Be sure to review all of the loan documentation carefully and ask questions if necessary.

Loans are legal obligations, and contracts are very specific in their terms.

How to improve your credit score FAST

One area that you can work to improve upon is your credit utilization ratio. This makes up 30 percent of your overall credit score. You want to pay down as much debt as you can prior to applying for a small business loan. This will help to increase your credit score quite quickly. At the same time, make sure that you are paying for all of your existing loans on time as this does make up 35 percent of your credit score. These two areas alone comprise 65 percent of the credit score, so their importance cannot be overstated enough!

Delancey Street is here for you

Our team is available always to help you. Regardless of whether you need advice, or just want to run a scenario by us. We take pride in the fact our team loves working with our clients - and truly cares about their financial and mental wellbeing.

"Super fast, and super courteous, Delancey Street is amazing"
$125,000 Small Business Loan
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$35,000 Lawsuit Advance
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$250,000 Hard money Loan

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