A small business relies on its cash flow and other forms of financing to pay bills, meet payroll and stay in business. Cash flow relies on customers paying their bills and giving the small business the liquid cash it needs to stay operational. But what can a small business do when the cash flow is slow and there are still bills to pay? When those moments occur, it is time to look into a merchant cash advance.

What Is A Merchant Cash Advance?

If you are like most small businesses, then you accept credit card payments from your customers for orders of all sizes. A merchant cash advance is not a loan, so you don’t have to worry about borrowing money you don’t have. Instead, this is an advance against your pending credit card sales that you can use however you want. This is cash you can have right now that is paid back through your pending credit card receivables.

How Bad Is The Credit Check?

As we mentioned earlier, you are not borrowing money with a merchant cash advance. All you are doing is getting money now that you would eventually get later when your credit card sales clear. Because this is not a loan, there is no credit check for you to worry about.

Why Don’t I Just Use My Credit Card Payments When They Clear?

How many times have you stared at your computer screen looking at processing credit card payments that represent money you need now but will not get for days, possibly weeks? Payroll is coming due in a couple of days and you have thousands of dollars in pending credit card payments that you will be lucky to see in 10 days. Our process takes 24 to 48 hours to complete, which means you get your money when you need it to use as you want.

Is The Application Process Complicated?

Our streamlined application process can be done quickly and we respond to most applications with an answer in six hours or less. Our online application walks you through the process and explains everything you need to submit. You submit all of your information online and then we give you an answer as quickly as we can.

The Benefits Of A Merchant Cash Advance

Business owners like to see all of their information in one place where it can be easier to make a decision. The primary benefits of using a merchant cash advance include:

  • If you or your business has bad credit, then that is just fine. You can still be approved for this funding.
  • As part of finalizing your arrangement, you will be offered flexible repayment terms that can fit your budget.
  • If you have a good week after your funding has been finalized, then you can repay the funding arrangement early.
  • Depending on the program you choose, you could be approved for funding that represents 100 to 200 percent of your company’s monthly revenue.

The best part about applying for a merchant cash advance is that you can always talk to an associate over the phone to get the answers to your questions. This type of funding is new to many small business owners and that is why merchant cash advance companies are always anxious to answer questions.

If payroll is coming around and your cash flow is light, you should never panic. Instead, just contact a merchant cash advance company to put funding in place that will help you meet payroll and your other financial obligations without a credit check and without a lot of hassle.