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Connecticut Merchant Cash Advance– How they can help
Most of the small and medium-sized businesses around the country find it hard to access the working capital that they need to remain afloat. For most of these businesses, a merchant capital advance (MCA) can offer them the money they need for sustenance and growth.

A merchant capital advance refers to funding whose collateral is the business’s future credit card sales. An MCA enables both small and medium-sized businesses to access capital in return for a percentage of the business’s debit or credit card sales or even bank deposits. The lender takes a slice of the daily credit or debit card sales until the advance is repaid in full.

Is merchant capital advance the same as a bank loan?

It’s worth noting that an MCA is different from a bank loan. Bank loans usually have a fixed monthly payment where the money is paid together with the accrued interest. Merchant cash advance is based on a factor rate or percentage instead of an interest rate. The factor rates can range from 1.1-1.5. For instance, if you receive an advance of $100,000 with a factor rate of 1.5, you will end up paying at a total of $150,000.

How much advance can you get for your business?

Your average debit and credit card daily sales will determine the amount of money you can borrow. Mostly, the lending company will review your bank statements for the last three to six months to determine the amount of money they can lend to your business. You can get an advance of up to 250 percent if your credit card sales volume is high.

Repayment for the merchant cash advance begins as soon as you receive the advance from the lender. The agreed amount can be deducted directly from your business’s bank account that processes your cash and credit card payments. The repayment period for an MCA varies, and it can fall anywhere between 3-18 months.

Unlike the typical bank loans, MCAs have numerous features that make them an attractive source of funding for many businesses. Here are some of these features:

The application process is fast and easy

Applying for an MCA is straightforward and easy, and the best part is that the entire application can be made online. During the application process, you will need supporting documents such as bank statements, driver’s license, voided business check, business tax returns, and credit score.

Fast approval and funding

Most of the businesses turn to merchant cash advance because of their ability to approve and release funds in a short time. A merchant cash advance will be your best shot if you have urgent and pressing needs such as purchasing inventory, covering payroll, or even meeting any other unexpected business expense.

A good credit score is not a requirement

A good credit score may help you in negotiating for better terms of your cash advance, but you can still get the money even with a poor credit score. The lenders are not necessarily interested in individuals credit score because your future credit card sales will secure the advance. However, the lender will be keen to check the consistency of your sales for the past three to six months.

No personal guarantee

Another major benefit of a merchant cash advance is that collateral on the advance is not always required. You can borrow the money strictly on the name of your business. That means that the payments are entirely based on the business’s sales and that you are not personally liable for the money.

However, there are some instances where you may be required to attach collateral to your advance. It all depends on the amount of advance you are requesting. Generally, you may not need collateral if you stay below 100 percent of your monthly revenue stream.

Flexible payments

Unlike banks loans that have fixed monthly payments, an MCA is more flexible since payments are based on a percentage of the credit card sales. Therefore, it can be helpful for businesses especially when they experience a slow month.

To sum it up, a merchant cash advance can be worthwhile funding option in circumstances where collateral, good credit score, and time are not available. The next time you fall short of funding options for your business, consider whether a merchant cash advance could work for you.