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Fast Business Loans

Having a business means that you should always be prepared, especially with financial matters. You know how the saying goes that it takes money to make money. You will indeed encounter situations where you need extra funds for your company. If you don’t want to give up equity in your firm and perhaps you also don’t qualify for small business grants, your best option is to apply for a fast business loan.

This fast business loan, however, is not free money that will be supplied to you right away and you cannot use it as you please. The application process is not an easy thing for you to go through, but this guide will help you through the five phases of obtaining a fast small business loan. This way, you will know what to expect.

Phase One: Preparation

Before you find the right lender for you, here are some important things to do first:

Identify the financing requirements of your company.

Assess your business to know the right type of loan that makes the most sense for your case. Know exactly why you need the funds and how much you need. How fast you need the money and the duration of the repayment period should also be identified.

Recognize how much you can afford.

As a business owner, it’s crucial you can estimate the revenue you expect out of the financing you will get. It will depend on the situation, but you should have an intelligent guess as to how much you can afford and what you will gain.

Get your business information ready.

All lenders will request for basic information about your business. You should also prepare some details about yourself since some creditors will use them to determine if you’re eligible for a particular loan type and amount. You will usually provide your contact numbers, Social Security number, how much your business is earning, and your company’s structure.

Organize your financial statements.

Loan providers will typically seek your financial documents, including your bank statements – usually for the past six months. It can’t hurt to have these files on hand before you apply. Often, requiring more money means providing more documentation, especially if you turn to a bank.

In most cases, you may also be asked to provide specific legal documents. Before you apply, you can head to the website of the lender or call the customer support hotline to determine what they need from the applicants.

Phase Two: Gathering Information

The next step is to discover your financing options, including the lender and the type of small business loan. Some of the choices are fixed-term loans, crowdfunding, factoring, and working capital loans. Be sure to take a look at the pros and cons of each. As for the lender should be reputable so read the reviews and what the customers are saying.

Part of this phase is finding out if your company meets the eligibility requirements of the fast small business loan. The requirements differ from one provider to the next, but they mostly consider the following:

Your years in the business
Your revenue
The industry where your company belongs

Lenders also do a “soft pull” on the personal credit score of the applicant to determine eligibility. It lets them decide whether or not an individual is creditworthy using his or her credit history.

Phase Three: Application Submission

Once you have the paperwork and documents submitted, the lender will review your application, which can take anywhere from hours to days or even months. The review process involves a set of metrics for evaluating the application, and they generally use the “5 Cs of Credit:”

Your capacity to continue operating and have steady cash flow as you pay your debts
Your personal and business character to demonstrate if you have been responsible with your past dues
Your working conditions that involve your industry, age of business, and geographic location
The capital or downpayment as your ability to maintain financing support for the company over time
The collateral of the loan in case you default on repayments

Note that not all lenders require the borrowers to provide assets as collateral in which this type of loan is known as unsecured financing.

Phase Four: Loan Information

Before you sign the dotted line, it is essential that you review the small business loan’s structure first. Learn about essential details, including how and when you will receive the funds. You should also determine how long you will make the payments and how it should be done. Some lenders let you choose the day of the week every month to make a payment while others have a fixed time for repayments.

You should also find out if the loan can help the credit rating of your business. Of course, you should know the exact cost of the investment. Get the interest rate and the annual percentage rate, which includes origination fees and others.

Phase Five: Choose

As mentioned at the beginning, you have plenty of options when it comes to the type of small business loan to get. It is a significant decision, which is why you should consider all the factors that influence the investment. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of basing their decisions solely on the cost of the loan.

Aside from the APR or the total yearly cost of the loan, you should also consider the loan provider’s reputation, along with the complexity of the application process. If you need the funds right away, it may not be a good idea for you to go to banks since they typically take at least two weeks before they approve a loan application.

With several options these days, you should have the ability to customize the small business loans so that you can really use it toward the growth of your company and its goals.

The process of getting the small business loan can be overwhelming but do not let it stop you from submitting an application. As long as you have all the documents needed and you know your company from top to bottom, it should not be difficult to provide the requirements and your reasons why your business will benefit from the loan.