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Small business owners can use loans to grow their business. You can use the funds however you wish.

Cover Expenses

Pay for any unexpected expenses that arise.

Invest in your business

Use the loan to grow your business however you wish.


Use the loan to pay your employees.


Keep the cash on hand for future expenses.


Buy new equipment to grow your business.


Use the loan to hire new employees.

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Our app process is super easy. All it takes is one application, and we handle the rest for you.


Service is key. You can ask for advice on ANYTHING and we'll bend over to help.


Many of our team members are former business owners, and understand your challenges.


We customize each loan for you, and to your unique specs. Everything is customized.


We help virtually any industry, any business, anywhere in the USA. It doesn't matter.


We fund business loans nationwide. It doesn't matter where you are, we can help you.


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“Delancey Street funded our e-commerce shop and really gave us the chance to grow our business significantly.”

- Leena, VP of Sales at Waist Karma

If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, or investor, new financing options are available to you. We’ve helped many people finance expansions, upgrades, cover expenses, and more. If there’s a legitimate need our small business loans in Durham, NC can help. Our team of courteous, dedicated, and professional loan representatives will make sure we find the best solution to help. Even those who’ve been turned down by banks and other finance companies are encouraged to apply.

What does it take to be approved?

You’re probably wondering how to apply and be approved for one of our loan programs. The first step in the process is to determine exactly what you’ll need the money for and how much you’ll need. Many of our clients will research and get estimates, business records, and invoices to determine the loan amount. It’s important that you’re thorough in your research to avoid any possible snags that could prevent your project from happening.

Creating an airtight business plan:

A great business plan is a necessity to be approved for a small business loan with practically every lender. It brings your ideas to life and allows us to see that you’ve carefully thought through your plans and have done your research. If you don’t have a business plan or aren’t quite sure how to update it, help is available. Many consultants, professionals, and freelancers can assist and possibly even create a business plan for you. They’re also good at helping you prepare for any questions that may arise. At the very least, have another person that is knowledgeable in your business to review the updated plan. Visual representations are also great for conveying your message. Many entrepreneurs will provide us with models, graphics, prototypes, and anything else that adds value to your presentation.

Addressing your credit report:

We have many loan programs available for those who have credit challenges. While credit isn’t the only factor in approving a loan, it does carry some level of weight in nearly every loan program. Improving your credit always helps you to get the best terms when it comes to financing. If you’re able to make improvements such as paying accounts to bring them current, paying off collection accounts, and reducing your credit usage, you’ll be a step ahead of the game. Many of our clients can be approved with strong financial and sales records, as well as, a solid business plan. If you’re needing to improve your credit situation, it’s wise to seek the help of a credit repair company. Ordering your own credit reports through Dun and Bradstreet, Equifax, and Experian will give you a better idea as to where you stand. Regardless of your credit situation, we’ll be happy to find the best solution for your small business.

Gathering accurate and complete financial records:

Your financial track record plays a strong role in our approval process. We understand that businesses sometimes have slow periods. The long-term history helps us to pinpoint exactly which type of loan would serve you and your business best. Accuracy and completeness can’t be stressed enough when it comes to financial records. It’s a good idea to have your accountant, attorney, or another consultant to review these records. If updates are needed, it’s wise to have them completed prior to applying for one of our small business loans in Durham, NC. Documents that are frequently reviewed includes personal and business tax records, asset information, other income, and collateral, if necessary.

Submitting your documents for approval:

After you’ve been in touch with one of our loan professionals, you’ll most likely receive a conditional approval. You’ll be asked to submit your documents, and you’ll be scheduled for settlement. After settlement, your loan proceeds will be disbursed to whomever is designated to receive the funds. Simply pay as agreed, and you’ll be on track for success and qualifying for even better loans in the future. Get in touch with us to see exactly how we can help your business thrive, today!