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Factoring is a financial service where a company sells a pending payment to a factoring company in order to receive a payment immediately. This allows a company to have access to payments immediately without them having to wait for their clients to pay them. This allows your company to easily meet daily expenses such as payroll without having to resort to such things as a line of credit.

Benefits Of Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring provides a number of benefits including:

-Processes Payments Quickly
-Easy To Use
-Isn’t A Line Of Credit
-Based Upon Clients’ Credit Rather Than Your Credit

Factoring allows your business to have access to payments usually inside of twenty-four hours. This makes invoice factoring beneficial for businesses that generally will have to wait a long time for a customer to pay. This means that you can have access to the funds you need without having to manage the payment or harass a customer. Factoring isn’t a line of credit with it not adding to your company’s debt load. This allows you to use your credit for things you need, and you will not have to pay interest while waiting for a customer to pay. Invoice factoring does not look at your business’s credit with it only considering your clients. This means that you can use factoring even if your business is currently undergoing financial distress.

Steps Involved With Invoice Factoring

The process of using invoice factoring is straightforward and pretty much the same as using traditional billing methods. A company just needs to find a factoring company. They then create the same kind of invoice that they would send to their customers. However, you then send the invoice to the factoring company rather than the clients. The factoring company will then deposit a portion of the money from the invoice into your accounts. Usually, they will do this inside of a one business day. The factoring company will usually deposit ninety percent of the invoice.

The factoring company will then handle the process of collecting payments from the client. They will then deposit the remaining amount from the invoice once the customer has paid. A factoring service will take a small fee from the remaining amount they collect.

-Enter Into An Agreement With A Factoring Service
-Create An Invoice As Normal
-Send Invoice To Factoring Service
-Collect Majority Of Invoice From Factoring Service
-Factoring Service Collects From Client
-Factoring Service Deposits Remaining Amount
-Factoring Service Collects A Small Fee

The Difference Between Factoring And Credit

Factoring is also known as accounts receivable with it being different than securing a line of credit. A line of credit is a source a form of debt that a business takes out in order to grow.

One of the biggest differences between a line of credit and factoring is that a line of credit can take a long time to establish. In addition, a company many not want to use up their line of credit to cover customers who have yet to pay for services. Factoring can take only fifteen minutes to secure. In addition, factoring is not counted as debt on your company’s balance sheet. How much money you can use in factoring is based upon your clients. It is possible to secure lines of factoring from between fifty thousand to twenty million dollars.

Specifics About An Invoice Factoring Agreement

When you first start to use a factoring service, you will have to enter into a factoring agreement with them. This is a contract between your business and the factoring service. There are four basic parts to any factoring agreement:

-How Long The Agreement Will Last
-How Much Money They Will Handle
-How Much They Will Give You Right Away
-How Much They Will Keep After Processing An Invoice

The first two features of a factoring agreement are fairly simple. The agreement is how long they will work with you, and how much business the factoring service is willing to handle. Generally, your business will want them to be handling as much business as possible. You should be able to pick out a plan that will match your needs.

The next two features of a factoring agreement are the percent of the invoice they will give your business right away and how much they will charge. You will want to look for an agreement that will give you as much money as possible up front with the lowest fees.

General Factoring VS Specialist Factoring

Finally, you should know the difference between general factoring and specialist factoring. A general factory company works in many difference industries. A specialist service only works in a single industry. When looking at factoring service you should compare the rates between factoring services in both of these fields.

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