Merchant Cash Advance For Amazon Retailers

Delancey Street provides MCA loans to retailers who only use Amazon to generate revenue, or have a significant amount of their revenue coming from Amazon. We work fast, and will get you approved.

Amazon retail is huge. Lot’s of startups are making huge money thanks to Amazon. Unfortunately, many merchant cash advance lenders refuse to lend Amazon retailers money. In some cases, traditional MCA lenders will refuse to lend to Amazon retailers because they are taking an existing loan from Amazon. Regardless of what your situation is WE CAN HELP.

  • We look at your sales history and will offer you a loan based on it.
  • Some lenders won’t give you an MCA because Amazon does direct deposits to your account, but we’ll say yes.
  • We give you 80-250% of your gross revenue as a loan.
  • We ask for 3 months of bank statements.
  • We ask you to show some basic proof that you own the business.

It’s that simple. Most MCA companies don’t lend to Amazon retailers because you don’t have an external merchant account. Amazon is unique because they are a marketplace. They act as the company processing the credit card, and also as the company who then deposits the money into your bank account. Many MCA companies AVOID companies who only have bank deposits. We don’t mind. As long as you have regular revenue coming into your bank account – and the account doesn’t go negative – we can help.

How to get started

Contact us by email, contact form – or call us. We’ll then talk to you about your business, and the best way we think we can help you. Once we speak to you, we can understand your business needs, and what the best loan option for you is. After that, we’ll send you our application. If you decide you want to work with us, we’ll then ask you for information like bank statements, proof of corporate ownership, etc.

If you’re approved, typically – you’ll get the funds in your bank account within 24-48 hours. The process is usually fast. During the application process we negotiate a repayment schedule, interest rate, and other relevant factors that are important.If you choose to accept the MCA, then the money is wired to your account in literally hours. Typically, we’ll try to do it the same day, or next day.

What happens if you need more money?

Depending on where you are at with your company, you can be eligible for more funding after you take the initial loan. For example, if you’ve taken an initial loan, and are halfway through paying it off – you can easily qualify for more funding. It’s common for borrowers to return to us, and ask for more funding. That’s totally ok!

We do more than MCA

Many Amazon retailers turn to us when they need invoice factoring as well. For example, if you are placing bulk orders with manufacturers in China, or wherever, we can provide invoice factoring against those purchase orders.