What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance is not technically a loan, but rather a cash advance based upon the credit card and debit card sales deposited in your merchant account. When you receive funding from a merchant cash advance company, the merchant will automatically deduct a percentage of your credit card transactions.

Maximum Advance Amount – $2.5K – $250K
Repayment – Paid daily via your merchant account
Time to Funding – As little as 2 days
Factor Fee – 1.14 – 1.18


. Easy approval process
. Quick access to funds
. Bad credit is accepted
. Suitable for a wide range of business purposes


. Daily deduction of credit card and debit card receipts reduces cash flow
. More costly than traditional financing
. Less flexibility to switch credit card processors

Who Qualifies for Merchant Cash Advances?

Merchant cash advances are perfect for businesses who have little or no collateral, limited business history, or a low credit rating.

Merchant cash advance providers evaluate risk and weigh credit criteria differently than a banker or other lending companies. They look at daily credit card and debit card transactions to determine if you can pay back the advance in a timely manner. So most small businesses shouldn’t have a problem qualifying for a merchant cash advance.


For businesses that have a good volume of credit and debit card transactions – if you own a retail store or a restaurant, for example – then you can use a merchant cash advance as a short-term financing option. It can help with debt payments, inventory purchases, working capital, unexpected payments, and more.

How to Apply?

The good news is that applying for a merchant cash advance is fast and easy. Because the merchant cash advance provider simply takes their “cut” from the daily card credit income that your business generates, they will look at your credit card processing statements to make sure you generate enough volume. Some merchant cash advance providers will want to see your bank statements and credit score, too.

Most providers offer an easy online application, and you can often get funded in just 24 hours. Unlike traditional business loans, applicants do not necessarily need to have multiple years operating as a business to qualify. Remember: merchant cash advances come with higher fees than with traditional loans.

Documents you need:

. Bank Statements
. Driver’s License
. Credit Score
. Voided Business Check
. Credit Card Processing Statements
. Business Tax Returns

How Does A Merchant Cash Advance Work?

Small business owners can apply for a merchant cash advance and have the much-needed cash fairly quickly.

As you already know, a merchant cash advance is an expensive option when seeking working capital. And based on the structure, getting this type of funding can really take a chunk out of your cash flow.

Once the funds are advanced to you, a percentage of your daily credit and debit card sales will be used to pay back the advance. Merchant funding remittance fluctuates with your business’s sales patterns. Usually, the payback period ranges from 3 months to 15 months.

Determining the Repayment Amount

The amount the business must repay is determined by multiplying the financed amount by a factor rate. Unlike interest rates, which are given in percentages, factor rates are usually expressed in decimal figures.

The factor rate typically ranges from 1.2 to 1.5 and is based on the risk assessment. For example, a $50,000 funding with a payback factor of 1.4 would require you to repay $70,000 over a period of time. This amount includes fees of $20,000. The higher the factor rate, the higher the fees you pay. If credit card and debit card sales or income slow, so do the remittance to the merchant cash advance company.

Summing Up

A merchant cash advance is one of the fastest ways to obtain business financing and often has the highest approval rate. If you need a cash infusion to grow your business, a merchant cash advance may be a worthwhile option for you.

It is crucial that you carefully read over the terms and conditions of the agreement so you can make an informed decision about whether or not a merchant cash advance makes sense to meet your needs