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In Iowa, you may be looking for some sort of funding to start out a business or keep it going. A loan is a decent choice, but you can also choose to use a merchant cash advance, or MCA. A MCA is technically a completely separate process compared to loans, so keep that in mind. How it works is that a financing company will give you or your business cash and you’ll pay them back with a percentage of your daily sales with a small fee. MCAs are also much quicker than loans, with funding being provided within two days; The amount you take could be as little as $2500 or as much as $250000. However, the fee makes it cost a bit more than traditional loans.

Pros and Cons of MCAs




  • Funding is received quickly
  • Approval process is easy and doesn’t require good credit
  • Can be used for a variety of business items and services



  • The daily fees make it cost more than a normal loan
  • It’s hard to switch merchant service providers while using a MCA
  • The daily fees also reduce cash flow


What You Need to Do to Be Approved for a MCA in Iowa

MCAs are a good idea if you have no collateral to provide for a loan, little to no business history or a very low credit rating; Most small businesses can qualify, although it’s recommended to have a yearly revenue of at least $180000, s credit score of 550 and two years or more of business operations.

How to Apply for a MCA in Iowa

If you want to get a merchant cash advance in Iowa, you should know that it’s a very fast process. It starts with a merchant looking back at your daily credit and debit card sales to confirm you have enough sales volume to pay back the cash advance; They may ask for personal bank statements and a credit score as well. The application is almost always online and has the possibility to be approved in the same day.
Documents you’ll need include:

  • Your driver’s license
  • A voided business check
  • Your credit score
  • Tax returns for your business
  • Bank statements
  • A credit card processing statement showing the volume of transactions coming in


Situations Where You Might Need a MCA Over a Loan in Iowa

The most obvious need that a MCA fulfills is that it provides a business with vital capital much faster than traditional loans; It can be approved within one to two business days and even be approved within the same day in some situations. You should make sure you qualify before applying by ensuring your current sales volume can fulfill the needs of the MCA’s value, as you don’t want to fill out a lengthy application just to get denied. Overall though, a MCA should be chosen if you don’t meet the requirements for a loan and/or need the cash immediately.

Understanding the Pitfalls of a MCA

Getting cash fast means paying a price, which is precisely why MCAs can be so pricey. Also, since it takes out fees from your daily sales volume, it’ll hurt the income of a business. Both of these factors combined make MCAs the most expensive lending option, so you should choose a traditional loan or something else if you have other options available.

Is a MCA Right for Your Business in Iowa?

MCAs can be a blessing to some business while being a curse to others. It’s important to fully consider your options and only use merchant cash advances when you need cash now. It will also provide a large amount of capital without collateral and/or stringent requirements; However, these benefits directly link to the high costs of MCAs. Overall, you can choose a MCA as your lending option, but you should look at other options and choose them if possible, as you’ll save more money in the long run that way.

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