Join our Merchant Cash Advance Referral Program

Close More Business

Got potential customers who won’t get approved? We say YES when other merchant cash advance companies say no.

Get More Money

We’ll get your clients more money than other merchant cash advance lenders can.

Residual Income

Get paid for the lifetime of the clients relationship with us. When your client gets paid, you get paid.


You get your very own concierge at Delancey Street who handles your needs.

We Fund Fast

24-48 Hours

Loans up to

$10 Million

Google Rating

5 Stars

Partner with Delancey Street and Grow. 

Delancey Street believes that the biggest amount of growth occurs when people partner up, and work together. We believe partnerships benefit everyone. At Delancey Street, our referral program gives you value, and help your customers. At the same time, it helps us grow too. That’s why we focus so much effort on building new relationships. Every single Delancey Street client gets concierge service, and an uncompromising level of service for each and every customers. When you partner with us, we always do everything possible to respect your relationship with your customer.

What separate us from other companies

We are the first hybrid merchant cash advance company. We are both a direct lender, and a facilitator. When you reach out to us, we’ll compare our rate for your cash advance request – and in addition, look at the rates of other lenders as well. Our goal is to help you get the best possible merchant cash advance for your clients. If we don’t think we can get you the best cash advance as a direct lender – we’ll facilitate a cash advance from another lender who might be able to provide a better rate. This is all SEAMLESS.