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Washington Merchant Cash Advances

Have you checked out Washington Merchant Cash Advance services? It’s an excellent idea for raising capital swiftly for your business.Merchant Cash Advance are a fast and reliable way of raising funds. You can use the funds for business, to pay off debts and for every other financial situation.

You can use Merchant Cash Advance  to raise funds in emergency situations like a poor business month. Wonderful right? Merchant Cash Advances has its own perks and pitfalls. In this informative piece, you will find all you need to know about:

Washington Merchant Cash Advances: How It Works

Merchant Cash Advances services don’t work like the regular loan services. You get an advance cash payment based on the projection of your future income.

Washington Merchant Cash Advance services offer you cash which you will pay back automatically using a percentage of the Merchant account daily income. This means you will pay back a percent daily, this percentage is called retrieval rate or holdback.

The retrieval rate ranges from 5% to 20%, depending on:

  •  The advance received
  •   The agreed period for repayment
  •    Your credit card sales

The agreed payment period can be anywhere from 90 days to 24 months, depending on the advance received. Repayment kicks off immediately you receive the funds.

The amount you are eligible to receive is calculated based on your monthly credit card sales. Most providers usually go through your credit card sales and receipts to find out how much advance you are eligible to receive.

You can receive anywhere from 50 to over 200% of your monthly credit card transactions for your business.

Advantages of Using Washington Merchant Cash Advances

Wondering why you should subscribe for a Merchant Cash Advances Service? Here are some of the benefits of using the Merchant Cash Advances:

Easy Application

Just like most other small business credit facilities, application for a Merchant Cash Advances Service is straightforward. You can apply online and easily upload documents like bank statements, credit card business statements, tax returns for your business and other essential records.

Swift Funding

Once your application is approved, the funds will be released to you immediately. Merchant Cash Advances service providers approve or dislodge your application within hours and will reach back to you for an agreement.

Once all terms are reconciled, you will get the advance immediately. This works fine if you need cash for time-dependent business transactions.

Personal Credit Doesn’t Count

While most credit facilities demand a robust business and personal credit history, Merchant cash advances providers don’t care much about your credit history.

They are only concerned about how long you have been in business and your credit card sales. Merchant Cash Providers review the strength of your business, so your personal credit history does not count.

You should also know that using a Merchant Cash Advances Service will not boost your credit score.

Requires No Collateral

Unlike most other loan facilities that would expect you to get collateral before you receive a loan, you don’t need to put up any collateral to secure a cash advance from a Merchant Cash Advances provider. So you don’t have to worry about getting your assets together before you get a loan.

Convenient Repayments

Other business loans usually have a fixed interest rate and a fixed payment schedule. You will owe the same amount on your loan every month and will have to pay back a fixed percentage every time. While this can be helpful, it limits your budget for the month and will put you in a difficult situation when you have a slow business month.

Merchant Cash Advances offers you better flexibility because your repayment depends on a percentage of your monthly credit card sales.  So if your monthly Merchant cash advance repayment is 10% of your credit card sales for the month, the cash you pay back depends on the entire amount of sales for every month. You will only repay 10% of your total monthly sales from your business, rather than paying a fixed amount that may be greater than your total monthly income.

Better Limits

Merchant Cash advances providers can offer you high limits on how much you can borrow. Your advance limit can be anywhere from a few thousand dollars to about $2 million. Merchant Cash Advances providers are very flexible and can always offer you more money as long as you have an established credit card transaction history even without collateral.

Who needs Merchant Cash Advances?

Businesses with consolidated credit card transaction history are the best candidates for Merchant Cash Advances. Retailers and restaurants who need fast cash can use the Merchant Cash Advances. Also, if your business is new but has a good credit card sales history not well enough for the traditional money lenders, Cash advances will be an excellent option for you.

Why Businesses Should Carefully Use Merchant Cash Advance Services

Although Merchant Cash Advances services have lots of benefits, there is a pitfall that can ruin all the excellent benefits if not appropriately managed. The cost of procuring a merchant cash advance service most times is more significant than every other advantage you would enjoy while using the service.

Factor Rates for Merchant Cash Advances

The merchant Cash advance does not use the APR, unlike other traditional credit facilities. Business owners who use the Merchant Cash Advancepay a rate called the Factor rate. The factor is calculated as a decimal point number which is the amount you have to pay the provider for offering you the cash advance.

Factor rates vary but are usually anywhere between 1.1 and 1.5. Factor rates in Merchant Cash Advances are very complicated. The rates make you think that the interest rates are low, while if you analyze the rates, you will figure out that it is actually more expensive.

Bottom Line

If you have an active credit card sales history and you are dire in need of cash, the Merchant Cash Advances is a great option. However, you need to properly evaluate your options and consult a financial expert to help you make the right decision.