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If you’re a business owner and you’ve never heard of a business cash advance, it’s time to learn what it is and how it works. This type of cash advance works in favor of small business owners who need funding to help with their business but do not have the ability to secure a small business loan and/or they don’t have time to wait to secure a traditional loan. A business cash advance is great for West Virginia business owners who want to grow their business, but you need to understand how it works before you take on this type of funding.
What is A Business Cash Advance?
West Virginia business owners who take credit card payments are eligible to take on this kind of funding by repaying the money they borrow with their credit card sales. A portion of all credit card sales each day is used as a form of repayment for this type of loan. The lender takes the money directly out of your credit card sales via an ACH withdrawal from your bank on a regular basis.
Rather than repaying this loan over the course of several years by making monthly payments, the lender takes different payment amounts each day. The payment they take each day differs because they only take a set percentage of your sales. If you sell less via credit card payments one day than you do the next, the first day will come with a much lower payment than the second day. It takes anywhere from four to nine months to repay this cash advance depending on the gross sales of your business and what you repay daily.
Who Can Get A Business Cash Advance?
Anyone who owns a business and takes credit card payments can apply for a business cash advance. This type of loan is best for those who don’t meet the minimum requirements for a traditional small business loan. For example, a lender might ask you to provide a business history of at least a year or more. You must also meet specific credit requirements both personally and professionally. You must have a business plan that’s laid out in precise detail, and you must be able to work through the process of a traditional loan.
If you have the proper documents, you can easily apply for a business cash advance. All you need is a copy of your driver’s license, your business tax returns, bank statements, your credit score, and your business credit card statements. Once you turn in this documentation, it takes you anywhere from a day or two to secure your funding. It’s a great way for you to secure funding without waiting weeks.
How Much Does it Cost?
The biggest caveat of a loan of this nature is the cost of the loan. One thing you must understand about a business cash advance is that it’s an expensive form of borrowing compared to a traditional business loan. However, when you’re unable to secure a business loan, you might not mind paying a little bit more right now to grow your business with the funding you need.
The concept of a business cash advance includes a factor rate. This is not the same thing as an interest rate. A factor rate traditionally ranges anywhere from 1.14 to 1.48, and that is comparable to a 15 percent interest rate. Depending on your credit score, your factor rate might be as high as a three-digit interest rate. You must understand the conversion prior to apply for a business cash advance.
If you own a business, you know that there is nothing more important than learning to grow your business. You need to have money to spend to make money to grow. This means you have to have capital, but that’s not always easy to come by. What you must do is understand what you need, borrow only that amount, and have a business plan that supports your lending requirements. If you know your loan can make you more money than you’re spending, it’s a good investment. This is not the kind of loan you want to take if you’re not sure you can grow or flourish.

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