Your business is thriving, and it is a wonderful thing to celebrate. However, you may have already realized that this growth comes with a price. New opportunities are waiting for you to uncover them but perhaps you are limited with your resources, including money. Luckily, you can turn to Philadelphia small business loans to help you provide funds for your business.

The problem though is that small business loans are not as easy to navigate as you would have liked. From finding the right lender to building your credit to discussing with the bank, you certainly need all the guidance you can get. Here are some of the best practices when applying for a loan for your small business, along with the common mistakes you need to avoid:

Dos for Your Philadelphia Small Business Loan Application

Get a business bank account.
Lenders need to get a grip on your current financial situation before they grant you a loan for your small business. Many owners forget that the easiest way for these creditors to know about their finances is through having a separate account for the company.
You need a checking account that you should exclusively use for your business. It will help build your company’s credibility, which can help increase your chances of getting approved for the loan.

Take care of your business credit score.
It is significant that you understand how credit scores work and know about yours and your business’ scores at the same time. Credit bureaus have different tactics when it comes to calculating your rating, and you may have varying scores.

Your business credit score tells the lenders how creditworthy your business is. It is based on the history of payments of your business to its creditors and suppliers. Other factors that impact your score are your revenue, the industry you belong to, and the size of your business.
Several entrepreneurs don’t know their company has a credit score, but the credit companies, such as

Equifax, may create a file for your business after you:
Open a business bank account
Obtain your employer identification number
Incorporate the business
Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, and Experian are the three agencies that track the creditworthiness of companies.

Know your personal credit score.
The small business application is a very personal process since lenders will consider not only your business’ credit history but also your personal financial information. These details allow them to assess whether or not you are capable of paying back the loan. The credit score tells the lender if you should be approved and often influences your interest rate.

Once you apply for the Philadelphia business loan, expect the creditor to perform a soft credit pull. It will not harm your credit standing, but it shows the lender your credit score and some items in your credit report. In this part of the application, the lender will use those pieces of information to pre-approve you for a loan. Clearly, the better your credit score is, the higher the chance of getting approved. A score of at least 600 will help you obtain the loan. If it is lower than 600, you may not get affordable deals. It is a good idea to improve your credit rating before you apply and the best way to achieve this goal is to pay your dues on time and with enough amount.

Prepare all the necessary documentation.
Several important documents should be in your hands before you talk to the lender, including your tax returns and loan history. Legal documents may also be necessary, including your commercial lease, articles of incorporation, and franchise agreement if these things apply. The required documentation will depend from one lender to another.

Get help.
Don’t be afraid to seek out expert advice on how to get a loan. An accountant can also assist you in organizing your finances. This way, you can pitch your business plan with ease to the lenders.
Don’ts for Getting the Loan for Your Small Business

Don’t be delinquent on payments.
If you have late payments, they can lead to certain other red flags that will instantly drive the lenders away from your application. Payment delinquency doesn’t just hurt your credit rating, but can also result in tax and property liens, which lower your chances of getting approved. If you have these tax liens, it is essential that you settle them as soon as you can.

Don’t be vague about your financial needs and plans.
Applying for a small business loan is similar to having a job interview since you need to convince the lender that you are worthy of acquiring funds from them. During the interview process, the lenders typically ask how much money you want to borrow, along with your plans on using it. If you are open-ended about these two things, it can give the creditors a lack of confidence about your business’ future.

Don’t apply for a loan without understanding the costs involved.
Lenders have their own way of describing the cost of the loan they offer. Some will talk about the interest rate, while others will give you the total amount you need to pay back. If you have applied to several companies, it can be confusing to compare them with another.

To make the comparison much easier, you should learn how to differentiate the APR and the interest rate. Many people already know what the interest rate it but not the APR, which stands for the annual percentage rate. It describes the total cost of the loan in a year including the other fees. Banks typically impose six to nine percent APRs on small business loans, but it can be higher if you go for alternative lenders that can provide you with fast funding and may be helpful if you have a low credit rating.

A low APR doesn’t mean it is better than a loan with a high APR. Often, short-term loans have high APRs, but they don’t have high interest rates, so the total amount you pay back is low.

As a small business owner, you should always be focused on capital. If you are looking to expand your business, buy new equipment or even take advantage of new marketing opportunities, you need funds to do so. There are various options when it comes to funding. Even Philadelphia bad credit small business loans are available. At Delancey Street, we provide business loans and merchant cash advances to businesses of all types.

Fast, Easy Small Business Loans in Philadelphia

We specialize in providing fast business loans in Philadelphia. It ensures that you get the money that you need quickly. We can offer funding in as little as two business days. We also offer repayment plans that are flexible based on your cash flow structure.

You have the ability to use the funds how you want. If you have bad credit, it is okay. Even when traditional banks turn you down, we can often provide you with the funds that are needed to take your business to the next level. You can apply today to get started.

Improving Your Credit Score Before Applying for a Philadelphia Business Loan

Before you search for Philadelphia bad credit small business loans, you need to know what your credit score is. This includes looking at your personal credit score as well as your business credit score. Both may play a role when obtaining a loan, especially if you are working directly with the bank.
The first thing you need to do is request a credit score report from the credit bureaus. Read through the report to make sure that there are no errors. You can work to fix the errors so that your credit score is being reported properly.
If your credit score is lower than you would like, there are a number of ways to improve it. However, it can take six months or longer in order to see a big difference. You will want to clear out delinquent debts, pay your bills on time, and ensure that your accounts are not maxed out.

Exploring Philadelphia Business Loan Terms

You don’t want to enter into any loan agreement without thinking everything through. First, be sure that you know what the total cost of the loan is going to be. This means reviewing the loan terms. You need to know what all of the fees are going to be as well as your interest rate.
If you need the repayment plan restructured, be sure to identify it before you sign the legally binding agreement with the lender.

Completing Your Application

Your application can be completed online. Plus, we can help you with the details. If you were to complete a loan application with a bank, you would need to provide a significant amount of documentation. An application package will often include financial statements, your business plan, as well as cash flow statements.
We look to simplify the process for you so that you can get approved faster. You can then look forward to getting the money in order to buy whatever is necessary for your business in Philadelphia.

Making a Business Decision

Any time that you need money, you need to make a business decision. Is a small business loan right for you? Are you capable of making the payments? These are questions you need to ask before applying for any kind of Philadelphia business loan.

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