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Qumana is a desktop blog editor which was VERY popular. It’s a blog editor which allows you to write, and edit, blog posts offline. It allows you to save your work on a computer hard drive while not being connected to the Internet. It’s one of the most popular desktop-based blog editors. It makes it VERY easy to edit, and insert, types of media, which is a headache usually for default blog editors. One of the great things about it is that it’s got its own keyword-drive ad system, which is just like Google Adsense. It rivals other fee-based blog editors which have the same/less functions that Qumana have. It is possible to install it on Mac, Windows, or even Linux.

The Qumana blog editor is a free, cross-platform, which allows you to edit content on a variety of blogging platforms. It’s WYSIWYG editor, allows for offline composing, and a lot of other features. If you’re a restaurant owner, or other small business owner, it’s a GREAT tool. It makes it so that blogging is super easy. Once you enter the blogs root URL, all you have to do is enter your user name and password and you’re setup. This is a java application, which means it can have some resource usage needs. Second, it’s free because you are supposed to use Q ADS, which is built into the editor. Qumana makes money by sharing some of the revenue from the advertisements.

Having said that, you can use the editor even if you’re not inserting Q ADS.

Who would benefit from this tool for their small business

What blog platforms does Qumana work on?

Qumana is diverse and works with a lot of different blog platforms. For example, it can work with AngelFire, Blogger/Blogspot, BlogHarbor, Blogware, Bryght, Diaryland, Drupal, LiveJournal, MovableTYPE, MSN, Tripod,,, and other major platforms.

Can I edit blog entries that weren’t made using Qumana?

You can import your blog entries created outside of Qumana. You can also import blog categories. Tags are the only items you cannot reuse. You have to continue retyping the tags for each new blog post.

Can you ping services?

Yup! Qumana allows you to add different ping services so you can alert them, after you publish a new blog post.

Can I reuse what I write?

Yes, you can. You can drag and drop images, texts, links, to other posts. The DropPad allows you to copy and paste information you find while browsing. Yo udon’t have to open another program to contain it.

Can you insert ads into the blog posts?

Q Ads is a network which works inside of Qumana to insert keyword-driven ads into blog posts. It makes it so you have an easy way to make money on your blogs without having to make an affiliate or Adsense account.

First Impression Review about Qumana

QumanaDownloading is simple, with the file only bieng 8.7MB. Installation was a super breeze. It has an auto setup where you can search for your blog and settings once you type in the URL. The layout looks very professional and it seems to have all the features you’re going to need. There are also extra buttons and features which allow you to include the insert Ad button. Inserting an image is easy, due to the drag and drop tool, which allows you to also resize the image by right clicking it and then entering the image properties option.

The tool looks super professional, and has all the features you’re looking for in a normal desktop editor. There are also extra buttons and features which other tools do not usually have.

The WYSIWYG editing mode also allows for adding tags and trackbacks. You can insert Adgenta ads into a post, and customize their look. Source view is another great option of the tool which allows you look at the code and clean it up if needed. You can swap back and forth between the two views as needed.

Another great feature of Qumana is that there is a “drop pad,” which is a button, it’s own little window, where you can drag, and drop text images, texts, etc.

Here are a few things that are missing from Qumana such as:

Interface with Amazon Associate Program – having the ability to search for, and insert, affiliate links to Amazon

Extended entry field – This is something that is nice to have.

Post as draft – This is great since you can upload a post into WordPress for future editing

Post preview – This is great to check how images will look

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