Running a successful small business in Salem is challenging in many ways, and it becomes even more challenging when you lack access to capital. Extra capital may be needed for regular operations to get you through slow periods, for growth and expansion and for many other purposes. If you are searching for small business financing solutions, reach out to Delancey Street for assistance. Through our company, you may be able to access up to $2 million from a small business loan or a line of credit. We understand that small businesses have unique needs, so we have the flexibility to customize our financing terms to suit your needs. All types of Salem small businesses may be eligible. When you choose to apply for financing through our company, you can benefit from:

A quick review with rapid funding on approved loan requests
A creative approach for bad credit situations
Funding within two business days for approved loans
The ability to use loan proceeds without restrictions
Customizable payment options based on your business’s needs

A Fast Source of Funds
Many small business financing programs require you to walk through a lengthy, stressful loan application process, but this will not be your experience when you apply with Delancey Street. We understand that your business operations, your ability to pay bills in a timey manner, your access to business opportunities and more are dependent on your ability to get money from a small business loan or line of credit soon. You can count on us to deliver a fast response.

Analyze Your Needs
While you may be eager to apply for a Salem small business loan or line of credit, it may be helpful to assess your situation as a first step. By analyzing your financial needs and determining how you plan to use the money, you can ensure that you apply for terms that will benefit your business. In addition, take a moment to review your creditworthiness. Keep in mind that your business and personal credit scores alike may be reviewed during the application process.

Understand the Importance of a Good Credit History
Lenders often review a business’s credit history as well as an applicant’s credit history with one general purpose in mind. Through a review of your creditworthiness, a lender may estimate the risk that they assume by giving you a loan. A good credit score with minimal or no derogatory items gives the lender confidence that you may repay the borrowed money without hassle. Because of this, you may receive more favorable loan terms from the lender. Lower credit scores with a blemished history indicates a greater risk for the lender. You understandably want to qualify for the best financing terms available, so it makes sense to improve a lower credit score before applying.

Improve Your Credit Rating
There are many reasons why you may have a lower credit score than you would like to have. A common reason relates to information being reported erroneously. Take a few minutes to review the data on your credit report, and take appropriate steps to correct false information. Another reason why credit scores are lower than they could be is because of high debt balances. If one or several of your credit accounts is close to the credit limit, your credit score may be lower than it could be. Spending a few months paying down account balances may be helpful. Keep in mind that credit reporting agencies also look at the age of your accounts. Because older accounts are viewed favorably, avoid closing older accounts even if they are not being used.

Define Your Needs
In addition to reviewing your credit rating and taking steps to improve your scores as necessary, you also should develop a plan for the use of funds. Lenders may request specific details regarding your plan for the loan proceeds or the line of credit. Some business owners will prepare a written statement on this matter, and others will create projected financial statements based on how they anticipate the funds to benefit their business.

Pull Together a Loan Package
Because you need funding for your small business loan without delay, you may take the time to put together a loan package as soon as possible. Lenders may ask for a variety of documents, but most will need to see current bank statements, historical and current income and expense statements and even tax returns. Lenders commonly ask to see your personal bank statements and tax returns as well. Ensure that all information is accurate and complete, and be prepared to respond to lender requests for additional documentation quickly.

Wait for a Response
When you apply for small business financing in Salem through Delancey Street, you can reasonably expect to receive a fast response. Approved applicants will receive a free financing quote in writing. Once you agree to the quote, we will begin finalizing your loan request.