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Brief preface of Merchant Cash Advance
Boosting a business has been every person’s dream since the launching of a particular commercial enterprise. Though there are a couple of challenges that face the vision, financial inability is one of the most devastating problems. Moreover, most small scale and medium-sized businesses find it hard to maintain themselves while nurturing growth continually. This is where Merchant Cash

The advance comes in as a resort
For over a decade now, Merchant Cash Advance has taken part in offering financial support to businesses just like traditional banks. Technically, the Merchant Cash Advance does not offer a loan, but their help could be defined as an upfront sum of cash in exchange for some of the future sales. Unlike the traditional banks which offer large monthly payments and longer payment terms, the merchant cash advance is characterized by short payment terms and small regular payments. These are made daily as a percentage of the businesses’ daily credit card income,

How merchant cash advance works
Initially, MCA offered funds to companies whose revenue came from credit and debit card sales, but they are currently available to other businesses that don’t rely heavily on credit card or debit card sales.

Its working is quite simple when compared to the long process required at the banks before getting approved for a loan. The business owner fills an online form, waits for a period of approximately two days for approval and later gets the funds within a couple of few working days.

The most common methods of payment are through a fixed daily payment or a certain percentage of future daily sales. During approval, the business owner agrees to pay an additional amount of money atop the lent funds. The merchant cash advance provider calculates this through the factor rate that usually ranges from 1.2 to 1.5.

The repayment rates will entirely depend on the income rates of the business and then automated such that there will be no extra stress on making daily payments or writing daily cheques. Since on some days the income will fluctuate, the repayment period tends to shorten or lengthen depending on the side on to which the fluctuations move to. Most of the times, however, it takes longer.

Advantages of Merchant Cash Advance that make borrowers prioritize it over other lenders
Modern lenders often have too many terms that the borrowers find too hard to go by. Additionally, this makes MCA an easy way out for those businesses that do not qualify to get bank loans. Some of the advantages of the merchant cash advance include:

The speed of acquiring funds
Most businesses result in seeking financial aid at the most critical period. At these times, the need to use more funds is so urgent that delays could come along with huge losses. Traditional banks do not offer quick solutions as their paperwork is bulky, tedious and at the time, there is no guarantee of approval. At merchant cash advance, it only takes a maximum of two days to know whether the request was approved after which the funds are given.

MCA’s are unsecured
There is always the fear of auctioning of personal assets once a borrower is late or unable to repay. With merchant cash advance, however, such fears are eliminated since they are unsecured and the borrower does not need collateral. The provider only requires a personal guarantee which is written down.

The ease of application
As had been earlier stated, the process of application is simple. You only need to fill in an online form which is open, easy to understand and to the point. Obviously, this comes as a relief to many who have had to undergo through the long tiring traditional bank procedure, where too many questions are asked.

Little requirements
Normally, loan lenders ask for a good number of requirements before approving a request. Some of these requirements cut off the amount expected, while at some point, others disqualify a business from getting loans. Factoring, as it is otherwise known, only requires a business’s credit or debit card and a physical location of the business.

Disadvantages of merchant cash advance
Well, after all the aforementioned advantages, it might be easier for one to decide to opt for these fund lenders immediately. Disadvantages that come along are:

They are expensive
The annual percentage rate ranges from about 40% to 350%. In comparison to traditional bank lenders who have an APR of between 10% to 29%, this is way too high.

The danger of a debt cycle
According to statistics, debtors often need a new advance in order to put up with the daily payments which eventually affect cash flow. This continuous need for advances puts them in an unending dept cycle unless they get new lenders.

The ultimate decision in whether MCA’s are good for a business entirely depends on a business owner but this changes if the need for finance is really urgent and at such time, yes, merchant cash advance is good for business.

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