When you have a low credit score or insufficient financial history, getting approved for business financing might seem difficult. Although qualifying for traditional business financing or loan when you have a poor credit score can be very difficult, there are options other than typical business loans or financing.

A merchant cash advance is a quick source of funding for a business owner with an immediate need for cash. These cash advances are often provided through alternative financing companies.

A merchant cash advance is the sale of a portion of your business’s future income in exchange for an upfront working capital. This type of funding is short-term in nature with payments made daily, as a percentage of your daily credit card receipts. Merchant cash advances are a perfect option for businesses who might not be able to obtain funding from other sources.

Since you’re repaying through your business’s credit card sales, merchant cash advances don’t require collateral to secure financing.


. Easy approval process
. Bad credit is accepted
. Quick access to funds
. Suitable for a wide range of business purposes
. Minimal paperwork.


. Daily deduction of credit receipts reduces cash flow
. Less flexibility to switch credit card processors
. More costly than traditional loans

Who Can Qualify?

For cash-strapped business owners with less-than-perfect credit, a merchant cash advance might be the ideal option.

The primary requirement for a merchant cash advance is you must make daily credit card sales. This funding option is a great fit for retailers, restaurants and service companies.

This is because these businesses typically process a large volume of credit card transactions. Merchant funding companies provide working capital solutions to these businesses when they are in need of financing to sustain or grow their enterprise.

Businesses that either receive credit card sales infrequently or don’t accept credit cards usually won’t be able to qualify for a merchant cash advance.

If you run a business that accepts credit cards as a main form of payment, a merchant cash advance could be worth exploring.

How to Apply For A Merchant Cash Advance

The good news is that you can go online and apply for a merchant cash advance without hassles. The application is fast and easy and it does not require you to go through a complicated process or wait several weeks or months to find out if you are approved.

Because the funding company simply takes their “cut” from your daily card credit income, they will review your credit card receipts to be certain you generate enough sales volume. Cash advance providers also examine business bank statements and credit score, too.

Once approved, you can often get access to the funds fairly quickly – in as little as 24 hours. The funds are deposited into your business bank account.

Remember: merchant cash funds come with higher fees than with traditional loans.

Documents you need:

. Bank Statements
. Driver’s License
. Voided Business Check
. Credit Score
. Business Tax Returns
. Credit Card Processing Statements

Unlike traditional business loans, merchant cash advance applicants do not necessarily need to have many years operating as a business to qualify. If you need working capital quickly, but don’t meet the qualification requirements of a traditional loan, or don’t want to wait for a loan decision, a merchant cash advance has you covered.

How Merchant Cash Advances Work

Funding companies review your documents and information to get an idea of your future sales potential. Once they have this information, they will then determine how much funding to provide.

Repayments are based on sales. Instead of a fixed monthly payment, interest rate or payoff date, with a merchant funding you make daily payments until the amount is paid in full.

A percentage of your daily credit card sales will be remitted to the funding provider, instead of being held to a set payment amount. These percentages are predetermined at the time of approval.

The remittance is tailored to the flow of your business’s sales. When sales are slow you pay less to the merchant cash advance provider, and when sales are booming you pay more. Usually, the payback period ranges from 3 months to 15 months.


Given stringent bank loan requirements, business owners have to take advantage of whatever funding resources they can find. A merchant cash advance provides a quick funding solution for business owners with an immediate need for cash.

As you already know, this form of financing is considerably more costly than traditional financing. And based on the structure, obtaining this type of funding can really take a chunk out of your cash flow. But this type of business funding can help to support a business if sales have been down.

Before you finalize the transaction or contract, make sure you understand what’s involved. It is crucial that you review the terms carefully before signing in agreement.