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Testosterone Lawsuit

Testosterone therapy has earned pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars over the last several years. Unfortunately, recent events have shown that this therapy is actually far more dangerous than consumers were told. This has resulted in many lawsuits. If you or a loved one were hurt by testosterone therapy, then you need to understand what is happening with the lawsuits today.
Understanding Testosterone Therapy
Testosterone is a type of hormone in the body that performs a number of functions. It helps to regulate normal biological processes. This includes renewal of bone and muscle tissues in the body. Men start to produce less testosterone later in life. Testosterone levels can also be affected by serious injuries or certain diseases. The lower testosterone levels can lead to medical problems, mood changes and psychological issues like depression. Testosterone therapy attempts to restore the missing hormone to the correct levels. This is often done through topical creams that are applied to the skin or through injections in some cases. Testosterone therapy has been thought to have other beneficial effects for men even if hormone levels are normal.
Manufacturers of Testosterone Medications
The manufacturers of testosterone medications and creams aggressively marketed the products to medical professionals and to consumers. This caused an increase in the number of prescriptions for different products like AndroGel, Axiron and Androderm. The manufacturers were required to perform studies and testing in order to make certain that the testosterone treatments did not pose a significant risk to patients. Although some side effects were noted, the studies did not show serious problems. The studies were part of the reason that the testosterone treatments were originally approved by the government for use. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are still aggressively marketing these products to average people and doctors today.
The Real Risks of Testosterone Therapy
The reality is that testosterone therapy has a number of very serious and potentially fatal risks associated with the use of the topical creams and injections. One of the main risks is that testosterone therapy significantly increases the chance of cardiovascular problems and heart disease. The therapy can increase the risk of having a heart attack for men who are over age 65. It can do the same for men who are younger and who have preexisting cardiovascular issues. Testosterone treatment can cause blood clots that lead to deep vein thrombosis and stroke. The treatment has been linked to pulmonary embolisms and coronary artery disease. Some people have even died as a result of these side effects from testosterone therapy.
Why Testosterone Lawsuits Are Being Filed
Testosterone lawsuits are being filed today because it appears the pharmaceutical manufacturers did not reveal all the information that was discovered about the treatment. The manufacturers could have intentionally hidden the most damaging side effects just to get the products to market. Lawsuits are being filed charging things such as inadequate research, withholding information and reckless marketing. The lawsuits are primarily targeted at the manufacturers although some doctors are also the subject of litigation for prescribing testosterone incorrectly for off-label conditions. There are even class action lawsuits currently being assembled because there are so many victims of testosterone therapy today.
How We Can Help
We can help if you or a loved one has been injured because of testosterone therapy. Our lawyers have decades of experience helping victims to win compensation for their injuries. We have the resources and experience to represent you in court and to work out a settlement with the responsible parties if necessary. We can help you to navigate the legal process around a personal injury claim from the start to the finish. We can explain exactly what is going on at every point so that you can make the decisions that are best for you. Our lawyers will fight to get you the fair compensation that you need to recover from you injuries or losses.
Link Your Medical Problems to Testosterone Therapy
One of the most difficult parts about a testosterone lawsuit is proving that a stroke, heart attack or blood clot was the result of the therapy or medication. We will take the time to create a clear link between your injury and the testosterone treatment. We can use everything from experts to recent observational studies and your past medical records to show that you would not have experienced any problems if it were not for the testosterone treatments. Our lawyers will do everything possible to create a case that legally shows your injuries or the death of a loved one was caused by testosterone therapy.


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