The 'New Year New Me' Mentality

Each new year that comes around is a time of promise. People all over the globe make resolutions to better themselves. They want to save money, live better, and be happier. Most people center their resolutions around their health. They want to make better choices that help give them strength. Many people opt for working out more and eating healthier. If you own a gym, this is the time to appeal to these people. Show them that you support their journey and you want to be with them every step of the way to make sure that they succeed.
Make Your Presence Known
If your fitness center wants to gain attention, the start of a new year is the time to make your presence known. You need to do what you can to get new people through your doors. That means thinking outside of the box because advertising internally only gets you so far. Put up flyers all across the city, do a social media blast, and rely on word-of-mouth referrals. See if a television news station or radio program will allow you to advertise.
Deals on Signing Up
Now is the time to offer a deal for all of those signing up. If you make it free or low-cost to join, it’ll entice people to sign up for your fitness center over the competition. Run this promotion during the first few months of the new year. You will quickly make your money back due to the sheer amount of new people who will sign up.
Offer Fitness Classes
Everyone is different and has a different fitness journey that they’re embarking on. Some people are perfectly content working out in a standard gym every day. Others crave something more. They want classes where they can feel motivated to go. That’s why your fitness center needs to cater to all needs. Some popular classes include spin, yoga, Zumba, and more. Offer a wide variety so that people can choose what they want. Also, try and think outside of the box. During the new year, offer classes that are unique. Try and see what people are asking for that other fitness centers don’t offer. This will get people in the door and once they realize they love it, they’ll stay.
Offer Perks
Instead of just offering a discount on membership, your fitness center needs to do more. That’s because gyms all over realize that the beginning of a new year is when people want to sign up. Offer more than just a waived sign up fee. Your fitness center should offer shirts, bags, and bottles with your logo on it. People love free things. This also benefits you because a logo on something is a free advertisement everytime that person uses the item out in public.
Make Your Personal Trainers’ Presence Known
Personal trainers are a great asset to any fitness center. They especially help those who are new to working out. During the start of the new year, have your personal trainers out on the floor. They can show that they are there to offer any advice that is needed. Personal trainers can also help the newcomers work on a plan that fits their fitness goals so that they’re not overwhelmed on this new lifestyle.
Conclusion: Make the Most of the New Year
The first few months of a new year are crucial for capitalizing on profits. That’s why you want to invest the most money in memberships and advertising. If you make a good impression on those signing up, you’ll get them to stay for the whole year. Those people will also tell their friends to join. You don’t want people to lose the momentum to work out and live healthier before they ever make it into your fitness center. That’s why you need to offer a variety of promotions.