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Mar 01 2018
  • By wpengine

What types of properties does delancey street loan on?

The overwhelming majority of individuals who pursue interest in the fields of banking and lending are likely to discover the Delancey Street at some point. This is a nonprofit organization based in the North that has been lending to various business interests for decades. Since its founding back in 1971, Delancey Street has grown into one of the more significant loan distributors that our domestic economy has to offer. The achievement of such success may lead one to wonder what kind of properties are eligible to be funded by such an organization.

Delancey Street is based primarily in San Francisco and partly in New York City. They have a relatively new office in Los Angeles, where they have been lending at a particularly high volume as of late. Only recently did the organization begin doing business in Southern California. Their current focus as lenders includes investments in non-owned occupied real estate in Los Angeles that does not exceed $10 million. Prospective borrowers in the association’s radius of operation can actually contact Delancey Street for inquiries by visiting their website online or simply giving them a call.

What Exactly Do They Do?

Delancey Street uses reverse mergers to provide a sort of mentoring for rising businesses that wish to go public and increase capital. With the use of reverse mergers, a private business – the lender in this situation – acquires a public company in order to bypass the long, tedious process that many business undertake to go public. The Delancey Street Foundation holds partial responsibility for the success and prosperity of many businesses it has assisted in the past.

For direct lending purposes associated with hard money, the Delancey Street Foundation has a different protocol. One of the lending organization’s usual goals is to help companies or individuals that lack funding but have assets to secure their loan. In the pursuit of these interests, the organization looks toward lending to real estate investors that wish to monetize commercial and residential developments. This routine allows countless businesses and individuals to grow toward their commercial potential without having to experience the roadblocks and possible failure that are always at risk in the world of entrepreneurship. As general protocol, Delancey Street carries out asset-based lending while using the real value of the property at hand as the only basis for decisions.

Do They Favor Certain Businesses? 

An industry that Delancey Street has been particularly involved in is the cannabis industry. In addition to the lending of hard assets, the organization provides actual businesses in the cannabis industry. They are very sympathetic toward the fact that FDIC-insured banks are not eligible to lend to dispensaries due to regulations. The association takes the duty to compensate for these losses of opportunity fairly heftily and has actually identified as a cannabis dispensary loan provider. These lenders actually offer four different forms of funding for cannabis dispensaries dispensaries:

  • Commercial Real Estate – loans that fund additional investments for dispensaries that have already acquired success
  • Equipment leases – provision of farming equipment that inhibits growth of cannabis
  • Private Cannabis Dispensary Loans – a very common type of loan that enables members of the industry with a positive track record to obtain startup funds
  • Dispensary Cash Advance – short-term cannabis financing for dispensaries who have proven that they can produce consistent revenue

Closing Statement

The Delancey Street Foundation is a private lender that people can resort to when traditional financing is beyond reach. In conjunction with its nature as a nonprofit organization, these lenders work to help rising businesses get their heels off the ground. Delancey Street’s revenue from investing in businesses and individuals actually circulates back into its own system of growth, maintaining the same cycle that has kept rolling for so long. 

There is not a CEO or any position that resembles one operating at the top of this investment system. Profits are used for economic growth and those who will handle the wealth accordingly once it reaches their hands. The Delancey Street Foundation will likely continue its routine of loaning toward commercial and residential developments, assisting business interests that have assets without funding, and much more.

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