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10to8 is an appointment management tool that can be used to help organizations and businesses in streamlining their schedules. This is hosted on the cloud and is used by more than 40,000 businesses all over the world.

It is an appointment scheduling software that allows customers to look for availability and book slots accordingly. This software can be used through the business site or Facebook page. It has app integrations, reporting capabilities, staff management tools, messaging tools, and a cloud-based calendar.


  • Communication

10to8 software enables businesses to interact with customers. The calendar can send appointment reminders through email or interactive texts to clients. This happens automatically, and clients can respond to modify, cancel, or confirm appointments.

Businesses can also track when clients or customers have opened and read reminders or emails which can be followed up with. There is an integration with Facebook and Slack, so one can send notes to clients through these messaging systems as well. One can also customize and brand messages, depending on the plan they choose.

  • Booking

This software is made for online bookings. 10to8 offers dedicated scheduling pages online, and clients can book the offered services directly onto the business’ calendar. One gets complete features of a calendar scheduling, such as deciding how much in advance a customer can cancel or book appointments, management of locations and rooms and also controlling if customers can book group or single sessions. There is a booking widget that can be embedded and integrated with a Facebook page of a business site. This means the customers don’t have to be redirected to a different scheduling system.

A Book Now button can be added to an email signature or virtual newsletters as well. This software can be integrated with many payment processors such as PayPal, SagePay, and Stripe. There is no additional charge for online payment processing.

  • Coordination

This software enables coordination with multiple staff members and their schedules. Every employee can set their working hours and availability. One can set up the kind of services that are offered by different employees as well. Every employee of the business gets their own login credentials and can set their own levels of permission.

  • Reporting

The software dashboard can depict live reports that monitor new customers, appointments, no-shows, booking page visits, messages, upcoming appointments, and other metrics. Reports can be generated as per staff, service, or customer data.

  • Cloud

Because 10to8 is cloud-based, all information in this syncs with the calendar. This is compatible with Office 365, Outlook, Exchange, Apple iCal, and Google calendar. Communication is secured via certificates and encryption. There are app integrations available with google analytics, twitter, MailChimp, and QuickBooks Online. The dashboard for this software can be accessed from all devices such as phones, tablets, or PCs.

Benefits of 10to8 

  • Stay in the loop

This software enables seamless coordination of the parties involved easy. All parties in the loop are kept updated. For example, in case of a medical appointment, the schedules of the patient, doctor, and other specialists need to be in sync, and 10to8 enables this.

  • Transparency

10to8 allows complete transparency. There can be automated notifications for reminders of upcoming meetings and any change to the booked schedule. It also consists of a 2-way chat feature that is integrated with the calendar and helps in keeping up the communication. There is nothing more annoying than missed schedules and cancellations.

  • Resource visibility

Through 10to8, you can get complete visibility on resources and availability. It facilitates faster document sharing, smooth internal communication, schedule updates, and easy cancellations. Businesses can control access to modifications and bookings. This data is logged in the system for auditing as well.

  • Revenue

With proper scheduling, businesses can optimize their functioning. Whoever is free can take up clients. Clients can get reminders on their smartphones, and open visibility allows adjusting the open times and managing holidays. With this efficiency, customers can maximize foot traffic and occupancy, all the while ensuring fewer no-shows. This will lead to more revenue.

  • Secured data

Although 10to8 allows transparency within the business, it is also important to ensure that this data is kept confidential. It is compliant with the Data Protection Act and has bank-level encryption to make sure that only authorized employees to have access to it.

  • Adaption to changes

10to8 has a scalable interface and can be customized. It can also support more than500 3rd party applications.

  • Quick transactions

The transactions are faster, and 10to8 also offer payment processing. Receive deposits from the client and manage financial operations.

10to8 is excellent software and allows businesses that deal with maintaining schedules with a lot of flexibility and efficiency.

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