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Entrepreneurs work extremely hard to turn dreams into reality. When getting a startup ready for business, the entrepreneur totally has to give up on the idea of free time. The business owners have to put all their waking hours and time into getting their dream off the ground.

A self-made entrepreneur endures the adjustments, failures, changes and sleepless nights – all of this. People think that a successful business is made overnight; it may be called an overnight success. But only an entrepreneur will know what goes into making something successful.

1. Risk and Reward

An entrepreneur will understand that there is no reward without risk, and sometimes they have to leave a comfortable job to pursue their dreams. There will be risks, and he/she will have to take them along the way.

2. Close people share the load

The people closest to the entrepreneur – his family, friends, people he/she love will always bear the load of the entrepreneur. It may not always be in terms of working with them and sharing eth workload, but also being supportive when they can’t make to a family commitment.

3. Working even under the weather

Entrepreneurs do not take off, because they know that a lot depends on them. So, they are always focused and concerned about their work even when they do not feel well. There is no word called “Day off” in their dictionary and even if there is one, it involves working from home. 

4. Questioning yourself

There will be a time when an entrepreneur will question themselves, doubt themselves. Anxiety will creep in, thinking if it is a good idea to take that step or not.

5. Shortage of money

There will be a shortage of money at one point or the other. There might be investors – angel investors or investors who come in at a later stage, but that doesn’t mean that money will always flow their way when they want it.

6. Failure and fear

The very reason an entrepreneur is an “entrepreneur” is that they don’t fear failure. Being an entrepreneur means facing the risk.

7. Determination

A successful entrepreneur is one who was determined to start something and managed to do just that. Any new business can face setbacks, but the entrepreneur has to get back on his feet and be determined to achieve what he/she wants.

8. People thinking this is your hobby

All entrepreneurs go through a phase when people think it’s their hobby, they are dabbling in. 

9. No time off

Entrepreneurs don’t really get time off until their company or business has stabilized. Till that time, there will always be urgent matters to handle, investors to convince and business decisions to be taken.

10. Tax time 

No entrepreneur likes tax time. It that time when they have to get the books in order. This takes time away from the tasks that are required for the business to grow.

11. Winning investors

The feeling of coming out of a meeting with investors, knowing you did good and won them over is always exciting. This is a tough task as you need to convince the investors who are careful with their money. But knowing that you have won them over, is an exhilarating feeling.

12. Thinking of work on vacation

Even when an entrepreneur is on vacation, he/she will think about work. Because they head the operations and the business is their baby, they will be concerned about it.

13. Looking back

This one of the best moments in an entrepreneur’s life when he/she can look back and be proud of what they made. It’s a feeling that only they can truly understand after withstanding years of struggle, dedication, and time. 

For an entrepreneur, there isn’t a greater feeling other than success. Success is the light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel for entrepreneurs. It isn’t easy to be an entrepreneur. They have to sometimes keep work first, even before love and personal relationships so that their business can succeed.

A lot of grit and strength is required to go through the journey and establish your name in the business world. He/she needs to be an optimistic person as there are bound to be failures along the way. But when victory and success come at the end, then there is no sweeter feeling.

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