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There is no doubt that it’s quite tiring doing all business tasks all the time. Even the little tasks will take most of your time, which will get you wondering if you can hire an assistant or clone yourself. But when you go through the thought of hiring an assistant, you might not be able to pay the salary as your company is a small business.

Even to clone yourself is hard, but aren’t you missing something else. What could that be? The technology, yes, you head it right. Only technology can fill the missing spot of your business during this period.

If your trouble is the payroll or billing, which takes all your time, you can easily use an app to set up a reoccurring process, which will make everything very easy for you. With this, you won’t have to express the annoying headache again. Even if the issue is not related to the payroll or billing, but another aspect, all you have to do is identify the problem to know what will work best in fixing the situation for you.

There’s are millions of technology tool which can help you solve most of your business task issue. Even as at that, you might need to thoroughly test all of the need technology tools before integrating it into your business activities.

Here are the top 5 tech-based time savers for small business;

  • Document and file sharing tool

Don’t stress yourself my drafting on paper while you can use quality editors like word doc, which will indicate all of the errors in files. It doesn’t end with the document because you can share images and another file extension through your cloud storage. The Google drive and dropbox made everything very easy when sharing small or large files. You can even grant your team members access to your cloud-drive while they work and upload directly to cloud storage. 

  • Social media and DIY websites

Social media and other DIY websites are mostly the foundations of so many businesses. Being where they promote their business and connects with fans. To ensure the success of your business, you need to manage your social media accounts properly, which will end up taking all of your time, especially the postings. 

With technology tools like buffer and Hoot suite, you could probably save a lot of time from always working on your account while the technology-tool does everything for you. The tool can help you post one post on all your social media accounts at once without going through the stress of posting it one by one. You can even schedule a post on your desired time for the tool to automatically post it.

  • Project management tools

Using a project management tool will save you the stress on reading and replying to customers’ messages every minute of the day. The incoming messages will not allow you to do another thing apart from responding. You can’t even choose to ignore it because it might be a potential client that’s messaging you. It’s the main reason why you need to make use of powerful tools that you can use in saving time. This tool can be discovered by checking on what your business competitors use to determine what will work best for your company.

  • Customer service

Unlike the project management tool, you need to power customer service tools to solve most of your customer’s issues and inquiries. There’s no way that you will be able to relax, seeing the messaging popping up on your screen. You need powerful tools like the Zen desk, which will help by offering self-service to customers.

The customer service tool might even give them the option of sending an email when the self-service does not resolve their issue. You will have a lot of time to attend to other business activities than only replying to messages.

  • Payroll and bills

Your business might be growing faster, leaving you with lots of payroll data which requires you to complete in the timesheets. During this period, you might want to make use of a tool that will manage all your reoccurring payments by saving lots of time for you.

As for the timesheets, you can use the Tsheets tool to properly analyze and organize your payroll data to avoid errors due to stress. All your employees’ data can be managed with the TSheets, even to the extent of stamping documents and management of the job process.

For the accounting process, you can use the QuickBooks Online or any powerful program serving the same purpose to sync data and manage your business financial records.

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