Life Insurance Quotes NYC

Are you in search of life insurance in New York? Delancey Street might be able to help. We’ve listed several life insurance companies in NYC that are here, and ready, to work with you and qualify you for life insurance through several major carriers.

Research shows that women tend to live longer. Males in New York should expect to pay more for life insurance than females. If you shop through Delancey Street, you might be able to see some of the top insurance companies and get affordable rates.

NYC Life Insurance Rate Factors

Below are the major factors that affect life insurance in NYC.

Age- Age is a huge factor, that impacts life insurance rates. The younger you are, the less likely it is you’ll die – and so the lower you rate.

Life expectancy in New York is at 80.5 years. One of the highest in the state. The general USA life expectancy is around 79 years. If you purchase a 30 year term life insurance policy at age 53, you’re more likely to pass before the end of the year.

Driving record – Car accidents are super common, and kill over 25,000 people per year. If someone has a driving record filled with issues and violations, they are at an increased risk of a premature death.

Firearm – Places that have higher rates of firearm usage, have a higher death rate. This is something which is taken into account.

Gender – Women live longer than men on average. So as a result, they pay less for life insurance than men would.

Hobbies – People who engage in adventure sports or have dangerous hobbies are going to pay more, usually, for life insurance.

Marital status: Married people live longer, and are healthier, than people of a similar age.

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