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Utah Business Debt Settlement

Navigating business debt can be daunting, but with the right strategies and professional assistance, Utah businesses can find relief. This comprehensive guide explores what to look for in debt settlement services, the credentials needed, and highlights some of the best firms in Utah. We’ll also include real client reviews, contact information, and useful resources to help you make informed decisions.

What to Look for in a Business Debt Settlement Service

When seeking a business debt settlement service in Utah, it’s crucial to know what to look for. Key factors include:

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Expertise and Experience

Look for firms with a proven track record and extensive experience in debt settlement. Companies like Pacific Debt Relief, which has been helping clients since 2002, are a good example. They have settled over $500 million in debt and have a high rating on various review platforms​​.

Transparent Fees

Ensure the firm is transparent about its fees. Reputable companies like Freedom Debt Relief do not charge upfront fees and only collect payment after successfully settling a debt​​.

Customer Reviews

Check reviews on platforms like Yelp to get an idea of customer satisfaction. For instance, McCarthy Law has numerous positive reviews highlighting their effectiveness in negotiating significant debt reductions​​.

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Accreditation and Certifications

Verify the firm’s accreditation. Companies with A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), like Pearson Butler, provide additional assurance of their credibility and commitment to quality service​​.

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Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Ensure the firm complies with all relevant state and federal regulations. This includes being registered with the state’s Department of Commerce and adhering to consumer protection laws.

Credentials to Look for in a Debt Settlement Professional

Choosing the right professional involves checking their credentials. Here’s what you should consider:

Professional Licenses

Debt settlement professionals should be licensed attorneys or certified debt specialists. Firms like Godfrey Law have licensed attorneys with extensive experience in debt negotiation​​.

Membership in Professional Organizations

Membership in organizations such as the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) indicates adherence to high ethical standards and best practices in debt settlement.

Proven Track Record

Look for professionals with a history of successfully negotiating debt settlements. Positive client testimonials and case studies are good indicators of their effectiveness.

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Transparent Processes

Professionals should clearly explain their process, including how they negotiate with creditors and what you can expect in terms of outcomes and timelines.

Comprehensive Services

A good debt settlement professional should offer a range of services, including debt counseling, budgeting assistance, and legal advice.

Highlighted Firms and Reviews

Pacific Debt Relief

Overview: Since 2002, Pacific Debt Relief has helped thousands of clients reduce their unsecured debts. They offer free consultations and have a 4.6-star rating on Google from over 200 reviews.

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Client Review: “Pacific Debt Relief has been amazing in helping me reduce my debt. They are very professional and transparent about their fees and processes. I would highly recommend them to anyone struggling with debt”​​.

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Contact Information:

Pearson Butler

Overview: Pearson Butler has over 20 years of experience in bankruptcy and debt relief. They offer personalized services tailored to each client’s needs.

Client Review: “The team at Pearson Butler was incredibly helpful. They guided me through the debt settlement process and were always available to answer my questions. Their expertise and support made a difficult situation much more manageable”​​.

Contact Information:

McCarthy Law

Overview: Specializing in student loan and other unsecured debt settlements, McCarthy Law has received high praise for their dedicated service and effective negotiations.

Client Review: “McCarthy Law helped us settle our daughter’s student loan debt significantly. Their team was supportive and professional throughout the entire process. We couldn’t have asked for better service”​​.

Contact Information:

Godfrey Law

Overview: Godfrey Law offers comprehensive debt settlement services and has been helping Utah residents since 1984. They provide personalized solutions to help clients manage their debt effectively.

Client Review: “Godfrey Law has been a lifesaver. They negotiated our debts down by 60%, which has made a huge difference in our financial stability. Their team is knowledgeable and always ready to assist”​​.

Contact Information:

Freedom Debt Relief

Overview: Freedom Debt Relief is a leading debt settlement company that helps clients with various types of unsecured debt. They have an A+ rating with the BBB and are known for their responsive customer service.

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Client Review: “Freedom Debt Relief has been instrumental in reducing my credit card debt. Their team is very professional and kept me informed throughout the process. I highly recommend their services”​​.

Contact Information:

Useful Resources and Tools

When considering debt settlement, it’s important to have access to reliable resources and tools. Here are a few to help you along the way:

Debt Calculators

Use debt calculators to understand your debt situation better and explore various repayment scenarios. Websites like NerdWallet offer user-friendly debt calculators.

Budgeting Apps

Budgeting apps like Mint or YNAB (You Need A Budget) can help you track your expenses, create a budget, and manage your finances more effectively.

Financial Counseling

Consider seeking advice from a certified financial counselor who can provide personalized guidance based on your unique financial situation. Organizations like the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) offer reputable counseling services.

Educational Websites

Websites like Investopedia provide a wealth of information on financial management, debt settlement, and other related topics.


Managing business debt is challenging, but with the right approach and professional help, it is possible to achieve financial stability. By focusing on reputable, experienced firms and utilizing available resources, Utah businesses can effectively navigate the debt settlement process. Always remember to do thorough research, seek professional advice, and choose services that best fit your financial needs and goals.

Contact Information Summary Table

Firm Website Phone Social Media
Pacific Debt Relief Pacific Debt Relief 1-800-909-9893 Facebook, Twitter
Pearson Butler Pearson Butler 1-800-265-2314 LinkedIn
McCarthy Law McCarthy Law 1-855-976-5777 Facebook, LinkedIn
Godfrey Law Godfrey Law 1-801-621-7445 Facebook, LinkedIn
Freedom Debt Relief Freedom Debt Relief 1-800-655-6303 Twitter, Facebook

By focusing on the right criteria and leveraging professional services, you can make significant strides in managing and settling your business debt. Stay informed, be proactive, and use the resources available to you for the best possible outcomes.

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