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Wright Medical Profemur Hip Implant Replacement Failure Lawsuit

Everything You Should Know About Wright Medical Profemur Hip Implant Lawsuits
Hip implants help thousands of people every year. They are precision medical devices designed to last for a decade or more. Problems with hip implants can lead to permanent injuries and the need for additional surgery. Wright Medical released a hip implant system that appears to be defective in some ways. You should know several things about the Wright Medical Profemur hip implant system and the lawsuits that have been filed against the company.
What Makes the Profemur Hip Implant Unique
The Profemur hip implant from Wright Medical Technology was initially designed to be modular and easy to manage. The stem of the implant has a design that allows the mechanism to be adjusted in order match the length of the leg of the patient. The neck on the implant can be replaced quickly with other necks in order to match the needs of the patient. The design was intended to allow the device to be implanted using minimally invasive techniques. The modular nature of the implant was supposed to make handing issues in the future much easier. Unfortunately, problems started appearing just a short time after the Profemur implant system was introduced to the market.
Injuries and Problems Caused By the Implant
It did not take long before patients began experiencing problems and injuries because of the Wright Medical Profemur hip implant. Recipients started experiencing pain on regular basis while moving. This resulted in some people having extreme problems just trying to walk, sit or stand. Some of the hip implants started to come loose. This means that the joint was no longer firmly in place. This causes pain and problems with the soft tissue around the area. The adjustable neck that was supposed to help patients started fracturing in some cases. This weakened the implant and caused serious problems that required surgery. A number of hip implants failed completely. This left the recipients unable to move and in great pain.
When Problems Can Occur
There are conditions under which even a solid hip implant might fail or experience problems. This can happen when excessive amounts of weight are placed on the hip implant. This is not the case with the Profemur hip replacement system. Many patients started to experience problems from normal use. This means just walking around or standing and sitting. A few patients experienced fractures and failures while performing normal everyday activities. Some implants experienced problems without the recipient even moving. Problems with the Wright Medical hip implants can occur at almost any time without warning.
Lack of Safety Testing
Many of the problems with the Profemur hip implant occurred very soon after patients started receiving the device. Safety testing usually prevents this type of situation. Most people are surprised to discover that Wright Medical did not perform safety testing on the hip implants before releasing them to the market. The implants did still receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration. They were able to do this because of a process called a 501k clearance. A 501k clearance allows a company like Wright Medical to apply for approval for a medical device if a similar device is already available to consumers. Wright Medical showed that there were other metal-on-metal hip implants on the market. The Food and Drug Administration approved the implant without requiring any safety testing.
Solutions for Hip Implant Recipients
All hip implants have a limited lifespan. Most implants will last for around 15 to 20 years without problems. The Profemur hip implants started failing as little as three years after the initial surgery. More than 10 percent of recipients saw failures or fractures in just a few years. The main solution for people who experienced a Profemur hip implant failure is surgery. This is called revision surgery. The surgery involves removing the hip implant and then replacing it with a new device. This type of surgery can be very traumatic especially just a few years after the initial implant procedure. Some people might require additional surgeries in order to repair problems caused by a failed or fractured implant.
Legal Actions against Wright Medical
All of these problems spawned a large number of lawsuits against Wright Medical. People who received an implant that failed demanded compensation for the revision surgery and even the new implant in some cases. The claim in many of the personal injury lawsuits was that the entire design of the Profemur hip replacement system was faulty from the start since the adjustable neck would bend. Some lawsuits claim that the design of the hip replacement system was actually negligent especially since it did not go through the normal testing process like other medical devices. Many lawsuits are still in the process of being resolved in the court system.
What to Do If You Experienced Complications
If you have experienced complications after receiving a Wright Medical Profemur hip implant, then you might have a case against the manufacturer. You might be able to file a personal injury lawsuit if the implant fractured or failed in some way causing you injuries. The manufacturer could be held responsible for your expenses and other damages. You will want to contact our law firm right away in order to see whether you have a case against Wright Medical. Our experienced personal injury lawyers can look at your situation to see whether the manufacturer is liable for what has happened. This is especially important if you or someone you know has already had revision surgery to repair problems with the Profemur hip implant.


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