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Best Alabama Business Accountants

Finding the right business accountant is crucial for the success of any business. Alabama offers a variety of highly qualified accountants and accounting firms known for their excellent service and expertise. Below is a comprehensive guide to some of the best business accountants in Alabama, including their contact information and services offered.


FORVIS is a top-rated accounting firm that offers a wide range of services, including audit & assurance, business tax, business valuation, and consulting. They are known for their high client satisfaction and quality service.

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  • Website: FORVIS
  • Phone: (205) 995-5500
  • Address: 3535 Grandview Parkway, Suite 600, Birmingham, AL 35243
  • Services: Audit & assurance, business tax, business valuation, consulting
  • Social Media: LinkedIn, Twitter

2. Machen McChesney

Machen McChesney is a well-respected firm that offers a comprehensive range of accounting services tailored to businesses of all sizes. Their expertise includes business tax planning, auditing, and consulting.

  • Website: Machen McChesney
  • Phone: (334) 887-7022
  • Address: 1820 E University Dr, Auburn, AL 36830
  • Services: Business tax planning, auditing, consulting, outsourced accounting
  • Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn

3. Warren Averett

Warren Averett is one of the largest accounting firms in Alabama, known for its extensive services and client-focused approach. They provide services ranging from tax planning to wealth management.

  • Website: Warren Averett
  • Phone: (205) 769-3200
  • Address: 2500 Acton Road, Birmingham, AL 35243
  • Services: Tax planning, audit & assurance, business consulting, wealth management
  • Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn

4. Anglin Reichmann Armstrong, P.C.

Anglin Reichmann Armstrong, P.C. is a reputable firm offering a variety of accounting services. They are particularly known for their consulting services and commitment to helping businesses achieve their financial goals.

5. Barfield, Murphy, Shank & Smith, LLC (BMSS)

BMSS offers personalized accounting services to meet the unique needs of businesses. Their services range from traditional accounting to strategic business consulting.

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  • Website: BMSS
  • Phone: (205) 982-5500
  • Address: 1121 Riverchase Office Road, Birmingham, AL 35244
  • Services: Business tax, audit & assurance, business consulting, forensic accounting
  • Social Media: LinkedIn, Twitter

6. Jackson Thornton

Jackson Thornton has been serving businesses in Alabama for decades, providing comprehensive accounting and advisory services. They are known for their personalized approach and expertise in various industries.

  • Website: Jackson Thornton
  • Phone: (334) 834-7660
  • Address: 200 Commerce Street, Montgomery, AL 36104
  • Services: Business tax planning, audit & assurance, consulting, IT services
  • Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn

7. Carr, Riggs & Ingram (CRI)

CRI is a full-service accounting firm offering a wide range of services to businesses. They are recognized for their innovative solutions and commitment to client success.

  • Website: CRI
  • Phone: (334) 271-9030
  • Address: 400 East Chase Street, Montgomery, AL 36104
  • Services: Tax planning, audit & assurance, advisory services, business valuation
  • Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn

8. Wilkins Miller LLC

Wilkins Miller LLC offers expert accounting services with a focus on helping businesses grow. They provide a range of services from tax preparation to business consulting.

  • Website: Wilkins Miller LLC
  • Phone: (251) 410-6700
  • Address: 41 W Interstate 65 Service Rd N, Mobile, AL 36608
  • Services: Tax preparation, audit & assurance, business consulting, outsourced accounting
  • Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook

9. Hancock Whitney

Hancock Whitney offers robust accounting and financial services, tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses in Alabama. They are known for their strategic financial planning and consulting services.

  • Website: Hancock Whitney
  • Phone: (251) 665-1700
  • Address: 2510 Government Street, Mobile, AL 36606
  • Services: Financial planning, business consulting, tax services, wealth management
  • Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn

10. Dent Moses LLP

Dent Moses LLP provides a wide array of accounting services with a focus on building lasting client relationships. They offer tailored solutions to help businesses manage their financial health.

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  • Website: Dent Moses LLP
  • Phone: (205) 879-4712
  • Address: 2204 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 300, Birmingham, AL 35209
  • Services: Business tax services, audit & assurance, consulting, financial advisory
  • Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook


Choosing the right accountant is a critical decision for any business. The firms listed above represent some of the best accounting services in Alabama, known for their professionalism, expertise, and client satisfaction. Whether you need help with tax planning, audit services, or business consulting, these firms have the experience and resources to support your business needs.

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