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Best Cook County, Illinois Business Consultants

What to Look for in a Business Consultant

When searching for a top-tier business consultant in Cook County, Illinois, there are several crucial factors to consider. First and foremost, assess the consultant’s experience and expertise. A seasoned consultant with a proven track record in your specific industry can provide invaluable insights and strategies tailored to your business needs. Additionally, consider their problem-solving abilities and how effectively they can identify and address your business’s unique challenges. Look for consultants who have successfully led projects similar to yours, as their practical experience will be a significant asset.

Credentials are another vital aspect. Certifications such as Certified Management Consultant (CMC) or Project Management Professional (PMP) can indicate a high level of competence and dedication to the profession. It’s also beneficial to check their educational background and any specialized training they may have undergone. For example, consultants with an MBA or a background in business administration can often bring a deeper understanding of business operations and strategy.

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Reputation and reviews are also essential. Platforms like Yelp provide insights from previous clients that can highlight a consultant’s strengths and weaknesses. Look for consultants with consistently positive reviews, focusing on their communication skills, reliability, and ability to deliver results. Positive client testimonials are a strong indicator of a consultant’s capability and professionalism.

Another critical consideration is the consultant’s approach and methodology. Different consultants use various methods to analyze and improve business performance. Some might focus on data-driven strategies, while others emphasize process optimization or organizational change management. Understanding their approach can help you determine if it aligns with your business philosophy and goals.

Furthermore, evaluate their ability to adapt and innovate. The business landscape is constantly evolving, and a great consultant should be able to navigate changes and propose innovative solutions. Their capacity to stay updated with the latest industry trends and technologies is a significant advantage.

Lastly, consider the consultant’s interpersonal skills. Effective communication, empathy, and the ability to build strong working relationships are crucial for a successful consulting engagement. A consultant who can work well with your team and understands your company culture will be more effective in implementing changes and driving improvements.

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Top Business Consultants in Cook County

1. Playbook Advisory

Playbook Advisory specializes in business brokerage, offering services that assist with the listing, marketing, and sale of businesses. They focus on providing confidential and affordable services tailored to business owners. With a team size of 2-9 employees, their hourly rate ranges from $50 to $99. Located in Chicago, Playbook Advisory has garnered positive reviews for their professionalism and effectiveness.

  • Website: Playbook Advisory
  • Contact: (312) 525-9622
  • Address: 3525 W Peterson Ave, Suite 412, Chicago, IL 60659
  • Yelp Reviews: High ratings for responsiveness and expertise.

2. The Auctus Group

The Auctus Group provides business consulting primarily to plastic surgeons and dermatologists, supporting the business aspects of their practices. Founded in 2012, they offer a range of services including financial consulting. Their team consists of 50-249 employees, and their hourly rate is over $300.

  • Website: The Auctus Group
  • Contact: (847) 996-1111
  • Address: 2275 Half Day Rd, Suite 350, Bannockburn, IL 60015
  • Yelp Reviews: Notable for excellent client support and business growth strategies.

3. Ignite Management Consulting

Ignite Management Consulting focuses on organizational change, helping businesses successfully implement changes and improve performance. Their services are priced between $150 and $199 per hour, and they are based in Lake Forest.

  • Website: Ignite Management Consulting
  • Contact: (847) 748-8400
  • Address: 150 N Field Dr, Suite 300, Lake Forest, IL 60045
  • Yelp Reviews: Highly praised for their strategic approach and effective change management.
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4. Get Real XR

Get Real XR specializes in leveraging virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to help businesses innovate. They provide consulting services aimed at integrating immersive technologies into business operations.

  • Website: Get Real XR
  • Contact: (847) 832-2000
  • Address: 2400 Chestnut Ave, Suite C, Glenview, IL 60026
  • Yelp Reviews: Known for cutting-edge solutions and exceptional customer service.

5. KGK & Company

KGK & Company focuses on strategic and operational problem-solving for mid-size companies. They help businesses improve performance and overcome growth plateaus. Their team size is 2-9 employees, with an hourly rate between $100 and $149.

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  • Website: KGK & Company
  • Contact: (312) 757-4444
  • Address: 875 N Michigan Ave, Suite 3100, Chicago, IL 60611
  • Yelp Reviews: Highly regarded for their strategic insights and operational improvements.

6. NSP & Company

NSP & Company specializes in change management, helping businesses implement effective strategies. They offer comprehensive business consulting services and are located in Chicago.

  • Website: NSP & Company
  • Contact: (312) 774-3300
  • Address: 200 W Madison St, Suite 2100, Chicago, IL 60606
  • Yelp Reviews: Clients appreciate their ability to drive successful change initiatives.

Credentials to Look for in a Business Consultant

When selecting a business consultant, credentials play a significant role in determining their expertise and reliability. One of the most recognized certifications is the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation, which is awarded to consultants who have demonstrated a high level of competence and adherence to professional standards. This credential is a mark of excellence in the consulting industry.

Another valuable certification is the Project Management Professional (PMP), which indicates proficiency in managing projects efficiently. Consultants with a PMP certification are equipped with the skills to plan, execute, and oversee projects, ensuring they are completed on time and within budget. This is particularly useful for businesses looking to undertake significant changes or new initiatives.

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Educational background is also crucial. Consultants with advanced degrees, such as an MBA, often bring a comprehensive understanding of business operations and strategic planning. Additionally, specialized training in areas like finance, marketing, or human resources can enhance a consultant’s ability to address specific business challenges.

Membership in professional organizations such as the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) or the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants (AASBC) can also be indicative of a consultant’s commitment to continuous learning and professional development. These organizations provide resources, networking opportunities, and ongoing education to keep consultants updated on industry trends and best practices.

Experience in relevant industries is another key credential. Consultants who have worked extensively in your specific sector will have a better understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities it presents. They can offer tailored advice and strategies that are more likely to yield positive results.

Additionally, look for consultants who have published articles, case studies, or books on their areas of expertise. This not only demonstrates their knowledge but also their willingness to share it with a broader audience. It can be an indicator of their thought leadership and commitment to the industry.

Lastly, consider consultants who have received awards or recognitions for their work. Awards from reputable industry bodies can serve as validation of their expertise and the quality of their services. It’s also beneficial to check for testimonials and case studies that showcase their ability to deliver successful outcomes for their clients.

Table of Top Business Consultants

Consultant Services Location Contact Website Yelp Rating
Playbook Advisory Business Brokerage Chicago, IL (312) 525-9622 Playbook Advisory ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The Auctus Group Business & Financial Consulting Bannockburn, IL (847) 996-1111 The Auctus Group ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ignite Management Consulting Organizational Change Lake Forest, IL (847) 748-8400 Ignite Management Consulting ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Get Real XR VR & AR Consulting Glenview, IL (847) 832-2000 Get Real XR ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
KGK & Company Strategic & Operational Consulting Chicago, IL (312) 757-4444 KGK & Company ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
NSP & Company Change Management Chicago, IL (312) 774-3300 NSP & Company ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Benefits of Hiring a Business Consultant

Hiring a business consultant can bring numerous benefits to your organization. One of the primary advantages is the objective perspective they provide. Consultants can analyze your business operations without the biases that might affect internal team members. This fresh perspective can help identify issues that may have been overlooked and propose innovative solutions.

Consultants also bring specialized expertise to the table. Whether it’s improving your marketing strategies, optimizing operational processes, or managing financial resources, a consultant with the right skills can significantly enhance your business’s performance. Their experience with various clients across different industries equips them with a broad knowledge base and best practices that can be adapted to your business.

Consultants can also drive efficiency and productivity within your business. By identifying inefficiencies and recommending process improvements, they can help streamline operations and reduce costs. This is particularly beneficial for small to mid-sized businesses that may not have the internal resources to conduct such thorough evaluations.

Moreover, hiring a business consultant can facilitate change management. Implementing significant changes within an organization can be challenging and often meets resistance from employees. Consultants are skilled in managing these transitions smoothly, ensuring that changes are implemented effectively and with minimal disruption to daily operations.

Another benefit is the access to a broader network of resources and contacts that consultants often bring. Their established relationships with other businesses, industry experts, and service providers can open up new opportunities for collaboration and growth. This network can be especially valuable when looking for partnerships, suppliers, or new market opportunities.

Additionally, consultants can provide training and development for your team. They can identify skill gaps and design training programs to address these areas, enhancing the overall competency and performance of your workforce. This investment in your team’s development can lead to long-term benefits, including higher employee satisfaction and retention.

Lastly, consultants can help with strategic planning and long-term growth. They can assist in developing a clear vision for the future of your business and create a roadmap to achieve your goals. This strategic guidance can be crucial for businesses looking to expand, enter new markets, or adapt to changing industry conditions.

Challenges in Hiring a Business Consultant

While hiring a business consultant can bring numerous benefits, it also comes with certain challenges that businesses need to be aware of. One of the primary challenges is the cost. High-quality consultants often come with a significant price tag, and for small businesses or startups, this can be a substantial investment. It’s important to weigh the potential return on investment and ensure that the consultant’s fees are within your budget.

Finding the right consultant can also be a time-consuming process. There are many consultants with varying levels of expertise and specializations, and selecting the one that best fits your business needs requires careful consideration. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research, review credentials, and check references before making a decision.

Another challenge is ensuring that the consultant understands your business and industry. While consultants bring valuable external perspectives, they need to have a deep understanding of your specific market and industry dynamics to provide effective solutions. Misalignment in this area can lead to recommendations that are not feasible or beneficial for your business.

There can also be resistance to change from within the organization. Employees may be skeptical of external consultants, fearing that their jobs might be at risk or that significant changes could disrupt their work routines. It’s essential to manage this resistance through clear communication and by involving employees in the consulting process.

Furthermore, there’s a risk of dependency on the consultant. While consultants can provide valuable guidance, it’s important for the business to develop internal capabilities to sustain improvements after the consultant’s engagement ends. Relying too heavily on external consultants can lead to challenges in maintaining progress independently.

Lastly, measuring the impact of a consultant’s work can be difficult. Some improvements, such as cultural changes or long-term strategic benefits, may not be immediately visible. It’s important to set clear, measurable objectives at the outset and regularly review progress against these goals.

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Table of Business Consultant Services and Contact Information

Consultant Services Offered Contact Information Website
Playbook Advisory Business Brokerage (312) 525-9622, 3525 W Peterson Ave, Chicago, IL 60659 Playbook Advisory
The Auctus Group Business & Financial Consulting (847) 996-1111, 2275 Half Day Rd, Bannockburn, IL 60015 The Auctus Group
Ignite Management Organizational Change (847) 748-8400, 150 N Field Dr, Lake Forest, IL 60045 Ignite Management
Get Real XR VR & AR Consulting (847) 832-2000, 2400 Chestnut Ave, Glenview, IL 60026 Get Real XR
KGK & Company Strategic & Operational Consulting (312) 757-4444, 875 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611 KGK & Company
NSP & Company Change Management (312) 774-3300, 200 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60606 NSP & Company

Reviews and Client Feedback

Playbook Advisory

Playbook Advisory has received high praise from clients for their professional and effective business brokerage services. Clients appreciate their responsiveness, confidentiality, and expertise in listing and marketing businesses. Reviews highlight their ability to close deals efficiently and provide valuable advice throughout the selling process.

  • Yelp Review Summary: “Exceptional service! Playbook Advisory guided us through every step of selling our business with utmost professionalism and care. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive, making the process seamless and stress-free.”

The Auctus Group

The Auctus Group is well-regarded for their business and financial consulting services, particularly in the healthcare sector. Clients commend their strategic insights and ability to drive business growth. The Auctus Group’s team is noted for their dedication and personalized approach, helping clients achieve significant improvements in their practice operations.

  • Yelp Review Summary: “The Auctus Group transformed our practice with their comprehensive business strategies. Their expertise in financial management and growth planning is unmatched. Highly recommend their services for any healthcare business looking to thrive.”

Ignite Management Consulting

Ignite Management Consulting is known for their effective change management solutions. Clients appreciate their structured approach to implementing organizational changes and their ability to engage and align employees with new initiatives. Ignite’s team is praised for their communication skills and strategic thinking.

  • Yelp Review Summary: “Ignite Management Consulting helped us navigate a major organizational change with great success. Their strategic approach and clear communication kept everyone on board and focused on our goals. Their expertise was instrumental in our smooth transition.”

Get Real XR

Get Real XR stands out for their innovative use of VR and AR technologies in business consulting. Clients highlight their creativity and technical expertise, which have helped businesses adopt new technologies effectively. The team at Get Real XR is known for their customer-centric approach and ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

  • Yelp Review Summary: “Get Real XR brought our vision to life with their exceptional VR and AR solutions. Their team is incredibly talented and easy to work with. They provided us with innovative tools that significantly enhanced our business operations.”

KGK & Company

KGK & Company is recognized for their strategic and operational consulting services. Clients value their deep industry knowledge and practical solutions to complex business problems. KGK & Company’s consultants are praised for their thorough analysis and actionable recommendations.

  • Yelp Review Summary: “KGK & Company exceeded our expectations with their strategic insights and practical solutions. Their thorough analysis helped us identify key areas for improvement and implement effective changes. Their expertise is truly top-notch.”

NSP & Company

NSP & Company is known for their expertise in change management and strategic implementation. Clients appreciate their hands-on approach and ability to drive successful change initiatives. NSP & Company’s team is noted for their strategic vision and ability to execute plans effectively.

  • Yelp Review Summary: “NSP & Company provided invaluable support during our company’s restructuring. Their strategic guidance and effective implementation of changes were critical to our success. We highly recommend their services for any organization facing significant changes.”


Choosing the right business consultant can be a transformative decision for your organization. By considering factors such as experience, credentials, reputation, and approach, you can find a consultant who aligns with your business needs and goals. The top consultants in Cook County, Illinois, as highlighted in this article, offer a range of specialized services that can help drive your business forward. Whether you need assistance with strategic planning, operational improvements, or adopting new technologies, these consultants have the expertise to deliver valuable results.

Remember to review client testimonials and conduct thorough research to ensure you select a consultant who is the best fit for your business. With the right consultant by your side, you can navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve long-term success.


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