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Navigating the world of financial planning can be daunting, but finding the right advisor can make a significant difference in achieving your financial goals. Kentucky is home to many reputable financial planners who offer a range of services from retirement planning to investment management. Here, we highlight some of the best financial planners in the state, providing you with their contact information, websites, and social media handles to help you make an informed decision.

1. Keystone Financial Group, LLC

Location: Lexington, KY
Services: Financial planning, portfolio management, educational workshops
Minimum Account Size: $10,000
Website: Keystone Financial Group
Phone: 859-317-8316
Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn

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Keystone Financial Group offers comprehensive financial planning and investment management services. They utilize both technical and fundamental analysis to create portfolios tailored to client needs, focusing on long-term growth and strategic trading. With no disciplinary disclosures, Keystone is a trustworthy option for individuals and businesses alike.

2. Legacy Financial Advisors, Inc.

Location: Covington, KY
Services: Financial planning, portfolio management, estate planning, insurance and risk management
AUM: $764,642,810
Website: Legacy Financial Advisors
Phone: 859-655-5225
Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook

Founded in 2006, Legacy Financial Advisors specializes in asset allocation and diversification, emphasizing capital preservation and growth equity. They offer personalized financial solutions for individuals and institutions, ensuring their strategies align with clients’ risk tolerance and financial goals.

3. Journey Advisory Group, LLC

Location: Covington, KY
Services: Financial planning, portfolio management, pension consulting, educational seminars
Minimum Account Size: $100,000
Website: Journey Advisory Group
Phone: 859-888-0355
Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook

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Journey Advisory Group provides strategic asset allocation, focusing on balancing equities, fixed income, and cash to meet clients’ financial objectives. They rely on fundamental and technical analysis to make informed investment decisions and maintain a client-centric approach with no disciplinary actions reported.

4. ARGI Investment Services, LLC

Location: Louisville, KY
Services: Wealth management, retirement planning, business consulting
Minimum Account Size: $50,000
Website: ARGI Investment Services
Phone: 502-753-0609
Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook

ARGI Investment Services has a diverse team of certified financial planners, accountants, and analysts. They offer a wide range of financial services, including wealth management and retirement planning, tailored to both individual and business clients. Their disciplined approach to investment and comprehensive financial advice makes them a top choice in Kentucky.

5. Thomas D. Fischer LLC

Location: Louisville, KY
Services: Investment management, tax planning, retirement planning
Website: Thomas D. Fischer LLC
Phone: 502-895-7791
Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook

Thomas D. Fischer LLC offers personalized financial planning with a focus on tax-efficient strategies and retirement planning. Their comprehensive approach ensures that clients’ financial plans are robust and adaptable to changing circumstances, backed by years of experience in the industry.

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6. Coats Financial Planning, Inc.

Location: Louisville, KY
Services: Fee-only financial planning, investment advice
Website: Coats Financial Planning
Phone: 502-459-0265
Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook

Coats Financial Planning provides independent, fee-only financial advice, ensuring their services are free from conflicts of interest. They cater to clients in Kentucky and beyond, offering expert advice on investment management and financial planning.

7. DecisionPoint Financial

Location: Lexington, KY
Services: Comprehensive financial planning, investment management, tax planning
Website: DecisionPoint Financial
Phone: 859-317-8290
Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook

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DecisionPoint Financial emphasizes intentional and informed financial decisions, offering a holistic approach to managing investments, taxes, and estate planning. Their client-focused methodology aims to simplify the complexities of wealth management.

8. Newton Financial Group, LLC

Location: Louisville, KY
Services: Financial planning, retirement solutions, investment management
Website: Newton Financial Group
Phone: 502-587-0300
Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook

Newton Financial Group offers tailored financial solutions with a strong emphasis on client education and transparent advice. Their experienced team provides guidance on a wide range of financial matters, ensuring clients are well-prepared for the future.

9. Redhawk Wealth Advisors

Location: Lexington, KY
Services: Wealth management, retirement planning, financial consulting
Website: Redhawk Wealth Advisors
Phone: 859-309-4567
Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook

Redhawk Wealth Advisors offers comprehensive wealth management services, focusing on long-term financial health and retirement readiness. Their client-centric approach ensures personalized service and strategic financial planning.

10. Commonwealth Financial Advisors

Location: Louisville, KY
Services: Financial planning, investment advisory, retirement planning
Website: Commonwealth Financial Advisors
Phone: 502-425-0000
Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook

Commonwealth Financial Advisors provides expert financial planning and investment advice, focusing on tailored strategies that meet clients’ unique needs. Their experienced advisors offer a wide range of services, ensuring comprehensive financial management.

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