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Best Maine Financial Planners

Finding the right financial planner can be a daunting task, but it’s essential for managing your finances effectively. In Maine, several top-tier financial advisors offer a range of services tailored to various needs. This guide will delve into the best financial planners in Maine, showcasing their credentials, services, and what makes them stand out.

What to Look for in a Financial Planner

When seeking a financial planner, several key factors should be considered to ensure you find the right fit for your financial goals. Firstly, look for planners with strong credentials such as CFP (Certified Financial Planner) or CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst). These certifications indicate a high level of expertise and commitment to the profession.

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Moreover, consider the fee structure. Some planners charge a percentage of assets under management, while others might have hourly rates or fixed fees. Understanding how your planner gets paid is crucial as it can affect the advice they give. For instance, fee-only planners do not earn commissions from selling products, reducing potential conflicts of interest.

Personal compatibility is also vital. You need someone who understands your financial goals and can communicate effectively. This relationship often involves discussing sensitive topics, so trust and comfort with your planner are essential. Additionally, look at the planner’s experience and specialization. Some might focus on retirement planning, while others excel in estate planning or tax strategies.

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Lastly, consider the planner’s approach and tools. Some utilize sophisticated software for financial planning, offering detailed projections and scenarios, which can be invaluable for long-term planning. A good financial planner should also stay updated with market trends and regulatory changes, ensuring your plan adapts over time.

Top Financial Planners in Maine

1. Guidance Point Retirement Services (GPRS)

Guidance Point Retirement Services is renowned for its expertise in retirement and investment planning. Located in Portland, Maine, GPRS serves a diverse clientele, including healthcare professionals, educational institutions, and corporations. The firm offers comprehensive services such as vendor management, ERISA plan consulting, and discretionary asset management. They focus on mutual funds, ETFs, collective investment funds, and insurance accounts.

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Contact Information:

Table 1: Guidance Point Retirement Services Overview

Service Details
Assets Managed $57,998,404
Pay Structure Percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed fees
Account Minimum $10,000
Number of Advisors 4
Number of Clients Not Available
Specialized Services Pension consulting, Educational seminars

2. Vigilant Capital Management, LLC

Vigilant Capital Management focuses on wealth management for high-net-worth individuals and families. Located in Portland, Maine, this firm limits its client base to provide personalized services, including financial planning and investment management. Vigilant’s approach is comprehensive, integrating progressive investment strategies with detailed financial planning.

Contact Information:

Table 2: Vigilant Capital Management Overview

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Service Details
Assets Managed $1,087,176,244
Pay Structure Percentage of AUM
Account Minimum $2 million
Number of Advisors 17
Number of Clients 78
Specialized Services Comprehensive financial planning
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3. Silver Maple Financial, LLC

Silver Maple Financial offers personalized investment advice to clients across all income levels. Based in Kittery, Maine, they provide a fee-only service model, ensuring unbiased advice. Their services range from full-service financial planning to retirement planning and hourly consulting.

Contact Information:

Table 3: Silver Maple Financial Overview

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Service Details
Assets Managed $1,892,359
Pay Structure Percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed fees
Account Minimum No account minimum
Number of Advisors 1
Number of Clients Not Available
Specialized Services Financial planning services

4. HeadInvest

HeadInvest, a Portland-based firm, specializes in personal wealth management and serves nonprofit organizations. Established in 1989, HeadInvest provides a tiered fee structure and offers significant discounts to nonprofit clients. Their investment philosophy is grounded in rigorous analysis and personalized asset management strategies.

Contact Information:

Table 4: HeadInvest Overview

Service Details
Assets Managed $568,939,301
Pay Structure Percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed fees
Account Minimum $500,000
Number of Advisors 4
Number of Clients 130
Specialized Services 401K education, Outside investment analysis

5. Cornerstone Financial Advisors

Cornerstone Financial Advisors stands out for its expertise in divorce planning. With offices in Portland, Maine, Cornerstone provides a range of services including investment management, financial planning, and educational workshops. Their Certified Divorce Financial Planners (CDFPs) are adept at navigating the financial complexities of divorce.

Contact Information:

Table 5: Cornerstone Financial Advisors Overview

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Service Details
Assets Managed $165,482,057
Pay Structure Percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed fees
Account Minimum $750,000
Number of Advisors 4
Number of Clients 77
Specialized Services Divorce planning, Educational seminars

6. Personal Capital

For those comfortable with digital platforms, Personal Capital offers a blend of robo-advisory and human financial advisory services. Their comprehensive approach includes detailed financial planning, portfolio analysis, and tax optimization strategies. Personal Capital is ideal for high-net-worth individuals seeking a balance of technology and personalized service.

Contact Information:

  • Address: Digital platform
  • Phone: Not Available
  • Email: Not Available
  • Website: Personal Capital

Table 6: Personal Capital Overview

Service Details
Assets Managed Not Specified
Pay Structure Percentage of AUM
Account Minimum $100,000
Number of Advisors Not Available
Number of Clients Not Available
Specialized Services Tax optimization, Comprehensive financial planning


Selecting a financial planner in Maine involves careful consideration of credentials, fee structures, and personal compatibility. Each of the highlighted firms offers unique strengths tailored to different financial needs. Whether you require detailed retirement planning, wealth management, or specialized divorce financial advice, Maine’s top financial planners have you covered.

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