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Cavalry SPV I LLC: The Debt Collector You Didn’t Ask For

You’re, minding your own business when suddenly, you get a letter or call from a company called Cavalry SPV I LLC. But, who are they? And why are they saying you owe them money? Take a deep breath, we’ve got you covered.Cavalry SPV I LLC is a debt collection agency, which means they buy old, unpaid debts from creditors for pennies on the dollar. Then, they try to collect the full amount from people like you. 1It’s a shady but legal business. The creditor gets a little cash for debts they had already written off. And Cavalry SPV gets to try their luck at squeezing you for way more than they paid.So, what do you do when these Cavalry SPV debt collectors come knocking? Ignoring them is not an option – they can and will take you to court over this debt. But, you don’t have to just roll over and pay up either.Here’s, our step-by-step guide to dealing with Cavalry SPV I LLC the right way:

Step 1: Validate That Debt

First thing’s first, you need to validate that this debt is actually yours and accurate. Why? Because debt collectors like Cavalry SPV I buy debts in bulk, and their records are often incomplete or flat-out wrong. 1So, the moment they contact you, send them a debt validation letter. This is your legal right under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). 4In, your letter, demand that Cavalry SPV provide proof that:

- -
  • You are the actual person who owes the debt
  • The amount they say you owe is correct
  • The debt is still within the statute of limitations for your state

Cavalry SPV then has 30 days to respond with proper validation documents like the original creditor statements and records of payment. If, they can’t validate the debt, they have to stop all collection efforts – it’s that simple. 4

Step 2: Check That Statute of Limitations

Speaking of the statute of limitations, this is a huge deal when dealing with zombie debt collectors like Cavalry SPV I LLC. The statute of limitations is the time period that a creditor or debt collector has to sue you over a debt. It varies by state and type of debt, but it’s generally between 3-6 years. 4If, the debt is past the statute of limitations in your state, Cavalry SPV can still try to collect, but they cannot take you to court over it. So you’d have no legal obligation to pay. 4However, be very careful about restarting or “re-aging” the debt by accidentally admitting you owe it. Even a partial payment could reset the clock on the statute of limitations. 4So, always check your state’s laws and never acknowledge or pay towards a time-barred debt without talking to a lawyer first.

Step 3: Demand Cavalry SPV I LLC Stop Calling

Debt collectors like Cavalry SPV I are notorious for incessant phone calls and letters that cross the line into harassment. But, you don’t have to put up with it. The FDCPA gives you the right to demand they stop contacting you, with one exception. 4Send, Cavalry SPV a cease and desist letter, stating you no longer wish to be contacted about this debt. By law, they must stop all calls and letters immediately. The one exception is that they can still contact you to confirm they will stop communications or to notify you of a specific legal action like a lawsuit. 4This, won’t make the debt go away. But it will put a stop to the endless phone calls and letters while you get your ducks in a row.

Step 4: Negotiate a Settlement

If the debt is valid and within the statute of limitations, your next option is to try negotiating a settlement with Cavalry SPV I LLC. As a debt buyer, they paid just a tiny fraction of your full debt amount. So they have plenty of room to settle for less than the total balance. 2The, key is to negotiate from a position of strength. Cavalry SPV knows consumer debt is very hard to collect on, especially once it’s gone to court. So they’d rather take a deeply discounted settlement than risk getting nothing at all.Start, by offering a lump sum of 25% or less of the full balance stated by Cavalry SPV. Get any settlement deal in writing before paying a cent. And always insist they agree to stop reporting the debt and remove it from your credit report as part of the deal. 2If, Cavalry SPV refuses to settle for a reasonable amount, you can hang tough. They may eventually give in rather than having to take you to court. Just be ready to follow through on your threat to not pay at all.

- -

Step 5: Respond Properly to a Lawsuit

If negotiations fail and Cavalry SPV I LLC does sue you over this debt, do not ignore that lawsuit summons! Responding properly is crucial. 1First, draft and file a formal Answer with the court stating your defense. Reasons to use could include:

  • Lack of proper debt validation
  • Statute of limitations has expired
  • Wrong person being sued
  • Amount being claimed is incorrect

Next, be prepared to show up and argue your case at all scheduled hearings. Gather all documentation like debt validation letters, state SOL laws, and any settlement communications. 1The, burden of proof is on Cavalry SPV to validate every part of their claim against you. If they can’t, you could get the case dismissed and they’ll have to cover your court costs and legal fees. 1

Step 6: Consider Bankruptcy as a Last Resort

If Cavalry SPV I LLC does get a court judgment against you, they can then pursue aggressive collection tactics like garnishing your wages or bank accounts. When that happens, bankruptcy may be your best remaining option to get a fresh start. 3Both, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can eliminate or consolidate debts like the one Cavalry SPV is going after. It’s not an easy process, but it can allow you to wipe out that debt for good while protecting certain assets. 3Just, be sure to consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney in your state. They can review your full financial situation and guide you through the complex paperwork and court proceedings.

The Bottom Line on Cavalry SPV I LLC

Dealing with debt collectors like Cavalry SPV I LLC is never fun. But, you have more rights and leverage than you may realize. The key is acting quickly, knowing your debt validation rights, and negotiating from a position of strength.If, Cavalry SPV can’t validate the debt, you’re off the hook. If it’s past the statute of limitations, you’re untouchable. And if it’s legit, you can likely settle for much less than the full amount.

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