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Business Debt Relief Lawyers in Colorado – A Helpful Guide

Running a business can be extremely challenging, and sometimes businesses struggle with debt. If your Colorado business is facing debt issues, you may benefit from working with a business debt relief lawyer. This article will provide a helpful, conversational overview of how business debt relief lawyers can assist in Colorado.Let’s start with the basics – what is business debt relief? Essentially, it refers to strategies that can help a business get out of debt. This can include things like debt settlement, debt negotiation, bankruptcy, tax relief, and more. Business debt relief lawyers are attorneys who specialize in advising businesses on these types of debt solutions.Now you might be wondering – how can a business debt relief lawyer in Colorado specifically help my business? Well, these lawyers can provide a lot of useful services. Here’s an overview of some of the key ways a Colorado business debt relief lawyer can help:

  • Analyze the Business’s Financial Situation: The lawyer will thoroughly review the business’s debts, assets, income, expenses, contracts, tax situation, and more. This helps identify the core causes of the debt issues and determine the best path forward.
  • Negotiate with Creditors: The lawyer can negotiate directly with creditors on the business’s behalf to try to reduce interest rates, get fees waived, or agree on lump sum settlements. This can potentially save a business a lot of money.
  • Recommend the Best Debt Relief Option: Based on the business’s specific circumstances, the lawyer will explain debt relief options like settlement, bankruptcy, tax relief, etc. and advise on the pros and cons of each to identify the best approach.
  • Help Implement the Chosen Option: The lawyer won’t just recommend an option and leave the business hanging. They’ll actually help put the debt relief plan into action, like filing for bankruptcy or setting up a settlement offer.
  • Defend Against Lawsuits: If any creditors sue the business over unpaid debts, the lawyer can defend the business in court and fight to get the lawsuits dismissed or resolved favorably.
  • Ensure Compliance with Laws: There are many state and federal laws around debt collection, bankruptcy, taxes, etc. The lawyer will make sure the business remains compliant and avoids any legal trouble.
  • Provide Ongoing Advisory Services: Even after the immediate debt problem is resolved, the lawyer can provide ongoing legal advice to help the business avoid future debt issues.

So in a nutshell, a skilled Colorado business debt relief lawyer can provide both immediate debt relief and long-term advice. Now let’s discuss some specific debt relief options these lawyers may recommend or assist with:

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Debt Settlement

Debt settlement, also known as debt negotiation, is one approach a Colorado business debt relief lawyer may pursue. Here’s a quick overview of how debt settlement works:

  • The lawyer negotiates directly with creditors to settle on a lump sum payment that is less than what the business originally owed. Often this is 25-50% of the total debt.
  • In exchange for the reduced payment, the creditor agrees to forgive the remaining amount owed and consider the debt settled.
  • Debt settlement helps avoid bankruptcy and saves money, but it can hurt credit scores and still requires coming up with a sizable lump sum.

There are many nuances to debt settlement, but an experienced Colorado business debt relief lawyer can determine if it makes sense and handle negotiations with creditors.


Declaring bankruptcy is a more extreme debt relief option that business debt relief lawyers may recommend in certain situations. Here are some key things to know:

  • There are two main types – Chapter 7 bankruptcy fully liquidates assets to pay debts, while Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructures debts through a repayment plan.
  • Bankruptcy stops collections and lawsuits and wipes out many debts, but there are complex rules about which debts get discharged.
  • Filing for bankruptcy can be damaging for a business’s credit and reputation. The lawyer can advise on minimizing harm.
  • The bankruptcy process involves extensive paperwork, court oversight, and requires working with a bankruptcy trustee. A lawyer handles all of this complexity.

While bankruptcy is daunting, an experienced Colorado business bankruptcy lawyer can guide a business through the process and help them recover.

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Tax Relief

If unpaid taxes are contributing to a business’s debt woes, a Colorado business debt relief lawyer may recommend tax relief strategies, like:

  • Offer in Compromise: Settling tax debts for less than the full amount, usually by proving the business cannot afford to pay in full.
  • Installment Agreement: Setting up a monthly payment plan with the IRS to gradually pay back taxes over time.
  • Penalty Abatement: Getting penalties for overdue taxes waived by demonstrating reasonable cause.
  • Innocent Spouse Relief: Filing to remove tax liability for one spouse when a jointly filed return contained errors.
  • Tax Debt Bankruptcy: Discharging tax debts through bankruptcy.

Navigating IRS rules around these tax relief options is complex. A business debt relief lawyer can take care of the process and negotiations.

Other Options

There are always alternatives to explore. An experienced Colorado business debt relief lawyer will examine every option through the lens of the client’s specific situation. More creative solutions could include:

  • Securing new financing to pay off debts in full.
  • Liquidating assets to access cash and improve cash flow.
  • Negotiating extended repayment plans with favorable terms.
  • Claiming hardship programs and protections under Colorado debt collection laws.
  • Reorganizing or restructuring the company to shield assets.
  • Dissolving the business entity and starting fresh.

A knowledgeable lawyer stays on top of new and emerging debt relief options and can think outside the box.

Costs and Considerations

Of course, hiring a Colorado business debt relief lawyer costs money. Legal fees vary by firm and depend on the complexity of the situation. However, the right lawyer can save a business far more money than their fees, through effective debt reduction.Beyond costs, it’s important to find an ethical, experienced Colorado business debt relief lawyer you trust. Look for an attorney with proven results successfully assisting other businesses facing similar debt crises. Meet with the lawyer to gauge their expertise and ability to meet your needs.Also weigh the consequences debt relief options can have on business credit, reputation, operations, etc. This is where a good lawyer provides value – advising on how to strategically resolve debts while minimizing collateral damage. The lawyer works for the client’s best interests.

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Struggling with business debt in Colorado can feel overwhelming but know there are qualified business debt relief lawyers who can help your company overcome these challenges. From negotiating with creditors to advising on bankruptcy to providing ongoing legal guidance, a skilled Colorado attorney can provide tailored solutions to resolve your business’s debt in the most favorable way possible. Partnering with the right lawyer can give stressed business owners peace of mind knowing they have an experienced legal expert on their side. Don’t wait to seek help. Relief from business debt in Colorado is possible with the hands-on guidance of a dedicated debt relief lawyer.I hope this overview gives you a helpful introduction to how business debt relief lawyers can assist companies facing debt issues in Colorado. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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