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Dealing with Contract Callers Inc? Get Debt Collector Relief

Fed Up with Harassment from Contract Callers Inc?

You’re not alone – Contract Callers Inc is one of the biggest, baddest debt collection agencies out there. And they don’t mess around when it comes to getting people to pay up. We get it, those calls can be super annoying; feeling like you’re getting harassed left and right. But don’t worry, there are ways to make it stop and get some sweet, sweet debt collector relief.

What is Contract Callers Inc?

Contract Callers Inc is a major third-party debt collection company. They buy up old debts from creditors, then try to collect on those debts – often using pretty aggressive tactics, from endless calls to threats of lawsuits. Not exactly the kind of people you want blowin’ up your phone, right?

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The Debt Collection Process

Here’s basically how it goes down:

  1. You owed money to some company, let’s say a credit card company
  2. You didn’t pay up, so that debt got sold to a debt buyer like Contract Callers
  3. Contract Callers then starts calling/mailing/emailing you 24/7 to try and collect that debt – plus interest and fees

Even if the original debt was just a couple hundred bucks, by the time it gets to a debt collector those fees and interest can make it balloon into thousands of dollars owed. Ugh, it’s such a racket!

Your Rights vs Debt Collectors

The good news? You’ve got rights when it comes to dealing with these debt collector bullies. There are <a href=””>federal and state laws</a> that restrict what they can and can’t do.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

This is the big one – the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) lays out rules debt collectors have to follow, like:

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  • They can’t call you before 8am or after 9pm
  • They can’t use abusive/profane language
  • They can’t threaten violence or illegal acts
  • They have to identify themselves as debt collectors
  • They can’t lie about the amount you owe

If a debt collector from Contract Callers Inc violates the FDCPA, you could potentially sue them in federal court. And let’s be real, those FDCPA lawsuits can mean getting some pretty nice payouts.

State Debt Collection Laws

On top of the federal FDCPA, most states also have their own debt collection laws with additional rules and restrictions. For example, in California debt collectors can’t call you at work if you’ve told them your employer doesn’t allow it.So you’ve got to look up the specific laws for your state, but they can provide extra layers of protection against shady collection tactics.

Debt Validation Letter

One of your biggest rights is the ability to demand debt validation. Basically, you can send a letter saying “prove I actually owe this debt” and the collector has to provide legit documentation before proceeding.If they can’t validate the debt, you may be able to get it completely dismissed. Even if they can validate it, at least you know it’s a real debt you have to deal with.

Debt Collector Harassment Tactics

Unfortunately, many debt collectors like Contract Callers Inc will use underhanded, harassing tactics to try and squeeze money out of people. Some of their go-to intimidation methods include:

Incessant Calling
Getting dozens of calls per day, every day, is a classic harassment ploy. The idea is to make you so annoyed that you’ll just pay up to make it stop.

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Calling Your Workplace
They’ll often call your job too, hoping to embarrass you into paying by looping in your employer. Pretty low.

Threats of Lawsuits/Arrests
A big one is threatening legal action like lawsuits or even arrests – which is illegal if they have no actual intention to follow through.

Using Abusive Language
Yelling, cursing, calling you names – all designed to bully and intimidate you into cooperating.

- -

Lying About Consequences
They may lie about penalties you could face, what they’re allowed to do, or even misrepresent how much you actually owe.The key thing is to know your rights and not let these jerks push you around. You don’t have to tolerate harassment or illegal behavior.

How to Stop Contract Callers Inc Harassment

So what can you actually do about all this debt collector harassment from Contract Callers Inc? Here are some tips:

Demand Debt Validation

As mentioned, you can request full debt validation from them by sending a letter within 30 days of first contact. This can put the brakes on their collection efforts.

Send a Cease & Desist Letter

You can officially tell them to stop contacting you by sending a “cease and desist” letter. Ignoring this is a violation of the FDCPA.

File Complaints

You can report any illegal behavior to the FTC, CFPB, and your state attorney general’s office. This creates a documented paper trail.

Hire a Debt Relief Lawyer

For serious harassment issues, it may be worth hiring a debt relief attorney who can go after the collectors and potentially get you compensation.

Negotiate a Settlement

If the debt is legit, you can try negotiating a lump-sum settlement for less than the full amount. Collectors often accept these to avoid drawn-out battles.

Declare Bankruptcy

As a last resort, bankruptcy can eliminate many types of debts and make it illegal for collectors to keep pursuing you.The bottom line is, you don’t have to just take the abuse from these debt collector bullies. There are ways to fight back and put a stop to the harassment once and for all.

Statute of Limitations on Debt

Here’s an important thing to know about old debts – the statute of limitations. Basically, there’s a time limit on how long a creditor or collector has to sue you over a debt. Once that statute of limitations runs out, they can’t take legal action.The statute of limitations varies by state and type of debt, but it’s often around 4-6 years for things like credit cards, medical bills, etc. So if Contract Callers Inc is going after you for a super old debt, it may already be past the statute – meaning they have zero legal recourse.Of course, they’ll probably still try to collect and harass you about it. But at least you’d know they can’t take you to court over that ancient debt.

Debt Collector Scams to Watch Out For

Unfortunately, the debt collection world is riddled with all kinds of shady scams beyond just harassment. Some common ones to beware of include:

Revived Zombie Debts
This is when collectors try to re-age old debts and collect on them long after the statute of limitations has expired. It’s illegal but they do it anyway.

Fake Debt Scams
Some disreputable collectors may even try going after you for debts you never actually owed in the first place. Sketchy as hell.

Impersonating Attorneys/Law Enforcement
They may pretend to be lawyers or cops in an attempt to scare you into paying up. Also very illegal.

Buying Debt Info on the Dark Web
Your personal and debt info could be bought/sold on shady websites, then used by scammers to target you with fake debt collection schemes.The best defense is to always verify any debt you’re being asked to pay. Demand full documentation and evidence before sending a penny to some rando debt collector.

Dealing with Legit Debt

Okay, so let’s say Contract Callers Inc does provide full debt validation, and it turns out this is a 100% legit debt you actually owe. Now what?Well, you’ve got a few main options for handling legit debt with a third-party collector:

Pay It Off
The simplest solution is just biting the bullet and paying off the full amount owed. Of course, that’s often easier said than done.

Negotiate a Settlement
A better route is often trying to negotiate a lump-sum settlement for less than the total balance. Collectors are usually willing to accept a discounted payoff to avoid a long battle.

Set Up a Payment Plan
If you can’t afford to pay it all at once, you may be able to work out a structured payment plan to pay it off over time.

Dispute Errors or Statute Issues
Even with validated debts, you can still dispute things like incorrect amounts, debts past the statute of limitations, etc.

Declare Bankruptcy
For overwhelming debt levels, bankruptcy can eliminate many types of debts and make it illegal for collectors to keep pursuing you.The key is knowing all your options and rights when it comes to resolving that validated debt in a way that works for your situation.

When to Hire a Debt Relief Lawyer

For really serious debt issues or egregious collector harassment, it may be worth hiring an experienced debt relief lawyer to go to battle for you. An attorney can:

  • Analyze your full financial/debt situation
  • Advise you on the best debt relief options
  • Demand debt validation and dispute errors
  • Negotiate lump-sum settlements
  • Take legal action against abusive collectors
  • Represent you in any lawsuits
  • Help you file for bankruptcy if needed

While it can be costly to hire a lawyer, they can take a huge burden off your shoulders. And any settlement money or lawsuit winnings could easily cover those legal fees.

The CFPB and Debt Collection Rules

In addition to existing laws like the FDCPA, the <a href=””>Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently enacted new debt collection rules</a> that provide more clarity and consumer protections.Some key parts of the new CFPB debt collection rules:

  • Debt collectors have to give you a “plain-language” breakdown of your debt and rights
  • There are new restrictions on how many times they can call you per week
  • They have to be very clear about any lawsuit threats
  • Using emails/texts to contact you is more regulated
  • Hiring parties like lawyers have to follow the same rules

The goal is to rein in abusive collection tactics and make the process more transparent for consumers dealing with debt collectors.

Debt Collector Defenses in Court

If a debt collector like Contract Callers Inc does decide to sue you over an unpaid debt, you have a range of potential legal defenses you can use, such as:

Lack of Proper Documentation
They have to be able to provide complete documentation and chain of title to prove the debt is really yours.

Statute of Limitations Expiration
As mentioned, if the debt is too old and past the statute of limitations, you can use that as a defense.

Mistaken Identity
If they’ve simply got the wrong person, that’s a solid defense against having to pay someone else’s debt.

Unauthorized Fees/Interest
You can challenge any unauthorized fees or excessive interest rates the collector tacked on.

Procedural Errors
Any procedural mistakes in how they served you or filed the lawsuit can get it dismissed.

Violations of Debt Collection Laws
If they violated the FDCPA or state laws, that can provide grounds for getting the case thrown out.The key is showing up for court with a solid legal defense, rather than just ignoring it and having a default judgment issued against you.

Debt Settlement vs Bankruptcy

For people struggling with overwhelming debt levels, two major options are debt settlement and bankruptcy. But which one is better?

Debt Settlement
With debt settlement, you negotiate lump-sum payoffs with each creditor for less than the full amount owed. This allows you to resolve all your debts without filing bankruptcy.

Filing for bankruptcy, either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, can eliminate or restructure most types of debts you owe. It also makes it illegal for debt collectors to continue pursuing you.Debt settlement is generally seen as less damaging to your credit long-term compared to bankruptcy. However, bankruptcy provides an automatic stay of all collections and a cleaner slate.The right choice depends on factors like your specific debt levels, income, assets and overall financial situation. Speaking to a bankruptcy lawyer can help you decide the best path.

How to Avoid Debt Collectors in the Future

Once you’ve resolved your current debt issues, you’ll want to be proactive about avoiding shady debt collectors like Contract Callers Inc in the future. Some tips:

  • Stay on top of all bills and payments
  • Use consumer credit counseling if needed
  • Negotiate with creditors before debts go to collections
  • Check your credit reports regularly
  • Protect your personal/financial info carefully
  • Be very wary of taking out new loans or credit cards

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to dealing with these unscrupulous debt collection agencies. The less you have to deal with them, the better.

Final Thoughts on Contract Callers Inc

Look, having to deal with aggressive debt collectors like Contract Callers Inc is never fun. Those endless calls and harassment tactics are enough to drive anyone crazy.But you have rights under laws like the FDCPA. You don’t have to just sit there and take the abuse. There are ways to fight back, get them off your back, and resolve your debt situation – through negotiation, legal action, or even bankruptcy if needed.The most important thing? Knowing your options and not letting these bullies intimidate you into just rolling over. With the right knowledge and actions, you can put a stop to the harassment once and for all.

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