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Debt Settlement Attorney Services: Your Path to Financial Freedom


Are you drowning in debt, with no end in sight? Feeling overwhelmed by constant calls from creditors, demanding payment? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans struggle with unmanageable debt – from credit cards, to medical bills, to personal loans. But there is hope. Debt settlement attorney services can provide a lifeline, negotiating with your creditors to reduce what you owe and put you on a path to financial freedom.At Delancey Street, we specialize in business debt relief. Our experienced attorneys have helped countless clients settle their debts for pennies on the dollar. We know the ins and outs of the debt settlement process, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

What is Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement is a process where you negotiate with your creditors to pay less than the full amount you owe. It’s a way to resolve your debt without filing for bankruptcy. Here’s how it works:

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  1. You stop making payments to your creditors and instead save up money in a dedicated account.
  2. Once you have enough saved up (usually around 50% of what you owe), your attorney reaches out to your creditors to negotiate a settlement.
  3. Your creditors agree to accept a lump sum payment that is less than the total amount you owe, in exchange for considering the debt resolved.
  4. You pay the agreed-upon settlement amount, and the rest of the debt is forgiven.

Sounds simple, right? In theory, it is. But in practice, debt settlement can be a complex and lengthy process. That’s where having an experienced debt settlement attorney on your side can make all the difference.

Why Hire a Debt Settlement Attorney?

You might be thinking, “Can’t I just negotiate with my creditors myself?” And the answer is, yes, you can. But there are several reasons why hiring a debt settlement attorney is a smart move:

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1. Expertise and Experience

Debt settlement attorneys have the knowledge and experience to navigate the complex world of debt negotiation. They know what to say (and what not to say) to get your creditors to agree to the best possible settlement terms. They also understand the legal implications of debt settlement and can ensure that the process is handled properly.

2. Protection from Creditor Harassment

Once you hire a debt settlement attorney, your creditors are required by law to communicate with your attorney instead of contacting you directly. This means no more harassing phone calls or threatening letters. Your attorney will handle all communication with your creditors, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on getting your finances back on track.

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3. Faster Results

Debt settlement attorneys have established relationships with many creditors and debt collectors. They know who to talk to and how to get things done quickly. This can lead to faster settlements and a quicker resolution of your debt.

4. Better Settlement Terms

An experienced debt settlement attorney will fight to get you the best possible settlement terms. They’ll negotiate aggressively on your behalf to reduce the amount you owe as much as possible. In many cases, they can settle your debts for 50% or less of what you originally owed.

5. Avoiding Bankruptcy

For many people, debt settlement is a way to avoid filing for bankruptcy. While bankruptcy can provide relief from overwhelming debt, it also has long-lasting consequences for your credit and financial future. Debt settlement allows you to resolve your debts without the negative impact of a bankruptcy on your record.

How Delancey Street Can Help

At Delancey Street, we understand the stress and anxiety that come with being in debt. We’ve helped countless clients just like you find relief through debt settlement. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Personalized Service: We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to debt settlement. We take the time to understand your unique financial situation and develop a customized plan to meet your needs.
  • Aggressive Negotiation: Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who will fight tirelessly to get you the best possible settlement terms. We won’t rest until we’ve explored every avenue to reduce your debt.
  • Open Communication: We believe in keeping our clients informed every step of the way. You’ll always know the status of your case and what to expect next. We’re here to answer your questions and address your concerns.
  • Affordable Fees: We know that you’re already struggling financially, which is why we offer competitive rates and flexible payment plans. We’ll work with you to find a fee structure that fits your budget.
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What to Expect from the Debt Settlement Process

The debt settlement process typically takes 24-48 months from start to finish, depending on your unique circumstances. Here’s a general overview of what you can expect:

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  1. Free Consultation: Your journey begins with a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our debt settlement attorneys. We’ll review your financial situation, discuss your options, and help you decide if debt settlement is right for you.
  2. Enrollment: If you decide to move forward, you’ll officially enroll in our debt settlement program. This involves signing an agreement that outlines our services and fees.
  3. Saving Funds: Instead of making payments to your creditors, you’ll start depositing money into a dedicated savings account. This account will be used to pay your settlements once they’re negotiated.
  4. Negotiation: Once you have sufficient funds saved up, our attorneys will begin negotiating with your creditors. This process can take several months as we work to get you the best possible settlement terms.
  5. Settlement: When a settlement is reached, you’ll pay the agreed-upon amount to your creditor from your dedicated savings account. The rest of the debt will be forgiven.
  6. Rinse and Repeat: We’ll continue this process with each of your enrolled debts until all of your accounts are settled.

Throughout the process, our team will be there to support you and answer any questions you may have. We’ll provide regular updates on the status of your settlements and help you stay on track with your savings plan.

FAQs About Debt Settlement

1. Will debt settlement hurt my credit?

Debt settlement will likely have a negative impact on your credit score in the short term, as you’ll be required to stop making payments to your creditors. However, once your debts are settled, you can start rebuilding your credit. In the long run, debt settlement can actually help improve your credit by eliminating unmanageable debt and allowing you to establish a positive payment history going forward.

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2. How much does debt settlement cost?

The cost of debt settlement varies depending on the specifics of your case. At Delancey Street, we typically charge a percentage of the total debt enrolled in our program. This fee is only collected after a settlement is reached and you’ve made your first payment to the creditor. We believe in transparency and will fully explain our fees upfront so there are no surprises.

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3. Can I settle my debts on my own?

Yes, it is possible to negotiate debt settlements on your own. However, it can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Creditors are often more willing to negotiate with attorneys who understand the legal landscape and have experience with debt settlement. Hiring a debt settlement attorney can increase your chances of success and help you achieve better settlement terms.

4. What types of debt can be settled?

Most unsecured debts can be settled, including credit card debt, medical bills, personal loans, and collection accounts. Secured debts, such as mortgages and car loans, generally cannot be settled since the creditor can repossess the collateral if you default on your payments.

5. Is debt settlement right for me?

Debt settlement can be a good option if you’re struggling with unmanageable debt and want to avoid bankruptcy. However, it’s not right for everyone. If you have the means to pay your debts in full or through a repayment plan, that may be a better choice. It’s important to carefully consider your options and seek professional advice before deciding on a course of action.

Take the First Step Toward Financial Freedom

If you’re ready to take control of your debt and start on the path to financial freedom, we’re here to help. Contact Delancey Street today to schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced debt settlement attorneys. We’ll review your situation, answer your questions, and help you determine if debt settlement is right for you.

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