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How to Stop Harassing Debt Collectors

Dealing with aggressive debt collectors is stressful. If Bureaus Investment Group is hounding you to pay debts you can’t afford or don’t even recognize, you have rights. This guide will walk you through practical tips to get them to leave you alone.

Understanding the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects consumers from harassment by debt collectors. Collectors cannot:

- -
  • Call you before 8 AM or after 9 PM
  • Contact you at work after you’ve asked them to stop
  • Discuss your debt with others without permission
  • Threaten violence or legal action they don’t intend to take
  • Misrepresent the amount you owe

Learn more prohibited practices. If collectors break these rules, you can sue them. But first, try resolving things directly.

Step 1: Verify What You Owe

When Bureaus Investment Group calls, don’t admit to owing anything. First verify the debt:

  • Ask for validation in writing. By law, collectors must provide this if you dispute the debt within 30 days. The notice must include the amount owed, creditor name, and your rights under FDCPA.
  • Review your credit reports. Get free annual reports from and dispute any unfamiliar debts.
  • Don’t rely on phone calls alone. Scammers pretend to be collectors. Always get written validation before paying anything.
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If it’s a valid debt that you can’t pay in full, move on to negotiating.

Step 2: Negotiate Lesser Payments

If it’s more affordable to settle the debt for less than you owe, tell the collector:

- -
  • How much you can pay as a lump sum. Many accept 30-50% of the balance.
  • Your low monthly payment amount if settling over time.

Get any payment agreements in writing before sending money. Never provide bank account information over the phone.

Step 3: Send a Cease and Desist Letter

If collectors keep contacting you after receiving written notice to stop, you can sue them for harassment. Say the magic words: “I am hereby demanding that you cease and desist communication with me.”Address professional cease & desist letters to:

  • The debt collection company
  • Credit bureaus reporting the debts
  • The original creditor

Get cease and desist letter templates here. Send by certified mail so you have delivery confirmation. Keep records of all calls and letters too.

Step 4: File Complaints As Needed

If harassment continues, file complaints with:

Add any new information from collectors to your complaint records. The more paper trails, the better.

- -

Step 5: Consult a Consumer Law Attorney

If Bureaus Investment Group won’t stop the harassment after complaints, talk to a lawyer. By violating consumer protection laws, they may owe you money now.

  • Get a free case review. Local consumer attorneys often provide free consultations and work on contingency fees, taking payment from debt collection lawsuit settlements.
  • Sue for breaking laws. With an attorney’s help, you can recover $1,000 plus legal fees, costs, and actual damages.
  • Try mediation first. Filing in small claims court costs just $50-$100 and may spur the collector to settle. But having a lawyer puts more pressure on them to compromise.
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Key Takeaways: Stand Up for Your Rights

Dealing with debt is stressful enough without collectors crossing legal boundaries. Follow this advice to halt Bureaus Investment Group’s harassment and regain peace of mind.The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act gives you power – don’t hesitate to stand up for your rights. And if things escalate, seek help from consumer protection agencies and attorneys. They can force unethical collectors to pay for breaking the law while trying to collect on questionable debts.I hope these practical steps to make the harassment stop will provide some relief. No one deserves to be badgered or misled while struggling financially. Now go flex those consumer rights muscles!

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