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How to Resolve Debt with The Rawlings Company

Understanding The Rawlings Company

The Rawlings Company, LLC is a healthcare subrogation and claims recovery vendor that works on behalf of health insurance companies to identify and recover payments made for medical treatments that may be the responsibility of another party. They are not a typical debt collection agency, but rather focus exclusively on medical bills.Rawlings uses advanced data mining systems and innovative research techniques to identify potential overpayments by health insurers. They then pursue reimbursement from the responsible parties, such as in cases involving accidents, workplace injuries, medical malpractice, or defective products.While Rawlings claims to maintain compliance with HIPAA and handle protected health information appropriately, some consumers have filed complaints alleging that the company contacts them about unsubstantiated medical claims. It‘s important to verify the legitimacy of any alleged debt before proceeding.

Rawlings Company Overview
Healthcare subrogation vendor
Recovers medical overpayments
Works for health insurers
Focuses on complex cases
Pioneered industry innovations

Responding to Rawlings Inquiries

If you receive a questionnaire or letter from The Rawlings Company about your medical treatment, don‘t ignore it. Your health plan expects you to cooperate in resolving these inquiries, and failing to respond could lead to pended claims or more difficult debt collection efforts down the line.The letter may reference a provider you don’t recognize, such as an emergency room physician or radiologist who treated you. Even if your treatment was not related to an accident or injury, it‘s important to confirm this information for your health plan.You can respond to Rawlings’ inquiries by:

- -
  1. Calling the toll-free number on the questionnaire
  2. Speaking with a representative dedicated to your insurance carrier
  3. Providing the requested information about your treatment
  4. Clarifying any inaccuracies or unsubstantiated claims

Remember, you have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) that protect you from harassing or abusive debt collection tactics. If you believe Rawlings has violated these rights, you can report them to the FTC or CFPB.

Validating Alleged Debts

Before paying or agreeing to any alleged debt from The Rawlings Company, request a Debt Validation Letter. This letter should provide key details about the debt, including:

  • The creditor’s name
  • The amount owed
  • Proof that you are responsible for the debt

Requesting debt validation is crucial for medical bills to understand why you are obligated to pay rather than your insurer. If the debt is not yours or Rawlings cannot provide proper documentation, you can contest it.

Steps to Validate Debt
Request validation letter
Review key debt details
Confirm your obligation
Contest unsubstantiated debts

By promptly validating any alleged debts, you protect yourself from unwarranted collection efforts and ensure you only pay what you rightfully owe. Don‘t hesitate to push back on invalid claims.

- -

Handling a Debt Collection Lawsuit

In some cases, The Rawlings Company may escalate unpaid debts to a lawsuit. If you are sued by Rawlings for a debt, you must respond with a written Answer filed with the court, typically within 20-30 days.Your Answer serves as your official response to the lawsuit and expresses your intent to defend against it. Failing to properly respond by the deadline could result in a default judgment against you, leading to wage garnishment or liens.Consider the following when facing a debt collection lawsuit from Rawlings:

  1. Carefully read the Summons and Complaint
  2. Note the deadline to file your Answer
  3. Draft your response and defenses
  4. File the Answer with the court
  5. Send a copy to Rawlings’ attorneys

While you can draft and file an Answer yourself, it may be wise to consult with a consumer protection attorney to better understand your rights and obligations. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the legal process and advocate on your behalf.

Negotiating a Debt Settlement

If the debt Rawlings is pursuing is valid, you may be able to negotiate a settlement for less than the full amount owed. Debt settlement can be an effective way to resolve the debt while saving money, but it’s important to approach it cautiously.To start negotiating a settlement with The Rawlings Company:

  1. Determine how much you can realistically offer as a lump sum or in payments
  2. Call or write to Rawlings with your initial offer (typically 30-40% for debt buyers, 50-75% for original creditors)
  3. Emphasize your financial hardship and inability to pay in full
  4. Be prepared to provide documentation of your financial situation
  5. Don’t agree to a settlement you can’t afford just to resolve the debt quickly

If you reach a satisfactory settlement agreement, make sure to get the terms in writing before making any payments. Keep in mind that settled debts can still have negative impacts on your credit report and may be taxable as income.

Debt Settlement Offers
Debt buyers: 30-40%
Original creditors: 50-75%
Lump sum vs payments
Get terms in writing

Rebuilding Your Credit

Resolving a debt with The Rawlings Company through settlement or payment in full is a positive step, but it can take time to rebuild your credit afterwards. Settled debts typically remain on your credit report for 7 years, although the negative impact lessens over time.To start rehabilitating your credit:

- -
  • Pay all bills on time going forward
  • Maintain low credit utilization
  • Consider secured credit cards or credit builder loans
  • Dispute any inaccurate negative items on your credit reports
  • Be patient – improvement can take 12-24 months
Rebuilding Credit After Debt Settlement
Pay bills on time
Keep credit utilization low
Use secured cards/loans
Dispute credit report errors
Be patient – takes time

Remember, settling a debt is generally better than not paying at all, and taking proactive steps to rebuild positive credit habits will pay off in the long run. Monitor your progress regularly with free annual credit reports.

Seeking Professional Assistance

Dealing with debt collectors like The Rawlings Company can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you’re facing a potential lawsuit or pressure to pay a debt you can’t afford. If you’re unsure of your rights or need guidance, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance.Some options for getting help with debt resolution include:

  • Credit counseling agencies: Non-profit organizations that provide free or low-cost advice for managing debt, budgeting, and credit. They may also offer debt management plans.
  • Debt resolution companies: For-profit companies that negotiate with creditors on your behalf to reduce your debt balance, often in exchange for a fee. Be wary of scams and avoid any company demanding payment upfront.
  • Consumer protection attorneys: Legal professionals who specialize in representing consumers against abusive debt collection practices. They can advise you of your rights and advocate for you in court if needed.

When seeking professional help, always vet the company or individual thoroughly by:

- -
  • Checking for complaints with the Better Business Bureau, FTC, and CFPB
  • Confirming any required licenses or accreditations
  • Getting service terms and fees in writing upfront
  • Trusting your instincts if something seems too good to be true

Protecting Yourself from Debt Collection Scams

Unfortunately, the debt collection industry is rife with scammers preying on vulnerable consumers. Some red flags of a potential debt collection scam include:

Debt Collection Scam Warning Signs
Demands for immediate payment
Refuses to provide written validation
Threatens arrest or legal action
Claims government program will pay
Guarantees debt forgiveness

If you suspect you are being targeted by a scammer posing as The Rawlings Company or another debt collector, do not engage with them or provide any personal information. Report the scam to the proper authorities, such as the FTC or your state Attorney General’s office.

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