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How to Win a Credit One Bank Lawsuit

Don’t Panic – You Have Options

Getting sued by a credit card company like Credit One Bank can be scary; but don’t freak out just yet. There are solid strategies for fighting back and coming out on top. As experienced federal lawyers, we’ve helped tons of clients beat lawsuits from Credit One and other creditors.The key? Knowing your rights and using the right legal maneuvers. We‘ll walk through some of the most common defenses against Credit One lawsuits — so you can breathe easier and give ’em hell in court.

Understand the Lawsuit Timeline

First things first, when Credit One sues you, they have to follow strict procedures laid out in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This federal law gives you rights as a consumer, like:

- -
  • They can’t harass you with repeated calls
  • They have to send you a debt validation notice
  • They can’t lie or mislead you about the debt

If Credit One violates these rules at any point, that’s a huge strike against them. Their case could get tossed for abuse of process — so watch for any shady behavior on their part.

The Statute of Limitations Matters

Every state has a statute of limitations on credit card debt. In plain English? There‘s an expiration date for how long Credit One can sue you over an unpaid balance.These laws vary, but the SOL is often 3-6 years from your last payment or account activity. If Credit One is going after decade-old debt, you may be able to get the case dismissed on statute of limitations grounds alone.

Demand Proof of the Debt

Remember, the burden of proof is on Credit One — not you. They need to show documentation proving:

  • You opened the account
  • You are the person who owes the debt
  • The amount they’re asking for is correct

If their paperwork is a mess with errors, inconsistencies, or missing info — that’s reasonable doubt. You can argue they haven‘t met their burden, which could get the lawsuit chucked.

The Creditor May Have Violated State Laws

Every state has its own debt collection laws on top of federal statutes. These laws cover things like:

  • Licensing requirements for debt collectors
  • Prohibited harassment tactics
  • Statute of limitations on suits

If Credit One or its law firm ran afoul of your state’s regulations, you may have grounds to fight the suit or even countersue. An experienced debt defense lawyer will know all the angles to look at.

Don’t Ignore the Lawsuit

This is crucial: you can’t just stick your head in the sand and ignore Credit One’s lawsuit against you. If you blow off court dates and don’t respond, you’ll automatically lose. The creditor can then garnish your wages, go after your bank accounts, maybe even seize your car or home.As soon as you’re served with a summons, take it seriously and take action to defend yourself. The sooner you get proper legal representation, the better your odds.

Settle on Your Terms

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to go to battle with Credit One Bank. In many cases, settling out of court is the smartest move — but you need to settle on your terms, not theirs.An experienced debt settlement lawyer can renegotiate way down from the total amount Credit One is demanding. They‘ll know all the leverage points and tactics to drive a hard bargain. With their help, you can put this behind you affordably.

File Bankruptcy If Needed

For some clients deep in the debt hole, bankruptcy is the best solution for getting out from under Credit One and other creditors. While it’s not a magic wand, bankruptcy can:

  • Discharge your debts so you’re not on the hook
  • Force creditors to stop pursuing you
  • Give you a fresh financial start

The bankruptcy process is complex, but having an expert bankruptcy attorney on your side makes it much smoother. They‘ll ensure your rights are protected and advise you on which type of bankruptcy is most strategic.

Hire a Lawyer to Fight for You

The single best way to beat a Credit One lawsuit? Hire a tenacious lawyer to fight tooth and nail on your behalf. Don’t try going it alone against their army of corporate attorneys.At the Spodek Law Group, we’ve spent decades taking on credit card companies, banks, and debt collectors — and winning. We know their dirty tricks inside and out, and we won’t let them bully or take advantage of you.Our battle-tested litigators will explore every potential defense strategy and leverage every consumer protection law to get Credit One’s case dismissed or settle for pennies on the dollar. We’re available 24/7 and we’ll make this our top priority.

What to Expect Working With Us

Not sure what to expect when you hire us? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Full-service representation from start to finish — we’ll handle everything so you don’t have to stress
  • A dedicated portal for securely uploading docs and tracking case progress
  • Straightforward flat-fee pricing, not hourly billing
  • Flexible payment plans to make our services affordable
  • Personalized attention — we treat every client like family

We’re also not afraid to take Credit One to trial if that‘s what it takes to win. Our founding partner Todd Spodek is a renowned trial attorney who’s been in the trenches for decades. (You may have even seen him featured as Anna Delvey’s lawyer on Netflix’s Inventing Anna.)

Don’t Let Credit One Push You Around

At the end of the day, Credit One Bank is a massive corporation trying to bully you into paying up — whether their case is legit or not. They have unlimited resources to keep the pressure on.But you‘re not alone in this fight. Having a powerhouse firm like Spodek Law Group in your corner levels the playing field. We’ll make sure your rights are respected and you aren‘t getting a raw deal.Facing a Credit One lawsuit is stressful, but it doesn’t have to ruin your life. Reach out to us for a free consultation at 212-210-1851 or on our website at Together, we can tackle this head-on and get the best possible outcome.

Potential Defenses Against Credit One Lawsuits

Now let‘s dive deeper into some of the most common defenses we use to fight Credit One Bank lawsuits. Having the right defense strategy is half the battle.

Statute of Limitations Violations

As mentioned, every state has deadlines for how long a creditor can pursue unpaid debts through the court system. If Credit One is suing over an ancient debt that’s past the statute of limitations, we can get their case thrown out on those grounds.The SOL time limits vary, but are often:

  • 3-6 years for open-ended credit accounts like cards
  • 4-5 years for promissory notes and other loan contracts

However, the clock resets if you make any payments or written acknowledgements of the debt. So if Credit One tries suing over a 10-year-old card balance you made a payment on 2 years ago, the SOL likely hasn‘t run out yet.

Lack of Proof and Documentation

Credit card debts often get bought and resold to different debt buyers over the years. Documentation can get lost or muddled in the shuffle.We frequently see Credit One and other creditors filing lawsuits without sufficient proof that:

  • You actually opened the account they’re suing over
  • The amount they’re demanding is accurate
  • They’re even the current creditor with legal standing to sue

With sloppy record-keeping and paperwork errors, Credit One may not be able to meet their burden of proof. If so, we can get the case dismissed for lack of evidence.

Mistaken Identity and Fraud

In some cases, Credit One may be suing the wrong person entirely due to identity fraud or mistaken identity. Maybe the account was opened by someone else using your info. Or perhaps Credit One mixed you up with someone who has a similar name.If we can show you‘re not actually the person who incurred the debt, their whole case crumbles. We‘ve won many lawsuits on these grounds.

Violations of Debt Collection Laws

Both federal laws like the FDCPA and state debt collection statutes place strict rules on how creditors can pursue unpaid debts. If Credit One or its law firm violated any of these consumer protection laws, we can use that as an affirmative defense.For example, if they:

  • Harassed you with repeated calls
  • Tried deceptive or abusive tactics
  • Didn’t provide required debt validation notices
  • Sued in the wrong jurisdiction

Then we can argue they forfeited their right to collect and their lawsuit should be sanctioned.

Bankruptcy Discharges

If you previously filed bankruptcy and had the Credit One debt discharged, that should prevent them from trying to collect it again through a lawsuit.However, creditors sometimes ignore bankruptcy discharge orders and sue anyway, hoping consumers won’t fight back. We make sure to counter-punch hard in these cases, as Credit One is clearly violating the bankruptcy laws.

Contractual Defenses

We also look closely at the original credit card agreement to see if Credit One has violated the contract terms in any way. Potential contract violations could include:

  • Charging excessive fees or interest not allowed by the agreement
  • Failing to provide proper billing statements and notices
  • Not following procedures for default and collections

If Credit One materially breached the contract first, we can use that as grounds to dismiss their lawsuit as they lack standing to sue for non-payment.

Improper Service of the Lawsuit

Finally, there are strict procedural rules for how Credit One has to properly serve you with a summons and complaint to initiate a lawsuit. If they screwed this up, we can challenge the lawsuit on improper service grounds.For example, simply sliding papers under your door isn‘t valid service in most states. The summons may need to be hand-delivered to you directly by a process server and documented properly.

𝗕𝗥𝗔𝗜𝗡 𝗠𝗢𝗗𝗘: As experienced debt defense attorneys, we know all the potential landmines and angles to attack Credit One lawsuits from every direction. We explore every possible defense strategy and counterclaim, leaving no stone unturned. Our deep legal knowledge coupled with gritty litigation skills give our clients a decisive advantage against unscrupulous creditors like Credit One Bank.

Don’t Let Credit One Bank Take Advantage

Credit card companies like Credit One are banking on most consumers just rolling over when they file a lawsuit. They expect people to either ignore the suit and lose by default, or just pay up out of fear and confusion.But you don‘t have to let them take advantage of you like that. By hiring skilled legal representation, you can fight back hard and force Credit One to follow all the rules.At Spodek Law Group, we live to take on the big bullies and protect the little guy’s rights. Credit One may be a massive corporation, but we’ve got the firepower to go toe-to-toe with their army of corporate lawyers.

We’ll Explore Every Possible Defense

Our battle-tested litigators will leave no stone unturned exploring all potential defenses and violations we can use to get Credit One’s lawsuit dismissed or settled for pennies on the dollar, including:

  • Statute of limitations violations
  • Lack of proof and documentation errors
  • Mistaken identity and fraud issues
  • Violations of debt collection laws like the FDCPA
  • Prior bankruptcy discharge violations
  • Contractual violations by Credit One
  • Improper service of the lawsuit
  • Counterclaims against abusive collection practices

We know all the laws inside and out, as well as every loophole and trick creditors use to try screwing over consumers. We‘ll make sure Credit One is held accountable if they’ve violated any consumer protections or cut any legal corners.

Bringing the Heavyweight Hitters

When you hire our firm, you aren’t just getting any lawyers — you’re bringing elite, heavyweight litigators into your corner. Lawyers with decades of experience and proven track records taking on the biggest banks, creditors, and debt collectors.Our founding partner Todd Spodek is a renowned trial attorney who’s been battling it out in high-stakes cases for over 30 years. He’s a true heavyweight hitter who understands what it takes to win.(In fact, you may have seen Todd playing himself as Anna Delvey’s lawyer in the hit Netflix series Inventing Anna. Yeah, he’s kind of a big deal.)So if Credit One Bank wants to throw hands and take this all the way to trial, we’re more than ready. Our litigators live for the courtroom battle. We relish the chance to humble some corporate bullies in front of a judge and jury.

We’ll Make This Our Top Priority

Too many law firms treat debt defense cases as low-priority nuisance files. They don’t put in the proper time, effort and resources to craft a strong defense strategy.That’s not how we operate. When you hire Spodek Law Group, your Credit One case becomes our top priority. We’ll assemble a dedicated team to work your file with urgency and laser focus.You’ll also get a secure online portal for uploading documents, tracking case progress, and communicating with your legal team 24/7. We keep you in the loop and make sure you always understand what’s happening with your case.

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