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$450K Merchant Cash Advance

Extra 24 Months

Transformed into a monthly payment, and extended by 2 years, with a 15% reduction in balance.
$110K Merchant Cash Advance

55% Reduction

Transformed into a monthly payment, and extended by 2 years, with a 55% reduction in balance.
$100k Business LOC

50% Redution

Our client had an LOC with a MCA hybrid lender, and saw a drastic reduction in balance.

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Business debt settlement through Delancey Street involves restructuring your corporate debt, in a manner that allows you to keep your doors open, and results in an increase in cashflow.

Get a affordable plan that works for your business cash flow as a part of the debt settlement process.

Get potential resolutions with Delancey Street in a timely and effective time frame once you enter our debt relief program.

You Have a Powerhouse team of financial and legal experts on your side, advising you on how to interact with predatory creditors.

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Idaho Merchant Cash Advance Legal Help – Attorneys, Debt Settlement

Idaho Merchant Cash Advance Legal Help

Merchant cash advances can be a helpful source of funding for small businesses in Idaho, but they also come with legal risks that business owners should understand. If you’ve taken out a merchant cash advance in Idaho and are now facing legal issues, there are attorneys who may be able to help.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance (MCA) is a form of business financing where a company provides a lump sum payment to a business in exchange for an agreed upon percentage of future credit card sales. It’s not technically a loan under Idaho law, but functions similarly.Unlike a traditional small business loan, merchant cash advances don’t require a strong credit score or collateral. The payback amount is tied to credit card receipts rather than a fixed repayment schedule. This flexibility makes MCAs appealing for some business owners, but also risky if sales drop.

Common Legal Issues with Merchant Cash Advances

While MCAs give business owners quick access to capital, they also open the door to potential legal problems down the road. Here are some of the most common:

Excessively High Interest Rates

The annualized interest rates on merchant cash advances often exceed 50% or even 100%. These rates may be illegal under Idaho’s usury laws for consumer loans, though MCA companies claim exemptions for commercial financing. Business owners could potentially fight back against outrageously high rates.

Deceptive Marketing Practices

Some MCA providers use deceptive marketing and fail to adequately disclose important terms and conditions of their financing. This could potentially violate consumer protection laws. Business owners may have legal recourse if they were misled.

Aggressive Collections

When businesses struggle to repay their MCAs, some funders resort to overly aggressive collections tactics like harassing phone calls or lawsuits without proper notice. Business owners could seek legal help to fight back against harassment or illegal collections methods.

Breach of Contract

Disputes over the terms of MCA agreements sometimes end up in court over alleged breach of contract issues. Both business owners and MCA companies could have valid legal claims depending on the specifics of the situation.

Legal Defenses Business Owners Can Raise

If you’re facing legal action over a merchant cash advance in Idaho, working with an attorney to assess potential defenses is wise. Here are some of the arguments a lawyer might be able to make on your behalf:


Argue that the terms of the MCA agreement were so unfair as to make the contract unenforceable. This depends on showing flaws in the bargaining process and unduly harsh results.


Claim the MCA provider misled you about key terms and conditions, preventing you from making an informed decision about accepting the financing.

Usury Violations

Allege the interest rates and fees exceeded legal limits under Idaho’s usury statutes for consumer loans (the applicability will be debated).

Improper Collections

Fight back against unlawful collections tactics like excessive calls, threats, misrepresentation, or failure to verify debts when requested.

Finding Legal Help for Merchant Cash Advance Issues

If you need an attorney to help address legal issues related to a merchant cash advance in Idaho, here are some options to consider:

Business Lawyers

Look for <a href=””>business attorneys</a> or commercial litigators familiar with MCAs and financial contracts. They can assess any defenses and handle litigation if needed.

Consumer Protection Lawyers

<a href=’’>Consumer protection lawyers</a> who assist with deceptive business practices and predatory lending cases could also potentially help.

Debt Relief Lawyers

Attorneys specializing in <a href=’’>debt relief</a> may be able to negotiate with MCA providers or develop repayment plans if debts become unmanageable.At Delancey Street, our dedicated team of experts can connect business owners to attorneys within our network who are experienced with merchant cash advance cases. We take an empathetic approach and will thoroughly analyze your situation to come up with the best possible solutions. Don’t hesitate to <a href=””>reach out</a> if you need legal help related to an MCA agreement.

The Bottom Line

Merchant cash advances can spiral out of control, but Idaho business owners have legal options. An attorney may be able to help negotiate settlements, fight unfair terms, or defend against aggressive collections tactics. Support is available – consult experienced legal counsel to understand your rights. With customized guidance, you can resolve MCA-related legal issues and get your finances back on track.

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