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Kansas Merchant Cash Advance Legal Help – Attorneys, Debt Settlement

Running a small business in Kansas can be extremely rewarding, but it also comes with financial challenges. If you’ve taken out a merchant cash advance and are struggling with debt, know that there are options to find relief. Our team at Delancey Street, made up of attorneys and financial experts, can provide customized legal help and debt settlement services to get your business back on track.

Understanding Merchant Cash Advances in Kansas

A merchant cash advance (MCA) is a form of business financing where a company purchases a portion of your future credit card sales. You receive an upfront lump sum, but have to pay back the advance through daily or weekly deductions from your credit card transactions.MCAs are not considered loans in Kansas, so they don’t have an interest rate or set repayment period. However, failing to pay can still have serious consequences like collection calls, lawsuits, or garnished wages. Our attorneys can help you understand the legal implications and defenses around MCA contracts.

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Settling MCA Debt Through Legal Channels

If you’ve fallen behind on your merchant cash advance payments, the company may threaten legal action or send your account to collections. But there are ways we can help before it reaches that point:

  • Negotiating a Settlement: We can negotiate directly with the MCA provider to settle your outstanding balance for less than what you owe. Many companies are open to this option.
  • Restructuring the Agreement: If the original payment terms are unrealistic for your business’s cash flow, we may be able to get the deductions or payback period adjusted.
  • Challenging the Contract Terms: Shady MCA companies sometimes include illegal or deceptive clauses in their contracts. Our lawyers can review your agreement to find grounds to invalidate certain provisions.
  • Defending Against Lawsuits: If you do get sued, we can represent you in court and build legal arguments around things like improper service, contract defects, or usury law violations in Kansas.
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The bottom line is that while MCAs are complex financial products, you still have rights and defenses as a business owner. Let our experienced team fight on your behalf.

Kansas Debt Settlement Services for Small Business Owners

If you have additional business debt from loans, credit cards, vendors, or other sources, our customized debt settlement solutions can help you regain financial stability. This is a key part of the process if you want to move forward after resolving your merchant cash advance issues.Here are some of the ways we can help with business debt outside of MCAs:

  • Credit Card Debt Settlement – We negotiate with card issuers like Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover on your behalf to reduce balances. Most accept lump-sum discounts.
  • Business Loan Restructuring – By coordinating with your lender, we can often extend repayment timelines or have certain fees reduced or waived.
  • Accounts Payable Settlement – If your business owes vendors or suppliers, we can settle these B2B debts for less than you currently owe.
  • Tax Debt Resolution – If back taxes are hurting your cash flow, we help negotiate installment plans and settlements with the IRS and state tax authorities.

As you can see, we take a comprehensive approach to stabilizing a small business financially – not just addressing your immediate MCA debt crisis.

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Why Work With Delancey Street for Merchant Cash Advance Help

Delancey Street has extensive experience helping small business owners in Kansas struggling with merchant cash advances and other commercial debt products. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Attorney-Based Approach – Unlike some “debt relief” companies, our team is headed by real lawyers who provide legal counsel around your accounts.
  • Customized Debt Settlement – Each client works directly with a dedicated representative to create a personalized resolution path.
  • Track Record of Results – Over the years, we’ve successfully negotiated $100 million in small business debt relief for thousands of clients.
  • Customer Service Focus – Our highest priority is helping Kansas business owners like you protect assets and gain financial freedom. We care.
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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by MCA payments deducted from your merchant account, take back control of your finances now. Contact Delancey Street today to schedule your free debt consultation. Our legal and financial experts are ready to help you move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I just take out another business loan to pay off my merchant cash advance?

While it’s tempting to consolidate debts with another financing product, this option rarely improves the situation for struggling Kansas small business owners. You’d still have to pay back the money eventually, and likely at a high interest rate. We recommend first attempting to negotiate a settlement or restructure the existing agreement to more affordable terms.

What legal defenses are there against predatory merchant cash advances?

Some common defenses our attorneys use when negotiating or challenging merchant cash advance contracts in court include:

  • Usury Violations – MCA rates can sometimes exceed state usury caps when calculated as an Annual Percentage Rate (APR).
  • Deceptive Practices – Hidden fees and failure to adequately disclose terms violate consumer protection laws.
  • Unconscionability – If contract terms are extremely unjust or one-sided, courts can deem provisions unenforceable.
  • Service of Process Issues – If you weren’t properly served with notice of a lawsuit, the case can potentially get thrown out.

Should I just close my business bank account to avoid MCA payments?

While this may stop the daily debits that pay back your merchant cash advance, it’s not a long-term solution. The company can still take legal action to recoup the remaining balance you owe. We help Kansas small business owners negotiate settlements so they can move forward, rather than resort to questionable account maneuvers that may have negative consequences.

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The Bottom Line

Dealing with a merchant cash advance that your Kansas business can no longer afford to pay back takes a toll. But you have more options than you think – including legal help and debt settlement assistance. Delancey Street will walk with you every step of the way until you become financially stable again.Our qualified attorneys and financial experts work as a team on your behalf. We know the ins and outs of the MCA industry. We’ve helped business owners in situations just like yours many times before. And we’re passionate about small business success stories.Don’t wait – the sooner you start resolving this, the better. Contact us for your free consultation and let’s talk about how we can help your business move forward. This could be the most important phone call you’ll make as a small business owner in Kansas struggling with overwhelming debt. Call today – our team is ready to help you gain financial freedom once more!

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