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Hey there! If you run a business in Maine and have taken out a merchant cash advance, you may be struggling with some crazy high repayment rates. I feel you – those things can really sneak up on ya. Let’s chat about your options.First up, what even is a merchant cash advance? Basically, it’s a short-term loan where the amount you repay is tied to your credit card sales. So when biz is good, they take a big cut. But when things slow down, you still owe them the same monthly minimum. Brutal, right?No doubt Maine has some solid laws around lending practices and whatnot. But sometimes, lenders find loopholes or just straight up ignore the rules. Sketchy, I know.If this sounds familiar, you may want to reach out to a business debt relief lawyer. They can review your agreement and see if the lender is playing dirty. If they broke the rules, the contract could become unenforceable. Sweet justice!

Finding Maine Merchant Cash Advance Lawyers

So how do you find a good lawyer to review your merchant cash advance agreement? Let me break it down:

  • Search industry sites like AvvoLawInfo, or FindLaw to find lawyers familiar with these loans.
  • Check credentials. You want someone licensed in Maine who specializes in business law and financial transactions.
  • Read reviews to see what other clients say. Were they responsive and empathetic? Did they resolve issues for an affordable rate?
  • Schedule free consults with a few top contenders. This helps you get a feel for their communication style and expertise. Make sure they take time to understand your situation before offering advice.

I’d avoid any lawyer who seems salesy, pushy, or makes big promises without knowing the details. We both know lawyers have a rep for being sorta smarmy. But there are definitely good ones out there who can help!

Other Maine Business Debt Relief Options

If the merchant cash advance agreement checks out legally, don’t panic! You still have options to reduce that crushing repayment amount. Let’s look at a few:

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Debt Consolidation Loan You may be able to roll the advance into a lower interest SBA loan or line of credit. This stretches out repayment so it’s less of a hit each month. Could give you breathing room to repay and grow the biz.Downside: You take on more total debt and it stays on your credit longer.

Balance Reduction Some lenders let you pay a lump sum, like 50% of what you owe, to wipe the slate clean. This takes a chunk of cash upfront but eliminates those killer daily repayments.Risks: Upfront cost and lender may not agree to settle.

Corporate Credit Card  Opening a biz credit card with a low intro APR could save big on interest while you pay down the advance. Just be sure to have a plan for payments before the rate jumps up.Consider: Balance transfer fees and eventual interest spike.

Business Bankruptcy Declaring Ch. 7 or Ch. 11 bankruptcy stops collections and discharges qualified business debt. This resets the slate so you can rebuild from scratch.Downsides: Major credit score hit; lose collateral assets.As you can see, there are a range of options to dig out from under these merchant cash advance agreements. I’d suggest meeting with both a business lawyer and financial advisor to map out the best path for your situation.Having someone in your corner who knows the law and can review documents will give you way more leverage with sketchy lenders. And a advisor can crunch the numbers to find the most affordable relief plan. Tag team for the win!

Sharing Your Merchant Cash Advance Story

If you do find errors or predatory practices in your business loan agreement, I encourage you to speak up! Report it to the Maine Office of Consumer Credit Regulation. Submit copies of documents to agencies like the:

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This creates a paper trail of lender misconduct. If enough business owners come forward, it can spark investigations and even law changes for safer lending practices.You can also leave reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, or the Better Business Bureau to warn others. Or speak to local news agencies about your experience – they eat up “consumer alert” type stories.The more we talk about the dark side of merchant cash advances, the better chance we have to improve transparency around these loans. Don’t stay silent if you spot shady business practices that hurt small biz owners!

Let’s Chat About Your Business Debt Relief

Well, that about covers the basics on merchant cash advance agreements and finding relief from crazy repayment rates. I know that was a whole mess of info – so what questions can I answer for ya? Which debt relief options sound most realistic? Or are you wondering how a lawyer can help review your agreement’s fine print?Whatever your situation, I’m here to listen and point you toward good resources. No judgments! Just wanna help you protect your business so you can get back to doing what you love. Shoot me a message anytime and let’s connect.


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