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Texas Merchant Cash Advance Legal Help – Attorneys, Debt Settlement

Texas businesses that use merchant cash advances (MCAs) often get caught in an expensive debt trap. When cash flow issues hit, many can’t keep up with payments and default. The consequences can be severe – lawsuits, bank levies, and business closure.If your company faces legal action from an MCA lender or aggressive debt collectors, working with an experienced Texas MCA attorney is crucial to protect your interests. They can help you:

  • Negotiate settlements on the debt
  • Assert defenses under Texas law
  • Sue for violations of lending statutes
  • Avoid bank levies or judgments

This guide explains the role a Texas MCA lawyer can play to halt collections abuse and resolve MCA debts through legal channels or settlements.

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Why Texas Businesses Use Merchant Cash Advances

Small companies often utilize merchant cash advances because they provide quick access to capital with minimal paperwork.Unlike traditional bank loans, MCA approvals usually come in days without tax returns or solid credit. The funds offer a lifeline to cover short-term cash crunches.While convenient, MCAs carry an extremely high cost with equivalent interest rates frequently exceeding 100% APR.

How Merchant Cash Advances Work

In an MCA agreement, a financing company provides a business an upfront sum of money in exchange for a percentage of its future credit card and debit card sales.There’s typically no set repayment term. Instead, the MCA takes a fixed daily or weekly amount from the company’s merchant account as a percentage of charge volume until the full advance plus fees get repaid.For example:

  • Advance Amount: $100,000
  • Fixed Daily Deduction: $1,500 (15% of $10K in daily card transactions)
  • Estimated Repayment Term: 12-18 months
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The deductions occur automatically through the credit card processor until the merchant pays back the original advance plus the fee amount charged by the MCA provider.

The Debt Spiral Risk of Merchant Cash Advances

While fast and convenient, MCA loans often catch borrowers in an unaffordable debt spiral.Many small businesses underestimate how much the fees and interest will add to the payback cost over an extended repayment period.Others overestimate their future revenue. When sales drop, they struggle to cover the fixed daily repayment amounts along with regular operating expenses.For example, a $50,000 MCA repaid at 15% of $5,000 in daily credit card sales would take over a year to pay back and end up costing almost $75,000 with fees and interest.As businesses deplete cash reserves trying to keep up with payments, they often take out additional MCA loans. This piles on more high-cost debt and repayment risk.

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What Happens When You Default on an MCA

If a business defaults on its merchant cash advance, the consequences are usually swift and severe:

  • Account locks – The MCA immediately freezes the merchant account so the business can’t process credit cards sales.
  • Harassment from collectors – Aggressive debt collectors start calling and visiting the business owners to demand repayment.
  • Damaged business relationships – The MCA company legally contacts vendors and customers about the defaulted debt, harming goodwill.
  • Lawsuits and judgments – The lender sues the business in civil court for breach of contract. Many MCA contracts authorize them to obtain a default judgment without a trial.

These consequences can sink a struggling small business. But working with a qualified Texas MCA lawyer can help halt collections abuse and resolve debts through legal defenses or settlements.

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Key Texas MCA Laws and Regulations

While Texas has implemented limited MCA regulations so far, some relevant laws still apply:

  • Usury laws – Agreements with excessively high equivalent interest rates above state maximums may violate Texas usury statutes. Rates above 25% APR are illegal in some states.
  • Deceptive trade laws – Texas has strong consumer protections banning deceptive marketing, sales tactics, or contract terms. These can provide recourse against predatory MCA conduct.
  • Recent federal scrutiny – Federal regulators like the FTC and CFPB started investigating MCA industry practices. This could spur tighter Texas regulations.

So far, Texas MCA statutes remain sparse. But be sure to consult a knowledgeable Texas MCA lawyer regarding current laws and any potential claims.

Why Retain a Texas Merchant Cash Advance Attorney

Given the extremely high costs and risky nature of MCA loans, working with an attorney experienced in this complex specialty is highly advisable before signing any contract.Here are some key reasons Texas businesses should retain counsel:

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Contract Review

A qualified Texas MCA lawyer can review proposed merchant cash advance agreements to:

  • Explain all terms, fees, and fine print details in plain language
  • Try to negotiate the removal or improvement of unfavorable clauses
  • Ensure you comply with Texas MCA statutes
  • Confirm you can afford the payments

Asserting Legal Defenses After Default

If your business defaults or faces collections harassment from an MCA lender, a Texas attorney can advise you on defenses under state law, including:

  • Usury violations – Interest rates above 25% APR violate some state laws.
  • Lending violations – Non-compliance with Texas finance statutes.
  • Unconscionable contract terms – Courts occasionally deem one-sided MCA terms invalid.
  • Deceptive business practices – Predatory or misleading conduct may break state consumer protections.
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Negotiating Settlements on MCA Debt

Experienced Texas MCA lawyers have a strong record of negotiating discounted lump-sum settlements on defaulted merchant cash advances.A 20-50% settlement is sometimes possible through legal leverage. This can resolve unaffordable debts.

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Litigation Against MCA Lenders

As a last resort, an attorney can file lawsuits against predatory MCA companies seeking damages for:

  • Usury law violations
  • Deceptive/unfair business practices
  • Breach of good faith
  • Fraud

Successful litigation can result in voided contracts, canceled debt, or monetary awards.

Finding the Right Texas MCA Attorney

It’s essential to find a lawyer with extensive specific experience dealing with complex MCA cases. Here are top tips for identifying qualified counsel:

  • Verify MCA focus – Only consider attorneys who explicitly state merchant cash advance experience.
  • Check credentials – Bar certifications in business law, finance, or debt relief are useful.
  • Request case examples – Ask for samples of prior MCA contract negotiations or settlements they resolved favorably.
  • Compare multiple options – Vet a few lawyers before deciding. Compare experience, specialties and fees.
  • Consider smaller firms – Big firms are expensive. Successful boutiques often provide better service.

Alternatives to Defaulting on an MCA

Before defaulting, businesses should explore options to catch up or resolve debts like:

  • Asking lenders for modifications
  • Taking out a lower-cost consolidation loan
  • Selling unused assets to raise funds
  • Temporarily putting expenses on business credit cards

While risky, merchant cash advances provide fast access to capital when traditional financing isn’t an option. But their high costs and tough terms mean they should only be used as a very last resort.Consult an experienced Texas MCA lawyer before acceptance and at the first sign of repayment trouble. Their guidance can prove critical to halt collections harassment and resolve debts affordably through settlements or claims under state law.

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