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Venture Capital Allowed Our MedTech Startup to Thrive

When my co-founders and I started our medtech company, we had a great idea and prototype but limited funds. We bootstrapped the business as far as we could, but knew that to really grow and scale we would need an infusion of capital. That’s when we decided to seek out venture capital funding.

After months of perfecting our pitch and reaching out to various VC firms, we secured our first round of funding from a healthcare-focused fund called BlueCross Ventures. The $2 million investment was a game changer, allowing us to hire key team members like a lead engineer and business development manager.

Hiring Top Talent

With the capital from BlueCross, we were able to attract and hire extremely talented people that otherwise would have been out of our budget. One of our first hires was a Principal Engineer named John who had over 20 years of medical device experience and multiple patents to his name. He helped us refine and optimize our core technology to prepare it for clinical trials and FDA submissions.

We also brought on a Business Development Manager named Sarah who came from a top medtech company and knew the industry inside and out. She helped us identify the right partnerships and distribution channels to get our product to market quickly and efficiently once approved.

Accelerating Product Development

The talent and resources provided by venture capital funding massively accelerated our product development timeline. Instead of developing everything in-house with a small team, we could tap into an expanded network of engineers, designers, researchers, manufacturers, and other specialists.

We completed our first clinical trial in just 8 months, quickly validating our technology’s capabilities and health impacts. This gave investors confidence that we had a viable product and long-term growth potential, making it easier to raise more capital.

Expanding Our Facilities

As we grew the team, we also needed more space for product design, testing, and light manufacturing. The flexibility of venture capital versus debt financing made it relatively easy to get extra capital for a larger facility versus being constrained by set loan amounts that might not align with our needs.

Within a year of our initial funding round, we moved the company from a small rented office into a 5000 square foot facility. This gave us dedicated lab space for our engineers and scientists plus a small clean room for assembling medical device prototypes to send to manufacturers.

Investor Connections & Expertise

Aside from just providing funding, our investors at BlueCross Ventures also opened doors for partnerships, hiring, and follow-on funding. Their managing directors had decades of experience specifically within healthcare investing and startups.

They made introductions for pilots with two large hospital systems that accelerated market entry. And when it came time for Series A fundraising, the credibility and trust built with BlueCross brought in co-investors and follow-on investment to lead an $8 million round.

Venture Capital Allows Risk-Taking

Unlike bank loans or other forms of debt financing, venture capital allows for more flexibility and risk-taking that is often necessary during the early stages of an innovative startup. Investors expect things to be somewhat unpredictable and are willing to double down if milestones are being met.

There were certainly some bumps along the way for us during product development. But because we had VC backing, we had some wiggle room to experiment and pivot as needed without immediately jeopardizing the entire company. This agility helped us hone in on the right product market fit to ensure we would delight our future customers.

Patient Impact at Scale

At the end of the day, our medtech company was formed to help patients manage a chronic condition and improve quality of life. Venture funding has allowed us to dream bigger in terms of the impact we want to make.

Instead of slowly rolling out region-by-region, we now have the resources to distribute our innovation nationally from day one of commercial availability. Partnerships with payers, chains, and distributors will allow us to reach tens of thousands of patients right away.

And by accelerating cash flow, we can reinvest to enhance our platform and ecosystem of devices to help even more people. None of this speed and scale would have been possible without venture capital backing.

Access to Mentorship

Aside from capital, venture capitalists also provide startups with hard-won advice and mentorship. Our lead investor has helped multiple healthcare companies successfully navigate early-stage challenges to eventually exit via acquisition or IPO.

We have quarterly board meetings where our VC partners analyze financial statements, provide brutally honest feedback on the business, and share case studies from their other portfolio companies. This wealth of experience helps guide us day-to-day and avoid costly mistakes that could set the company back for years.

Venture Capital Fuels Innovation

At the end of the day, venture capital fuels innovation. Medtech specifically requires huge upfront investments of both time and money to successfully develop a product and get it to market. Our life-changing platform would likely still be languishing as an unfunded prototype if VCs didn’t have an appetite for bold ideas that have transformative potential despite inherent risks.

VC funding allows entrepreneurs to focus on patients and innovation versus worrying about just squeezing by month-to-month or quitting to get a salaried job. We know that our investors believe in our mission and are aligned on seeing it through over the long-term to maximize the impact while also generating a solid return.


Taking venture capital funding was a leap of faith for our young medtech startup. But it gave us the essential rocket fuel to transform our idea into an innovative product that will help tens of thousands of patients. We simply wouldn’t be positioned for success so quickly without the talent, expertise, facilities, and connections provided by partnering with the right healthcare VC firm.

Every high-growth startup has an inflection point where bringing on equity financing partners makes sense to scale impact. We feel fortunate to have linked up with BlueCross Ventures to provide that springboard while also keeping us grounded and focused through their mentorship. The future is bright, and we can’t wait to get our cutting-edge platform in the hands of those who need it most.

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