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Crushed by Medical Bills? We’ll Fight to Protect You

The Harsh Reality of Medical Debt in Washington

Out-of-pocket healthcare costs are skyrocketing, leaving countless Washington residents drowning in medical debt through no fault of their own. Have you been ambushed by outrageous bills after a hospital visit or procedure? Slammed with charges you can’t begin to afford – despite having insurance? You’re not alone, and you don’t have to suffer in silence.At Delancey Street, we understand the despair of mounting medical debt. We’ve witnessed the ruthless tactics of unscrupulous debt collectors, hellbent on shaking you down for every last penny. It’s a brutally unfair system, rigged against ordinary people just trying to survive. But we didn’t become top-rated Washington debt relief lawyers by rolling over for bullies.When you’re our client, we fight for you like a mother grizzly protecting her cubs. No matter how tangled the web of medical bills, no matter how vicious the collection agency – we’ll untangle the mess and force them to back off. Our battle-tested strategies can quickly stop the harassment, lawsuits, wage garnishments – and quite possibly wipe out much of what you “owe.”

It could be that an insurance company improperly denied a claim, or a hospital error led to inflated charges. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t have to pay a dime – and we’ll prove it.

The Charity Care Loophole They Don’t Want You to Know

Here’s a dirty secret: Washington hospitals are legally required to provide free or discounted care to low-income patients – but they’ll try like hell to avoid telling you. It’s called “charity care,” and it could make a huge dent in your medical debt, or even eliminate it entirely.But applying for charity care is an uphill battle. The hospitals make the process as complicated and non-transparent as possible, hoping you’ll just give up. That’s where our expertise proves invaluable. We know the charity care laws inside-out, along with all the loopholes and tricks hospitals use to deny aid to qualified applicants.

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If you’ve been rejected for charity care, or the hospital refuses to even consider your application – we can appeal the decision and force them to play by the rules.

What if you’ve already paid some medical bills, or entered into a payment plan? No problem, we can petition to have those payments refunded or restructured under charity care guidelines. But you have to act quickly – the sooner we get involved, the better your chances.

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The “Surprise Billing” Trap to Avoid at All Costs

Even with insurance, you could be one routine medical procedure away from financial catastrophe, thanks to the devious practice of “surprise billing.” It works like this:You go to a hospital that’s in-network for your insurance plan. But some doctors, labs or other providers aren’t actually employed by the hospital – they’re independent contractors who can charge outrageous out-of-network rates. Before you know it, you’re on the hook for tens of thousands in unexpected charges your insurance won’t cover.It’s an insidious, predatory scheme, but we know how to fight it. Recent laws have cracked down on surprise billing, giving us powerful new tools to dispute these outrageous charges and force insurers to cover them as in-network costs.

If you’ve been ambushed by a surprise medical bill, don’t just grit your teeth and pay it. That’s what they’re counting on. Instead, put our expertise to work protecting your financial future.

The Brutal Truth About Bankruptcy

For many desperate clients, bankruptcy feels like the only way out from under their medical debt burden. And in some cases, it may be the best or only option. But bankruptcy comes with serious long-term credit consequences that can follow you for a decade. Not to mention the emotional toll of having to admit defeat.Our attorneys will explore every possible alternative before recommending bankruptcy. We’ll fight tooth-and-nail to restructure or eliminate your medical debts through negotiation, charity care, insurance appeals, and invoking consumer protection laws. Bankruptcy is an absolute last resort – but if it’s unavoidable, we’ll guide you through every agonizing step to minimize the damage.

If bankruptcy is the path we must take, you can rest assured your case is in the hands of relentless advocates who will protect every possible asset, and ensure your fresh start after discharge.

The Delancey Street Battle Plan

When you become a Delancey Street client, our elite team springs into action with a multi-pronged strategy tailored to your unique situation:

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  • Exhaustive review of every medical bill, hospital charge, insurance claim, and collection notice to identify errors, overcharges, and violations
  • Aggressive negotiation and appeals to reduce inflated medical costs and maximize insurance coverage
  • Meticulous charity care applications, denials appealed relentlessly until aid is approved
  • Invoking state and federal consumer protection laws to halt harassment from unscrupulous collectors
  • Exploring debt settlement, consolidation, and restructuring options to reduce overall burden
  • Bankruptcy preparation and filing, if absolutely unavoidable, with comprehensive asset protection
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We leave no stone unturned in our quest to obliterate your medical debt and restore your financial security. From the initial consultation to final resolution, our battle-tested attorneys and paralegals will guide you through every excruciating step.

It’s simple: every client deserves honesty and white-glove service from a team of legal gladiators willing to fight to the bitter end. That’s the Delancey Street way.

Don’t resign yourself to a life of poverty and harassment because of inflated medical costs. Don’t let devious hospitals, insurers, and collectors take advantage of you. Delancey Street is here to shift the balance of power back to where it belongs – in your favor. One call can set our elite team of medical debt warriors into motion on your behalf.

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