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So you got approved for an SBA loan – congrats! Now comes the fun part of actually putting those funds to good use. Instead of just using the money to keep your business afloat, think outside the box about how you can strategically invest that cash infusion to set your company up for long-term growth and success.

Buy Some Sweet New Equipment

Let’s start with the obvious – gear up with some new equipment! Use your SBA funds to invest in next-level tech and tools that will help your biz run more efficiently. We‘re talking killer computers, top-notch software, heavy-duty machinery…go nuts getting the good stuff. Trick it out like your own personal Batcave 😉 A few ideas:

- -
  • Restaurant/retail – new POS systems, display fixtures, commercial appliances
  • Manufacturers – CNC machines, 3D printers, robotics
  • Creative agencies – video gear, Adobe Creative Cloud, projectors
  • Gearheads/auto shops – diagnostic scanners, lifts, specialty tools

Outfitting your operation with cutting-edge equipment gives you a competitive advantage while setting you up to boost productivity and profits. Check out this SBA guide on using loan money for equipment purchases.

Move to a Sweet New Office

If your current workspace is cramped or rundown, use those SBA funds to upgrade your digs! Finding an inspiring spot for your team fuels creativity and collaboration. A few options to consider:

  • Buy/build out your own commercial space
  • Lease a modern mixed-use property
  • Rent an open loft-style office in a hip part of town
  • Snag sweet corner retail space with killer visibility

Whatever you choose, make it distinctly yours with a custom build-out and branding. Install high-end finishes like stone counters, glass walls, polished concrete floors. Splurge on furniture and decor that reflects your vibe and values. A well-designed habitat makes employees proud and customers take notice. The SBA offers commercial real estate loans up to $5 million.

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Launch an Epic Ad Campaign

Marketing is the lifeblood of business growth, so investing some of your loan loot into advertising and promotions is a smart play. Develop an integrated campaign spanning different platforms from old school to cutting edge. A few ideas to get the word out:

- -
  • Radio/TV/podcast ads
  • Billboards – get that digital dazzle!
  • Direct mail to target customers
  • Google/Facebook pay-per-click ads
  • Influencer collaborations on Instagram etc
  • Content marketing – blogs, videos, webinars

With a surge of exposure, you can rapidly grow awareness and sales. Be sure to track analytics to optimize efforts over time. The goal is to build an audience that engages with your brand for the long haul.

Hire Some Rockstar Talent

One of the shrewdest uses of capital is to acquire top-tier talent. The right people can take your business to the next level through their skills, ideas and networks. Options for investing your SBA funds into human capital:

  • Recruit superstar players away from competitors
  • Headhunt industry specialists for your leadership team
  • Hire in-demand engineers/developers to build cutting-edge tech
  • Onboard designers, content creators, and growth hackers
  • Start an intern program to inject young talent
  • Fund ongoing professional development programs

Surrounding yourself with bright, ambitious professionals energizes innovation and unlocks new opportunities. People are always a company’s greatest asset!

Acquire Another Business

Feeling ambitious? Use your SBA cash to acquire another company and expand through mergers and acquisitions. Gobble up a competitor or swallow up an aligned business to integrate into your portfolio. Benefits include:

  • Instant growth in customers and market share
  • Access to proven products, tech and systems
  • Eliminate a rival while absorbing their consumer base
  • Unlock synergies across combined operations
  • Acquire talent and specialized skill sets

Purchasing established enterprises can catalyze huge growth for your organizationThe SBA offers funding up to $5.5 million to acquire or start new businesses.

- -

Launch Your Own Product Line

Developing your own proprietary products and intellectual property takes your biz to the next level. SBA funding offers runway to invest in R&D and bring concepts to mar

  • Research demand for new product ideas
  • Hire designers and developers
  • Prototype and refine multiple concepts
  • Set up manufacturing partnerships
  • Handle legal protections like patents and trademarks
  • Build an ecommerce infrastructure to sell direct
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Owning unique products that customers love provides control over your company’s direction and fortunes. Get creative cooking up the next big thing!

Invest in an Epic Company Retreat

After grinding hard to build your empire, don‘t forget to celebrate! Use some of your SBA spoils to treat your team to an over-the-top company retreat. Go big creating an unforgettable experience to reconnect, recharge and inspire. Bust out of the daily grind by:

- -
  • Booking a resort getaway or camp retreat
  • Planning adventures like ski trips, ranch getaways or European tours
  • Organizing offsite meetings to catalyze fresh thinking
  • Bringing in guest speakers, trainers and facilitators
  • Hosting team building activities and recreations
  • Spoiling your crew with top-shelf food and beverages

Play hard to keep spirits and creativity flowing. Your people will return energized, aligned and ready to crush goals.

Give Back to a Good Cause

While it’s tempting to focus solely on business growth, the most fulfilling path is to make a positive impact on the world. As your company succeeds, be sure to pay it forward by supporting social and environmental causes close to your heart. Your SBA loan enables you to amplify your influence. Ideas include:

  • Starting your own nonprofit or foundation
  • Funding scholarships and community programs
  • Sponsoring events that make a difference
  • Donating products/services to those in need
  • Allowing staff paid time off for volunteer work
  • Granting equity to support important missions

The more good you put out into the world, the more blessings tend to boomerang back over time. Karma works!

Level Up Your Lifestyle

Hustling to build something from the ground up requires serious personal sacrifice. Now that your enterprise is funded for growth, enjoy the fruits of your labor a bit! Use some proceeds to improve quality of life for you and your family. Options include:

  • Buying a sweet new house or car
  • Booking dream vacations
  • Splurging on courtside seats or VIP concerts
  • Treating yourself to fine dining and fashion
  • Investing in personal growth through courses, coaches and experiences
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You’ve earned it! Just don’t go overboard to the point it affects business. There’s wisdom in balancing ambition with enjoying the ride.

Lock In a Bold Sustainability Initiative

Building an eco-friendly company isn’t just good for the planet – it’s good for business! Consumers and talent are drawn to brands that walk the walk on sustainability. SBA funds empower you to make substantial green upgrades like:

  • Installing solar panels or other renewable energy
  • Pursuing LEED certification for your building
  • Implementing zero waste policies and plastic alternatives
  • Upgrading equipment to be more energy efficient
  • Offsetting operational carbon emissions
  • Funding employee electric vehicle charging stations

Given the climate crisis, every organization has a responsibility to lighten their environmental footprint. Get those green grants and make it happen!

Splurge on Next-Level Customer Experiences

Making clients, patients and patrons happy should be the heart of any people-focused business. SBA capital allows you to create wow factor experiences that build loyalty and word-of-mouth buzz. A few ideas to delight customers:

  • Design an Instagram-worthy space
  • Curate unique merchandise assortments
  • Produce special events, classes and programming
  • Integrate the latest tech like VR or mobile apps
  • Personalize gifts and loyalty perks
  • Develop VIP concierge services
  • Train staff extensively on hospitality

Experiences make the difference between good and GREAT. Provide value beyond expectations to turn casual visitors into raving fans. They’ll repay you with their lifelong business and referrals. The opportunities are endless when infusing transformative capital into your company! Dream big then get strategic allocating funds to initiatives with the highest return potential. The investments you make today become the foundation to reach new heights in the months and years ahead. Just be sure to track progress and results along the way – pivot approaches if certain efforts underperform. With some vision and agility, your optimized use of SBA loan dollars will unlock the next chapter of success!

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