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Who is Synchrony Bank? — Beat Them in Court

Ever heard of Synchrony Bank? If not, don’t worry – you’re not alone. But if you’ve got credit cards from stores like Amazon, Gap, Lowe’s or tons of other retailers, chances are you’ve dealt with them before.Synchrony is a major financial player that issues private label credit cards for a bunch of big companies. And just like any other bank, they can be a real pain to deal with if you get into legal trouble with them.So let’s break it down – who exactly are these guys? And more importantly, what can you do if Synchrony tries to take you to court over credit card debt or anything else?

What is Synchrony Bank?

Synchrony Bank is basically a huge consumer finance company. They partner up with major retailers, manufacturers and other businesses to provide branded credit cards, installment loans, and those “buy now, pay later” type of financing options.Some key facts about Synchrony:

- -
  • It’s one of the largest issuers of private label credit cards in the United States; with over 80 million active accounts across the country
  • They finance over $140 billion in sales every year for their retail partners
  • Major partners include Amazon, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, TJX Companies (like TJ Maxx), and tons more
  • Originally spun off from GE Capital back in 2014

So in a nutshell, Synchrony is the muscle behind a ton of those store credit cards you get offered at checkout. They handle issuing the cards, customer accounts, payments, financing, and all that fun stuff.But what happens if you get into hot water with Synchrony over debt or alleged violations of their terms? That’s where things can get messy…and you may need to lawyer up.

Common Legal Issues with Synchrony Bank

Like any big financial institution, Synchrony doesn’t mess around when it comes to collecting debts or enforcing their rules. Some of the most common legal headaches people run into include:Credit Card Debt Collection
If you fall behind on payments for a Synchrony-issued credit card, they can be extremely aggressive with collections. This can involve repeated calls, letters, threats of legal action, negative reports to credit bureaus, and even lawsuits.Alleged Violations of Account Terms
Synchrony may claim you violated the terms of your credit agreement through things like missed payments, excessive debt levels, suspected fraud or misuse of the account, etc. This can lead to account closures, demands for full repayment, penalties, and legal action.Bankruptcy Complications
If you file for bankruptcy protection, Synchrony may challenge the dischargeability of your debts to them based on certain types of claims like fraud. This can create a mess you need legal help to sort out.Fair Credit Reporting Issues
Synchrony furnishes credit data to the major bureaus, so disputes may arise over errors in credit reporting, failure to investigate issues properly, or other FCRA violations.The bottom line? Synchrony has a whole army of corporate lawyers at their disposal. If they decide to come after you, having your own skilled legal representation is absolutely crucial.So let’s look at how you can fight back and beat them in court if needed.

Defending Yourself Against Synchrony Bank

Okay, so Synchrony is lawyering up and you need to protect your rights. What are some potential defense strategies?First off, don’t panic – but also don’t stick your head in the sand. You need to take this seriously and respond appropriately to any legal filings or risk losing by default.Next, examine the claims against you very carefully. There are a number of potential angles your defense can take:Lack of Standing to Sue
You may be able to challenge whether Synchrony actually has the legal right to collect the debt from you if ownership was transferred improperly.Violation of State Debt Collection Laws
If Synchrony or any third-party debt collectors they hired violated applicable state laws through deceptive practices or harassment, you may have counterclaims.Statute of Limitations Issues
In some cases, so much time may have passed that Synchrony is legally barred from collecting old debts.Improper Service or Lack of Evidence
If Synchrony failed to properly serve you with legal notices or can’t produce complete documentation and evidence, that can undermine their case.Bankruptcy Discharge Protections
If you filed bankruptcy and had the debt discharged, you’ll need to assert those protections.The point is, there are lots of potential legal defenses and counterclaims depending on the specific circumstances. Don’t just roll over!But of course, properly raising these defenses and navigating the legal system requires the expertise of a qualified consumer law attorney. Don’t try to tackle Synchrony’s army of lawyers alone.

How to Find (and Afford) a Good Lawyer

So you know you need legal help – but where do you start? And what if money is tight after dealing with debt issues?Well, the first step is to identify attorneys who specialize in consumer law, debt defense, fair credit reporting issues, and cases against major banks and lenders. Look for ones with specific experience taking on Synchrony or other major credit card companies.Some good places to start your search include:

  • Online legal directories like FindLawAvvo, and LawInfo
  • Asking around on forums like Reddit’s r/legaladvice or Quora
  • Checking for consumer law firms in your area
  • Seeing if any local bar associations can refer consumer attorneys

Once you have some options, set up consultations (which are often free or low-cost) to discuss your case and get a fee estimate. Don’t just go with the cheapest option – you want someone competent who has a track record of results against big banks.If money is extremely tight, you may qualify for free legal aid services in your state or access to pro bono attorneys. It never hurts to ask about your options.The key is finding representation you can actually afford, even if it means some temporary financial sacrifice. Trying to defend yourself is just too risky against a legal behemoth like Synchrony.

Potential Outcomes and Next Steps

Okay, so let’s say you hired a qualified consumer lawyer and launched your legal defense against Synchrony’s claims or collections efforts. What might happen next?A few potential outcomes:

  • Case Dismissal – Your attorney may be able to get the case against you dismissed on various grounds like lack of evidence, statute of limitations issues, improper service, etc.
  • Negotiated Settlement – It’s common for debt cases to get resolved through negotiated settlements, with your lawyer working out reduced payback terms, rehabilitation of your credit, or even complete debt forgiveness.
  • Victory at Trial – If it goes all the way to trial, you’ll want an attorney who can capably defend you, counter Synchrony’s arguments, and secure a favorable judgment.
  • Appeal – For cases that don’t go your way initially, the appeals process offers another opportunity to right the wrong, if grounds exist.

No matter what, having skilled legal representation gives you leverage and puts you in a much stronger position compared to being unrepresented.And the fight may not end there. You’ll want to ensure any negative credit reporting related to the case gets corrected. Your lawyer can also potentially pursue counterclaims against Synchrony for violations of consumer protection laws.The road may not be easy, but standing up to corporate bullies like Synchrony is important for protecting your rights as a consumer. Don’t let them push you around!

Final Thoughts – Know Your Rights

Look, we get it – dealing with legal threats from a massive financial institution like Synchrony Bank can be incredibly stressful and intimidating. But here’s the reality: they are a business motivated by profits, and they will absolutely try to take advantage of uninformed consumers whenever possible.That’s why knowing your rights and having a competent legal advocate in your corner is so crucial. Don’t let yourself be steamrolled just because Synchrony has massive resources.With the right defense strategy and representation, you can absolutely beat them in court. It all starts with understanding your rights as a consumer, the potential legal defenses available to you, and finding an attorney with the right expertise.So if Synchrony comes knocking with some bogus debt collection effort or other legal threats, don’t just roll over. Stand up and fight for your rights – because the system only works if we all do.We hope this guide has helped demystify who Synchrony Bank is, the types of issues consumers face with them, and how to properly defend yourself if needed. Just remember, you’ve got rights, and there are always potential defense strategies to leverage against corporate giants like this.

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