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Why You Should Not Stress About Money

Money can be a huge source of stress and anxiety for many people. Whether you’re struggling with debt, living paycheck to paycheck, or simply wishing you had more financial security, it‘s easy to obsess over money matters. However, constantly worrying about finances rarely solves anything. In fact, it often makes problems worse by impacting your health and relationships.The good news is, you don’t have to let money control your happiness or self-worth. Here are some great reasons to stop stressing so much about finances:

Money Doesn’t Define Your Value

It’s important to remember that your net worth does not determine your self-worth. You have inherent value that goes far beyond a dollar amount. You likely have wonderful qualities like compassion, humor, creativity, resilience and more that make you special. Focus on developing those gifts rather than getting caught up in chasing wealth.As personal finance guru Suze Orman puts it:

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“Money itself is not the problem. It is your attitude towards money, what you do with your money, and your definition of what money means to you that create the issue.”

Gratitude Boosts Your Mood

When you fixate too much on what you don‘t have, it’s easy to overlook the blessings right in front of you. Practicing gratitude can work wonders to lift your spirits.Try keeping a gratitude journal where you jot down a few things you’re thankful for every day. Express thanks to loved ones who support you. Notice the simple pleasures in life, like a warm cup of coffee, laughter with friends or a colorful sunset.Focusing on abundance versus scarcity helps train your brain to see the glass as half full regardless of your bank account balance.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Study after study has shown that while money can help meet basic needs, it doesn’t guarantee happiness. Many millionaires still struggle with fulfillment, family problems and depression.Once you’re out of poverty, more money doesn’t necessarily lead to more joy day-to-day. The happiness boost from a pay raise or bonus tends to be short-lived too.Instead of chasing bigger paychecks, focus on meaningful experiences and relationships that enrich your life. Things like family time, travel, volunteering and learning new skills promote lasting wellbeing.

Worrying Changes Nothing

Here’s the hard truth – worrying about money rarely solves anything. It won’t increase your income, lower your debt or add a dollar to your savings account. All it does is spike cortisol and other unhealthy stress hormones.Obsessing over difficult finances even rewires your brain in unhelpful ways. It’s better to problem solve with a calm, focused mindset. List out action steps, priorities and solutions. Then make a plan and systematically work towards it.Taking purposeful action is far more productive than fretting. As the saying goes: “Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.”

Money Shouldn’t Run Your Life

Finances are meant to help you thrive, not become a ball and chain. It‘s fine to budget, save and spend wisely. But don‘t become so obsessed with money that you neglect living.Set healthy boundaries with finances. Maybe that means banning money talk at family dinners, not checking your investment portfolio daily or limiting time spent browsing real estate you can’t afford. Consider putting away credit cards and using cash instead so you‘re more mindful of spending.The bottom line? Money comes and goes but life is short. Don’t waste this precious time stressed about numbers on a screen. The memories you make with loved ones are far more valuable.

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Focus on Overall Wellbeing

Striving for work-life balance, close relationships, a healthy lifestyle, continuing education and personal growth ultimately matter more than money. These things often enrich life far more than a fat paycheck.Sure, finances are important for funding goals and feeling secure. But don’t let money worries overshadow all the other areas that influence your whole health.When finances feel overwhelming, take a step back. View money as just one piece of a bigger picture. Then make time for what nourishes you most, whether that‘s exercise, travel, volunteering or quality time with your kids.

Seek Help from a Financial Expert

If debt or other money struggles feel endless, don‘t hesitate to get professional help. At Delancey Street, our financial experts can create a customized action plan to fit your unique situation. We’ll help you consolidate debt, lower interest rates, and pay things off on a schedule that works.Our dedicated advisors make getting out of debt feel doable, even if you have no idea where to start. We have an easy process and assign an advisor to each client for ongoing support. Plus, our services often cost less than trying to tackle finance problems alone.Bottom line? You don’t have to figure this out by yourselfReach out for guidance and start feeling more hopeful about your money situation.

Remember What Matters Most

During tough financial times it helps to get back to basics. Focus on core priorities like keeping a roof over your head, putting food on the table, caring for your health and spending time with loved ones.Remind yourself that as long as you have life‘s essentials covered, everything else is extra. Nice vacations, fancy cars and huge retirement accounts are great but not essential. Don’t compare yourself to others or get caught up in materialism.At the end of the day, simple joys like laughter, nature walks, backyard cookouts and game nights with friends matter more than money. No dollar amount can buy meaning, purpose or deep connections with others.

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